1 Lucky Colorburned Reader Wins 500 Free Business Cards From

Hello everyone! It’s time to announce the winner of yet another fantastic Colorburned giveaway, this time sponsored by our friends at Overnight Prints. Overnight Prints is an online printer that prints everything from Business Cards to Brochures and they were kind enough to not only print a set of business cards for myself but to also provide a set of 500 free business cards to 1 lucky Colorburned reader. We thank Overnight Prints and encourage all of our readers to consider Overnight Prints the next time you need some quick, quality printing done for your business.

The Winner is…

The winner of a set of 500 free business cards from Overnight Prints is:

  • Joe (Commenter #53)

Congratulations Joe! We have forwarded your contact information on to the guys at Overnight Prints who will be in touch with you shortly in regards to how to redeem your winnings.

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