10 Steps to Powerful Online Self Promotion for Creatives

by Grant Friedman

on March 10, 2010

in Reviews

Hello everyone! My friend Alex Mathers asked that I let you know about his latest eBook ‘10 Steps to Powerful Online Self Promotion for Creatives‘. ’10’ Steps is an in depth guide to effective marketing, winning clients, and making sales using the Internet.

Freelancers and people in creative professions, are often very good at the work they do, but, because they have little insight into how to promote their work, find themselves with little recognition, few sales and very few decent clients.

With ‘10 Steps’ you will be introduced to a simple yet extensive step by step system that will allow regular targeted exposure to become a reality.

You will be shown how getting regular clients and making consistent sales works according to a specific cycle that is addressed throughout the ten steps.

The book reveals how to set yourself apart amongst the competition, become a credible, recognized authority in your field and establish and promote an effective personal online presence.

Please take a moment to visit Alex’s eBook website and check it out for yourself.


Some Reviews

“Alex Mathers has mastered the methods for effective self promotion in the creative world.” – Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance, The 99%

“Mathers’ book is all you’ll ever need to become an expert yourself. I’ve never encountered a more valuable or thorough guide to promotion.” – Jerelle Kraus, Former New York Times Art Director

“Most marketing books say the same thing as everyone else, so it was a happy surprise to find out that the book did not have the usual marketing tips. I literally couldn’t put the book down!” – Amber Weinberg, Established Blogger and Web Developer

“…This will prove an invaluable guide to a novice in the game and shed new light for the rest of us. An essential read.” – Radim Malinic, Art Director and Designer for MTV and Marie Claire

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