105 Stunning Retro Tech-Shaped Illustrator Brushes

This set of brushes was inspired by artist James White. James is one of my favorite designers and I’ve always been fascinated with how he uses basic geometric shapes, colors and patterns in his work and I wanted to create a set of brushes that interacted in a similar way.  After some experimentation, I was able to create a stunning set of 105 retro tech-shaped Illustrator brushes that literally blew me away!  Each brush is completely configurable; giving you total control over the brush’s width and color.  After spending some time playing with this set of brushes, I realized that this set had uses that I had not previously thought of.  I hope that you enjoy these brushes and I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with them.

This set contains 105 free high quality Illustrator brushes perfect for creating retro tech-shaped patterns.  To use these brushes you will first need to download the brush file and save it to your hard drive.  Once downloaded, open up your brush palette and in the fly out menu Select Open Brush Library > Other Library > and locate the file on your hard drive.  To use these brushes you must be using Illustrator CS and above.  Once you have the brush file open, you can start applying these brushes to your lines and shapes.

Download the brush file

Download Retro Starbursts | 127 KB

Grant Friedman

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