15 Lucky Readers to Win 1 Mega Pack, 1 Brush Pack, and 1 Font from Designious!

It’s time for yet another exciting giveaway; this time, sponsored by our friends at Designious. If you’re not familiar with Designious, they make some of the best stock vector art in the business. So we’re very excited today to be giving away several A TON of vector packs, brushes, and fonts to 15 lucky Colorburned readers!

Up for grabs is 1 Mega Pack, 1 Brush Pack, and 1 Font to 15 lucky readers.  To win, all you have to do is comment below and tell us which items you would like to win (choose 1 of each); then tell us how you would use them if you were selected.


Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell which Mega Pack, Brush Set, and Font you would like, then tell us what you would use these items for.
  • Tweet This message to your followers!
  • Only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 7 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Monday, June 8, 2009.

Good luck everyone! To learn more about Designious, check out their website.

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • first? I want them please.

  • Dre

    I am getting a lot of requests for custom Twitter backgrounds and branding. These would be the new tools that would be useful:

    Giga Vector Pack
    Floral Brush Pack 26
    Sketch 1

    Have a great week :)

  • bebopdesigner

    Oh wow! I’m a sucker for vectors! especially the japanese ones :b Good luck everyone! Cheers.

  • Vintage Mega pack, communism brushes, sketch 1

    I’ll do an logo for a new online shop.


  • I’d be interested in the Fashion Vector Pack, the garment brush pack and the Ribbonesque font. I think this is the best contest yet!

  • The vintage megapack, communism brushes, and Caligraphique font. Awesome. Thanks

  • One of the Floral Brush Packs (either 4 or 5), Nature Mega Pack, Sketch font. Thanks!

  • Floral mega pack 2, Paint brushes pack 1, Metalique font

  • Megan

    I’d love the Floral Mega Pack 1, Buildings Brushes, and Midevil 1 Font! It’d all be great for designing cool posters and cards!

  • Ann

    My newest webdesign-project is going to be a website for a lady who makes sculptures. I am sure she would like to see some of these florals on her website!

  • rad

    intage megapack
    Floral Brush Pack 26
    Midevil 1

  • rad

    intage megapack
    Floral Brush Pack 26
    Midevil 1

  • If I were to win, I’d love the Floral Mega Pack 3, Halftones Brushes Pack 1, and the Caligraphique font.

    I’d use it for an updated design blog, or possibly a new portfolio site for myself.

    This is such an awesome contest. Thanks to colorburned and Designious!

  • Maria João

    I would very much like to win the Floral Mega Pack 2, Abstract Tree Brushes pack 2 and the Caligraphique font.

    I would use these to create some pro bono tees for, a non-profit organization that works with street animals.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! It’s fantastic!

  • I want: Floral Mega Pack 3
    Tech Brushes Pack 4
    Scratch Font

    Thank you.

  • I’d love:

    Nature mega pack – very useful stuff

    Floral brushes pack 27 – nice stuff

    Abstract font – that’d do just fine…

    You and your amazing giveaways.

    Sometimes I just don’t feeling like tracing nature in illustrator, this stuff would help out… the font is just cool.

  • Brandon

    Giga pack 3
    Spary paint brushes pack 1
    3D Sketch font

    These would be rad for some new sites I’m working on

  • Jason Owens

    I would love to have Vintage Mega Pack 5, Light Pack 1 & the Ribbonesque font. They would be a wonderful addition to my freelance arsenal of graphics.

    Thank you so much Colorburned and Designious!

  • Jill

    I would definitely use the Giga Vector Mega Pack 3, Tech Brushes 2, and the Abstract Font. Cool Stuff!

  • Wow. Huge prizes. Here are my choice prizes:

    Mega Pack – Floral mega pack 3
    Brushes – Crowns brushes pack 3
    Font – Caligraphique font

    Tweeting the contest right now….

  • The vintage mega pack 5, the skull brushes #1 and the calligraphic font.

    Let’s get some tees out for them :-)

  • I’m interested in a Nature mega pack – very useful stuff!
    tweeting this!

  • I’ve been meaning to redesign my personal brand, and this set could provide me with some much-needed design inspiration!

  • I would be set for an upcoming collaboration to design some gardening and park websites!
    Especially with the Nature Mega Pack, The Abstract Trees 2 Brush pack, and the Metalique Font pack.
    It would cut my time down greatly!
    Thanks for another quality contest Colorburned!!!!

  • Floral mega pack 3.
    Grunge brushes pack 2.
    Sketch 2 font.
    Will be used in my meager attempts at web design and the graphic arts.


  • I’d use it for new design blog.

    Mega Pack – Symbols mega pack
    Brushes – Floral brushes pack 24
    Font – Caligraphique font

    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • L.Fer

    I’d could use them for some posters I’ve got in mind,
    tons of possibilities really.


  • Peter D.

    I’m interested in the Nature mega pack, thanks for this great opportunity!!

  • Vintage Megapack 6
    Floral Brushes Pack 19
    Medieval Font

    As I’ve been getting more serious about web design, I’ve been on the lookout for some high quality resources to use. (And I’m a sucker for floral-inspired-anything).

  • Victor Martinez

    Thanks for the great resorces and tips…
    I have given this adress to all my
    students and pupils, they’re really excited

    PS I saw that the Retro Logo Book is about
    to be in stores, i can’t hardly wait to watch

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  • Tabytha

    Vintage Mega Pack 4
    Floral Brushes Pack 20
    Scratch Font

    This is a great contest. My website is desperately in need of a redesign, and this would really help. :)

  • I would love to have any of them. I do vector illustration and design and if I had these I’d be able to really embellish my work up nicelike. I’d get the most use out of the Nature Megapack (lots of organic/eco-friendly clients), Birds brushes 3, and the Caligraphique font.

  • van

    This rocks, i would love to win all of it lol! but really all of it!

  • Tim

    Ok I’ll go for broke?!? Giga vector pack 3

    ? I would use them good of humanity. ?

  • I’m not a pro with vectors so that’s why I would like to recive these gifts. I could work with them on creating backgrounds, wallpapers, create som designs.

    From Mega Packs : I would like to recive Vintage mega pack 4 because I always wanted to make a Vintage print and I didn’t have the ressources.

    From Photoshop brushes : Tech brushes would be nice for some buisiness websites as Tech brushes pack 2.

    From Fonts : Abstract font look nice for me. I don’t have much.

    I hope I will win this price! I can’t even imagine how fun I will do with these packs..


  • Niki

    If I win I would use these awesome prize to design scrapbook templates.

    Floral mega pack 2
    Geisha brushes pack 1
    Sketch 2 font


  • Simon

    Symbols Mega Pack, Buildings brushes, Caligraphique font.

    I love doing grungy, urban, industrial work and these would be perfect!


  • I love the Fashion Mega Pack, the Sketch 1 Font, and the Dragon Brush Pack.

    I’d use this for my designs, vector illustrations, logo designs, and well, everything else.


  • Vectors are always good to have around! Brushes & Fonts too? Wow this is like a design mecca!!

  • Deb

    Nature Megapack
    Trees Brush Pack 1

    I would use these to design new digital cowgirl/cowboy art, combining them with vintage images from my collection – and make some totally funky new Wild West art!

  • It would be great to have them all!!

    Choices are:

    1. Giga vector pack 2
    2. Floral Pack 2
    3. Caligraphique font

    How what I use these? Working on a couple of WordPress sites and the client is always looking for something fresh! I think there are some solid pieces I could incorporate in those sites and for future projects.

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  • Jeff

    I’d go with:
    – Vintage pack 3
    – Tech brushes pack 2
    – Scratch font

    I am in the process of re-branding my freelance company, and this would help tremendously! Thanks Colorburned for the offer!

  • Nature Mega Pack, Flames brushes, Caligraphique font

    For evolving the MindFlame brand!

    Many thanks.

  • Vintage Megapack 6
    Floral Brushes Pack 19
    Medieval Font

    So I can create kick-ass designs like you.

  • Martin Cox

    Nature Mega Pack
    Paintbrush 1
    Sketch font … please

    How would I use them – all over the place I reckon … especially those brushes!

  • Great Giveaway!
    I’d love the Nature mega pack, the
    Floral brushes pack 26 and the
    Caligraphique font

  • Michaela

    floral Mega 1, floral brushes 15, Medieval 3 font.

    If I were to win – i’d take all the little vectors, and create a little vector design army, then march them down the hall to my husband’s audio studio and launch a full-scale creative war. The floral vectors would cry “make love not war” – then they’d turn around and whip out their thorns and sticks and bat down sound waves like A-rod on ‘roids until he cowers and cries uncle. And then … after the smoke clears and we’ve assessed the damage, and we’ve cleaned up all the tiny little pieces and parts and bandaged up little nature cuts and bruises – i’ll have to make something wonderful to prove to him that my new mac is NOT just an expensive toy!

    (Plus all that stuff will come in handy for all those wedding invitations I keep having to make!) (P.s. Just kidding hubs!)

  • Rickgauden

    Giga vector pack 2
    Caligraphique font
    Music Brushes

    I would like the improve my works!
    I love art!

  • I design invitations and I think that Floral MegaPack 3, Paint brushes pack 1 and Caligraphique Font is just what I need to improve this kind of designs!

  • Alessandra

    –Giga Vector Pack 2
    –Caligraphique Font
    –Floral Brushes 1

    These would help me break free of the creative rut I’ve been in. My current brushes and vectors can only take me so far!

    I’d apply them to the retail email campaigns I create at work and to all the wedding designs I will be creating for my soon-to-be-married friends.

  • Melissa

    Mega Pack- Vintage Mega Pack 6
    Brush Pack- War Brushes Pack 1
    Font- Metalique Font

    I love to create edgy graphics for my contemporary church series. I’d tie all these in together for a kickin’ new image. “Heaven’s Army”

  • – floral mega pack
    – skull brushes pack 6
    – scratch font

    I would use them to ilustrate my photographs!!

  • Lisa

    Mega Pack – Nature
    Brush Pack – Floral Brushes Pack 19
    Font – Sketch 1

    I create digital scrapbooking kits and would love to use these in my designs. I also make digital layouts for people using their photos and other designs and would definitely use them in those creations.

  • Padwan Leinad

    Hard to choose… but this is my pix:

    Vintage mega pack 2
    Grunge brushes
    Caligraphique font

    I’d use these tools to get my “secret-mission” design project off the ground (aka the t-shirt files).

  • Mike Phillip

    I would like the following:- Nature, Tree Brushes and Caliquarphque.

    I montage photos of plant material and turn them into landscapes
    as well as modern art. The nature ones would be great to create extra depth to the landscape images. Thanks for the offer Colorburned.

  • Hi Guys,
    Floral Mega Pack 3, Tech Brushes Pack 4, Scratch Font would be great for me, would just be perfect for two jobs I’ve just got in !

  • lisae

    Floral Mega Pack 3
    Brush Pack – Floral Brushes Pack 19
    Font – Sketch 1

  • elisa

    symbols mega pack
    Birds brushes pack 3
    Sketch 2 font


  • Brendon

    I’m working on some flyers for the charity I volunteer at for their summer fundraiser.

    These would look SO amazing on them (it’s a floral-themed event)

    Hope I win :D

  • Giga vector pack 3
    Crowns brushes pack 3

    3D Sketch font

    thanks for the contest ;)

  • Floral 1 Mega Pack
    Abstract Trees Brush Pack 2
    Medieval 2 Font

    I have some poster & print projects coming up, these elements would give some great flair!

  • jane mac neil

    just getting started as a freelancer these would be very helpful!!

  • Jonelle :)

    Ok so I would toally LOVE Mega Floral Pack 3 and um… Brushes Scroll Pack 4 and of course Sketch 2 font.

    I would use them in the new geek tee shirt line my fiancee and I art starting!

    Thanks! :)

  • formlotse


    I would really like to win the following :D

    Vintage mega pack 2
    Flames brushes pack 1
    Caligraphique font

  • As a web designer I would like to get the gift pack. Will I get it.