2 Lucky Winners to Win a Free Premium WordPress Theme from Blurbia

If you follow this website, there is one thing that you have probably noticed; we LOVE to give things away! These last few weeks we have been on fire; giving items away just about every week. This week, we’ve got another great giveaway for you guys; this time sponsored by our friends at Blurbia. Blurbia, sells premium WordPress themes on their website and they were kind enough to donate 2 themes to be given away to our readers.

So what’s up for grabs you ask? Blurbia is letting you choose! Each winner can choose between their Arliss or Cheves themes. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us which theme you would like to win, and why.

Up for Grabs

  • 2 premium WordPress themes from Blurbia (1 per winner).


  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Tell us which theme you would like to win and why.
  • Only comment once.
  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • Entries will be accepted until Monday, May 11, 2009.

A Closer Look

Having some trouble deciding which theme you would like to win? Here is some more information to make your decision a bit easier.



Review the Demo

Arliss is an elegant theme with a clean, bright look and many options for customization. The home page centers around a large-format rotating banner, automatically populated from a category of your choice. Images are assigned using the built-in WordPress Media Library, and resized on-demand. Already have a blog full of content? Thumbnails and banners work the minute you activate your theme.

Arliss includes a fully widgetized sidebar with support for all built-in WordPress widgets Ñ and a few of its own. Extra ÒsidebarsÓ are placed on the header and post pages, ideal for ad placement using the widget of your choice. Virtually everything in Arliss can be customized: including the javascript-enabled menus, both dropdown and a unique Òhop-upÓ header bar.

Arliss comes with our standard pledge of a bug-free experience, cross-browser support on all modern browsers, and continual free updates in the future. Still intrigued? Check out the full list of offered features below, or take the demo for a spin.


  • Featured post box rotates using Javascript animation
  • Customizable main navigation slides up to reveal sub-menus
  • Drop-down category menu with AJAX updating
  • Widgetized sidebar, widgetized ad space on post pages and header
  • Custom Popular Posts and Ad Space widgets
  • Automatic attachment resizer uses existing post images to generate thumbnails
  • Customized post editing lets you select the image that identifies the post
  • Works with the WordPress Media Library to easily manage identity images
  • Threaded comments and gravatar support
  • 20+ custom theme options, including color, background image and logo customization
  • Fully cross-browser (IE6+, Firefox, Safari)
  • W3C valid XHTML



Review the Demo

Chevez is a magazine-style theme with clean spacing, sharp contrast, and a shadowed look. Content is emphasized in over four different customizable layouts. Controlling which posts go where is as simple as choosing a category from a dropdown menu. This flexibility is combined with configurable menus, custom coloring, and theme behavior settings, giving you unparalleled freedom to use Chevez in the way you need.

Images are in central focus in the Chevez design. Each post is assigned an identity image that follows with it throughout the site, ideal for any content-driven blog. These images are managed through WordPressÕ built-in Media Library, and sized & cropped automatically, as needed by the theme. The result is functionality that works instantly, out of the box. No additional per-post configuration requiredÐof course, you can tweak anything you like for precise control.

Chevez comes with our standard pledge of a bug-free experience, cross-browser support on all modern browsers, and continual free updates in the future. Still intrigued? Check out the full list of offered features below, or take the demo for a spin.


  • Animated header slides to reveal posts from selected categories
  • Featured category boxes using AJAX and Javascript animation
  • Widgetized sidebar, widgetized ad space on post pages
  • Custom Popular Posts, Ad Space, and Twitter widgets
  • Automatic attachment resizer uses existing post images to generate thumbnails
  • Customized post editing lets you select the image that identifies the post
  • Works with the WordPress Media Library to easily manage identity images
  • 20+ custom theme options, including color and logo customization
  • Fully cross-browser (IE6+, Firefox, Safari)
  • W3C valid XHTML

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to comment and Re-Tweet!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • wow nice themes ! :)
    If you ask me , I would take the 2. one,kind of like the layout and I love dark designs :)
    Good luck everyone !

  • These both are great. I love the colors of #1, Arliss and the simplicty of #2 Chevez. If I had to pick one it would be #1 because the multitude of colors would give the designer greater versatility.

  • Cool giveaway and themes look so yum! I wouldn’t mind winning ARLISS, would be perfect for my food blog which sadly is on WordPress Classic Theme [the original one]. :-)

  • Very nice design I love the bold splask of pink. It uses what is normally a very feminine color, but the design doesn’t come off that way – very well done.

  • David Metcalfe

    A very nicely done job on both of these!

    If I HAD to choose one of the two, I’d probably find myself leaning towards the second, darker one. Not so much for the dark tones, as I’d be aiming at using said premium WordPress theme for a fashion-related site. Lighter tones, as seen in theme #1 would be better suited, but I find the overall ‘flow’ is an off-the-bat more acceptable aesthetic in #2.

    If nothing else, I like how the pink is accented in #2, and there’s more flexibility for modifications.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Very nice, if I were to choose, definitely #1. I prefer bright colors + dark background. The Arliss colors are impressive. And good luck to everyone!

  • chevez looks great. i really like the layout and colors. nice job!

  • dmageli

    Arliss seems to work for me and may even workout nicely
    for a portfolio themed site. I am in the building stages
    but so swamped with other work that this would be
    nice to use, so I don’t have to build 1 on my own.
    I could sure use this about now!!!

  • Chevez works for me! Nice one fella the timing of this offer is spot on…

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  • ARLISS is lovely. I love the dark colour scheme and the features and amount of space on the sidebar. I’d like to win it because I’m soon going to be setting up a blog for my mum who wants somewhere to post her comical writing, I’m sure I’d be able to fit her content in that theme nicely :)

  • well I like Chevez theme… but I dont like the blacy…cool theme

  • Axl

    I’m on the Chevez camp, nicely done ;)

  • Me gustaria ganarme la ARLISS, porque quiero renovar mi blog y pasarme de blogger a wordpress. ojala se pueda

  • Hard choice! I would go with Arliss. This looks perfect to finally make the step moving one of my blogs from Typepad. And it’s awesome at that.

  • I love Arliss. I appreciate the combination of dark & light aspects, as well as the use of color in the background. It has a sort of MTV thing going on, and I think it would make a great theme for a media-related website.

    Thanks, you guys do great work!

  • Javier W.

    Hey there,

    I discovered Arliss and Chevez two days ago and they are amazing. I have been looking for a good premium wordpress theme for a while. I figured there wasn’t any elegant enough for my project, so I went with a Joomla template. Four Joomla! templates later, I decided to go back to WordPress, which is way more simple and compatible to use. Two days ago, I discovered Blurbia, but to be honest, the $100 pricetag is too steep for me right now. Over the past 3-4 months, I have spent more than 200 dollars in about 4-5 themes I think I like, but when I buy them and put them together, I always change my mind. I don’t think that will be the case with these two.

    Right now I am leaning more towards Arliss, but also like Chevez big bold typeface. So any of the two would do it for me.

  • Liking the ARLISS theme. Spent lots of time hunting free themes, since my blog is for fun and doesn’t generate $$, so would be nice to get a full featured theme to play with.

    Keep up the good work Colorburned!

  • Mike Goodwin

    Pretty wicked contest, I’m definately leaning towards chevez. I like the simplicity of the layout aswell as the colour scheme. I think it would end up working the best for what I plan to use it for.

    Thanks and best of luck!

  • blackkitt

    Great giveaway. I’d choose Arliss for its sharp, clean look and host of features.

  • I’d take Arliss, but the reason I’d want it is because it looks like it has a few features I’d like to hack on and create my own themes from. :P

    Nice themes. :)

  • Cool contest.
    I’ll go with Arliss, I like more the colors compared to the other one.

  • Chevez seems to be the forerunner for me in the themes…this is the first time I’ve visited this website and I love it! Chevez would definitely be the theme for me as it seems so versatile, with such a modern yet clean and simplistic approach to displaying a magazine-style format. The perfect theme, particularly when so customizable, makes Chevez a winner.

  • i would like to win CHEVEZ Theme, i am little tiered of using others technical CMS and i planed to convert my Site to WordPress, the only Thing is at the Moment i dont habe Time do develop a new Template, and all other Themes looks not so nice like Chevez.

  • I like the chevez theme. The dark colors already compliment my existing sites design. It would make a great business blog for my moto-x photography biz.

  • Michael Pearo

    Great give away. I’d definitely go for Cheves. I like the darker color scheme, it would go great for a up-coming B-Movie blog I’m planning.

    Thanks Blurbia!

  • I would go for nr. 2 and the reason I want it, is that if I don’t get it, I will never finish my portfolio blog… so now you have to pick me! :)

  • Niki

    ARLISS – nice and clean layout; very cool. Thanks!

  • I would love to win the second theme, Chevez, because of its simplicity. It has a certain elegance to it.

  • Ali

    I like the chevez theme.

    Thanks, you guys do great work!

  • While they’re both beautiful, I’d love to get my hands on Arliss. My site is dying for a decent make-over now that it’s at a new domain name, and Arliss is just the theme to do it!

  • Malcolm

    I like the feel of Arliss. The layout would be perfect for a travelogue project I’m working on. And I love adspace. Good Luck everyone!

  • I’d like Chevez because I love it for my Portfolio

  • Well, more black theme are always look so cool. I like em both, but if you want me to choose, I prefer Chevez. I think it will load faster altough have pretty equal of design quality. Well, faster the web loads, happier the reader.

  • zak

    Excellent themes! They both appear to quite versatile and with some minor adjustments could fit a wide variety site uses. I like both, but I like dark themes and Chevez is just sexy. #2.

  • Without a doubt, the chevez theme! It’s dark, simple and looks versatile – just what I need for my new site (

    Cheers and thanks for the opportunity …


  • Hey, love winning anything. I love the dark chevez theme and it appears to layout better, but I do like the lightness of the first one – Arliss. I would be happy with either as they are both very well done. So if I have to choose, I would choose #2, chevez.

  • I would like the first wordpress theme. I’m trying to get an idea off the ground, a marketing blog with a specific focus on building genuine marketing, not accuracy by volume. Both are great, but I like #1 the most.

  • Jason Owens

    Very nice designs!! I would have to pick #1-Arliss as #2 is just too dark for what I would use it for.

  • Lonnie

    ARLISS rocks! I have a magazine style content site that could use an update.

  • Jim

    Both are great, but Chevez would have to be my choice.

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  • Arliss is my favorite choice because it will be awesome for all types of website!

    Rainbow’s last blog post..6 magnifiques thèmes WordPress à télécharger gratuitement

  • I like Arliss ! It is pretty cool and beautiful !

    Clean, elegant and particularly pratical, it’s what I need !

    Thanks ColorBurned !

  • Hendy

    I’d love to have the Arliss template, I like the clean look and all the space for ads. I also like that it allows for photos in each post summary. I’m thinking of starting something along the lines of a cooking/baking/parenting blog all in one, this would be just great.
    The Chavez template is a bit too crowded for me. For a beginner blogger, Arliss looks just great.

  • I prefer ARLISS. The other theme is too dark for my taste. Arliss also offers outstanding functionality and flexibility, which are most important when porting to a new theme or creating for a client. It will deliver a slick and usable package without requiring hours and hours of programming and uploading time.

    Thanks for introducing these themes, and for the contest of course.

  • Really nice themes! I would like to have the #1-Arliss, it’s really nice and useful, and I have a new blog that I can make use of it! :P

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Pedro Lopes

    ORiOn’s last blog post..Babe da Semana : Paris Hilton

  • dragyn

    I am very into dark designs so it is Chevez all the way for me.
    I plan on starting up a blog after graduation and with a little more research of course. With two new domains ready to go they could definitely use a little something extra.
    fingers are crossed for Chevez:)

  • jef

    Wow, I really love the themes. If I have to chose i would pick the second theme. I really love the colors!

  • I really enjoy Arliss, and it’s simplicity, and the subtle background image.

  • Chris W

    Love the Arliss theme….thanks for another great contest

  • Neeti

    Wow! These are really cool themes. I would like to win one of the themes as I am starting my portfolio blog n looking for a real good theme. I would love to win CHEVEZ as it would be better suited for the purpose plus its looks clean, simple and elegant. And i love the colour. :)

  • Van

    I would love to win CHEVEZ, this would really help with the launch of my new design blog. I love the dark and purple and this would be the perfect win to bring this blog to a reality.

  • wordpress theme contest.
    here is the link i twit. and i need the second theme.. i wish i can win, this time.

  • dobleseis

    I would love to win Arliss.
    I think it’s a clean and beatiful theme that would fit my site :)


  • JR

    its a hard choice, but i would definitely have to go with the chevez… the top category slider is what did it for me… though the top page menu on the arliss was also cool

  • TH

    I love the arliss theme for it’s simplicity and clean look…the biggest draw is the animated, scrolling pictures…great work from a great team!!

  • Maxigass’e (maxigas)

    especially the 2nd. :)

  • David Hayes

    Arliss is clean, crisp and compelling. In other words, it shares the virtues of good writing, so complements well-written content beautifully.

    As in so many other areas, the best approach to design and function remains this: Keep it simple, stupid!

  • greeeat “contest” again ..

    your page is great.already submitted the rss…

    if i win i would like the chevez skin for my new design website..

    greets again

  • I prefer CHEVEZ cause I think is more elegante