20 Clean and Responsive Web Designs of 2013

Responsive web designs are no longer regarded as a trend among the website development community but it has evolved as a need for every website. Previously, the mobile internet users used to only access the social media sites from their phone. However, with time the usage is no longer limited to the social media sites but it has proliferated to the other platforms as well like the ecommerce sites, different business platforms and many other sites. Since the websites are designed keeping in mind the screen size of the PCs and laptops, when these are seen from the mobile phones we get to see a distorted site which is extremely disappointing for the viewers and thus arise the need for responsive web design.

One of the most important features of a responsive website is that it needs to be extremely clean and clear so that the viewers can focus on the different links, content and information provided on it. Since most of the mobile internet users browse the net on the go or when they are already engaged in some other activities like travelling, the designers need to design a responsive, attractive, optimized, engaging yet clean website which can catch the attention of the viewers. They need to place themselves in the shoes of the potential clients and design the website according to their preference.

1. DesignCrowd

One of the best Crowdsource platform for designers online. It has got 100k designers on board and already paid $6.6 m towards designer payments. Oomph recently started a contest worth $10k, check your luck

2. City & wool

3. Diablomedia

4. Fore fathers

5. Illy

6. Convergese

7. Fork

8. Janmense

9. Dust and mold

10. Havoc inspired

11. Henry brown

12. 10k aneventapart

13. Dconstruct

14. Dezvolta

15. Health life

16. Loveandluxesf

17. J taylor design

18. Gary garside

19. Lapse

20. John jacob

Here is a list of twenty clean and responsive website designs that will be extremely useful for the novice designers. They can get some insights from these examples and thereafter come up with their own exclusive responsive web design.