Interview With Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics

This week, I had the opportunity to interview another great design blogger.  Chris Spooner, who runs Spoon Graphics consistently churns out high quality tutorials, articles and freebies on his site.  I’ve always been impressed with the quality of his site’s content and it was a pleasure to interview him on my website.  I hope that you will enjoy this interview and when you’re done, please feel free to visit his websites and connect with him using the social networking site of your choice.

Stars & Stripes: Patriotic Brushes & Swatches

I’ve been feeling a bit patriotic lately so I decided to have a bit of fun and release a set of patriotic brushes and swatches with a “stars & stripes” theme.  I will be honest with you; this set isn’t all that innovative.  There really aren’t very many ways to display star and stripe patterns.  That’s why most political and patriotic designs look practically the same; with a few notable exceptions.  I released this set because I think it can save you guys a little time the next time you have to create a patriotic design.

Included in this set are 2 files; an Illustrator Swatch file and an Illustrator Brush file, both of which are compatible with Illustrator CS and above.  I hope you all enjoy!  Go America!  YAH!

Meet David Leggett from

This week, I had the opportunity to interview David Leggett from  David was recently named by Retire at 21 as one of the web’s top young bloggers – 21 and under.  An amazing achievement like this deserves some recognition so I decided to interview David with some pointed questions regarding both his youth and success online.  I realize that many of my readers are either students of design or fellow bloggers, so I believe that David’s insights can be very revealing.  I hope that you enjoy this interview and when you’ve finished reading, feel free to visit David’s sites and connect with him using the social networking site of your choosing.

53 Impressive Polka Dot Pattern Swatches

As simple as they are, polka dot patterns are very effective design elements.  Not too long ago I released a set of asymmetrical polka dot patterns but today I decided to create a more symmetrical set of polka dots for you guys to download and use in your designs for free.

Polka dot patterns are perfect for stationary, children’s design, package design or fashion design and can even be used to overlay on top of your artwork in Photoshop to add some texture.

I really hope you enjoy these patterns and don’t forget to Float, Digg, Stumble and Tweet this post!

Colorburned Identity & Branding

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Flickr you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been spending the last couple of months working on and off on a new identity for this website.  A while back I even posted an image of one of the designs in a monthly review.  It’s taken a while but I’ve finally settled on a new logo design.  In addition, I also took some headshots for a big and exciting project that I am working on.  The photo is by Jacob Zimmer.  I am hoping that these items combine to really improve my branding and identity.  Also keep an eye out for a new website design to be launched within the next few months.  Thanks again for your support of this website.  Comments are welcomed!

Meet Jacob Cass from Just Creative Design

Just before the Christmas holiday I had the opportunity to interview Australian designer and blogger Jacob Cass from Just Creative Design.  At the time, Jacob was just about to take his holiday from school and work to celebrate his birthday and the holidays with his family so I really appreciated Jacob setting some time aside for this interview.  I think you guys will find Jacob’s insights into the world of designing blogging very helpful.  I was especially interested in learning how Jacob balances his time between school, freelance projects and blogging.  So take a look at this interview and when you’re done, visit his websites and connect with him using the social network of your choosing.

20 High Resolution Photoshop Lens Flare Brushes

I have always been fascinated with lens flares.  Recently, I started using Knoll Light Factory, an amazing Photoshop plug-in used to create all sorts of realistic-looking lens flare effects.  Prior to Knoll Light Factory, I had to create lens flares on my own or, god forbid, use Photoshop‘s default lens flare plug-in.  After playing around with it for a little while I decided to create a set of high resolution lens flare brushes for Photoshop to give away to you guys.

2008: A Year in Review

In 2008, this website celebrated a number of exciting milestones.  In May, I officially launched this site as a means to display my personal portfolio to prospective employers.  At the time, I had just lost my job and I was looking to start fresh in a new design job somewhere.  As time went on, the focus of this site changed from a means to showcase my portfolio to a platform to share my opinions and design resources with other designers.  Since then, I’ve published some really great articles, freebies and tutorials but since this site is relatively new I decided to review some of my favorite posts just in case some of you guys missed them.  Thanks again and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Win a Free Copy of Filter Forge – Comment to Win

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Filter Forge, a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. There are a lot of Photoshop filters and plug-ins out there. Some are good, some are bad and some are just plain awesome! Filter Forge falls into the “just plain awesome” category. I was so impressed with the software that I decided to contact the developers and give away a free copy on my website to help spread the word.

Meet Ryan Putnam (AKA Rype) of Vectips

This week I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite illustrators and tutorial writers Ryan Putnam (AKA Rype) of Vectips. Some of you may immediately recognize Ryan from his website, others may know him from some of the amazing tutorials he has written over at VECTORTUTS or even from some of the many illustrations he has for sale on iStockPhoto. I have been very impressed with Ryan’s work as well as his blog and I highly recommend that you guys take a look at his website as well as his tutorials. He has a lot to offer some one looking to learn more about Illustrator or illustration in general. As always, scroll down to read more about Ryan and when you’re done, feel free to connect with his using the social network of your choosing.