Interview with Illustrator and 3D Modeler Marcus Kielly

This week I had the opportunity to interview UK based Illustrator and 3D modeler Marcus Kielly.  I’ve always loved 3D design and animation and was very interested in what Marcus had to say.  I was also interested in what Marcus had to say about how his experience as an illustrator has helped him transition from 2D to 3D design.  If you are like me and are interested in learning more about this field, take a look at this great interview.

Maximize Traffic for Your Contest or Giveaway Using Twitter

Not too long ago I held a giveaway on this website sponsored by F-Stop to give away a free courier bag.  I’ve always loved giving things away on this website and I was very excited to be giving away such a great item.  In the past, I’ve found contests or giveaways to be great ways to increase traffic and exposure for my site as well as the item that is being given away.  The problem with contests or giveaways is that it can be hard to spread the word about them.  In the world of social networking, it can be tough to ask others to help spread the word because after all, why would anyone want to hurt their own chances of winning a particular item by telling their friends about it?

This is the major impediment to any “comment-to-win” contests or giveaways that one might find on the web.  Unless your site has a huge following, the traffic and exposure as a result from the contest is likely to be minimal because people simply won’t want to help you promote it.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how to solve this problem.  The solution came to me while thinking about the terms for the F-Stop contest.  Why not allow people to enter the contest by Tweeting about it via Twitter?

Win a Free Camera Bag From F-Stop!

Yep, it’s time for another exciting give away on Colorburned!  This time the guys at @fstopgear agreed to let me give away a free camera bag to one of my lucky readers.  If you’re not familiar with F-Stop, they make some amazing bags for adventure photographers.  As you can imagine, a photographer who films or photographs snowboarders or mountain climbers, can’t use just any bag; they need high quality, sturdy bags to protect their equipment in the most extreme environments.  It was this dedication to quality equipment that led me to order a bag of my own; so as you can imagine, I’m terribly excited to be giving one of these away on my site.

Make a Pit Stop at F-Stop

The more involved I become in design, the more gear that I seem to accumulate.  It seems like every time I go on a business trip, I bring more and more gear with me.  For instance, on a typical trip to New York I’m likely to bring a laptop, a mouse, 2 cameras, large noise reduction headphones, an iPod, various chargers and connector cables, and of course a very large bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s.  In the very near future, I’m hoping to upgrade to a 17 inch MacBook Pro and possibly even purchase a new Wacom Tablet.  This means that very soon, the amount of gear that I bring with me will surpass the amount of items that my current bag can handle.  That’s why about a month ago; I decided to start looking for a new courier bag to replace my old one.  This article is a review of my experience looking for a new laptop bag.

53 Incredible High Resolution Photoshop Paint Brushes

I love Photoshop brushes, they are very effective tools to help add texture, rough up, or distress your designs.  I’ve been looking for a nice set of high resolution Photoshop brushes to help achieve this effect for quite some time; and while there are a ton of really nice Photoshop brush sets out there on other sites, I just wasn’t able to find a set that was exactly what I was looking for.  That’s why I went ahead and created a set of 53 High Resolution Photoshop Paint Brushes on my own.  These brushes are not only good for roughing up or distressing your designs, but these Photoshop brushes are also great if you just need to reproduce a paint brush effect.  So if you are like me and are looking for that perfect set of Photoshop brushes, download this set of brushes and give them a try.  I think that you will like them.

The Best and Worst Sites to Help Build a Loyal Following for Your Blog

What would you rather have on your website?  An enormous amount of traffic or a loyal following of readers?  This is a question that a lot of websites deal with on a daily basis.  In reality, most of us would probably prefer both; and for some, this is probably the case.  The problem is that a lot of us end up wasting a lot of time and energy submitting our websites to social media sites that have little affect on either.  Last week, I decided to dig a bit deeper into my site’s statistics to figure out which of my site’s top referrers actually provided the most loyal following.  The results were both interesting and surprising.