20 High Resolution Photoshop Lens Flare Brushes

I have always been fascinated with lens flares.  Recently, I started using Knoll Light Factory, an amazing Photoshop plug-in used to create all sorts of realistic-looking lens flare effects.  Prior to Knoll Light Factory, I had to create lens flares on my own or, god forbid, use Photoshop‘s default lens flare plug-in.  After playing around with it for a little while I decided to create a set of high resolution lens flare brushes for Photoshop to give away to you guys.

These brushes are really great!  You can use one big flare to add some interest to your designs or a lot of smaller flares to create pixie dust or some other effect.  So feel free to download these brushes for free and use them in your personal or professional works and if you still can’t find what you need, feel free to purchase a copy of Knoll Light Factory for yourself!

To use these brushes in Photoshop, open up the brushes palette in Photoshop and click the arrow in the upper right corner. Click Load brushes and locate the .ABR file on your hard drive.

Download the Brush File
20 High Resolution Lens Flare Brushes | 18 MB

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  • These are great, thanks so much! Good lens flares are really hard to find.

  • it’s useful,Thanks a lot :)

  • Florence

    I want these brushes so bad! But, I only have PS 7. Is there ANY way to post the image files? Please?

  • I was just reading another post on your blog and then came across this one. These lens flares are great! The glare and flare effect looks great in many images but like you mentioned, the dreaded default lensflare is an eyesore because of its over usage. It’s so easy to pick out the default PS lensflare with the yellow and blue flare reflections, or worse, the red light aura with the pie-cut look. Creating new lensflares is a great idea and I’m sure you will have quite a bit of response to these.

  • saleem

    I need some Creative elements thank u

  • Vince

    It is all about people like you that share your secrets with all of us and make our job easier. I am hoping one day I can return the favor