25 Lucky Readers to Win a Free Vector Pack from Mr. Vector

Fear not fair citizens! Mr. Vector is here to sponsor yet another great vector giveaway! That’s right, today 25 Colorburned readers will win a free vector pack from Mr. Vector. Don’t be fooled by Mr. Vector’s stunning website design and witty humor, they also have a fabulous selection of vector graphics in their inventory. Feel free to browse their website and see their high quality vector sets for yourself.


To win a free vector set from Mr. Vector all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us which vector set that you would like to win. Then, tell us what kind of vectors that you would like to see from them in the future.

Up for Grabs

25 vector packs from Mr. Vector (1 per winner)


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell which vector pack you would like, then tell us what kind of vector packs you would like to see in the future.
  • Tweet This message to your followers! (Optional)
  • Only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 7 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck every one!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • edMaga

    I would like to get the ‘Vector Drips & Smears I’ I don’t know i just can’t get enough of this textures… and uhm… it will be nice to see some button vector pack they always come handy…

  • I’d like to win the Vector Backgrounds I set, and they could create more packs with design elements, would be great.

  • Vector Textures I

    would be cool to see some vector patterns or frames.

  • Litza

    More packs with backgrounds would be nice, i’d like to win the textures pack.

  • I would like to win “Vector Design Elements” ;). I would like to see more vectors urban style.

    Luck to all and thank you very much :)
    [rq=12993,0,blog][/rq]Adicto al Café

  • I would love to have that Vector Smears and Drips I
    [rq=13001,0,blog][/rq]Night Sky Over London by Lizzie Marie Cullen
    One in the series…

  • Vector Backgrounds I, I could really use some of these. Would be awesome to see some sign vectors. Thanks guys!

  • I’d like the Drips and Smears Pack, please…

  • Oskar

    I would like to win the Vector Flourishes 1 pack.

    Also I would like to see more oldschool vektors in the future. There’s tons of flourishes and other stuff out there online but alot of em look a bit “illustratory”if you know what I mean. Engravery and crosshatching i guess is what i’m after.


  • azril

    I would love you get Vector Design Element 1 and would want to see a vector pack of football crest all around the world!

  • Ann

    I like the package Urban 1, I would likt to use the signs on a new website for a local neighboursgroup.

    New idea: silhouettes

  • Could definately do with some Vector Drips & Smears.
    I’d also like to see some vector web elements.

  • Felipe

    sorry for bad english, would like to win “Vector Urban I” because it fits in a job that I’m developing… like to see: vector space

  • I like the Vector Textures 1.

    I would love to see some nature vectors in the future :)

  • rad

    banners and ribbons please :)

  • Drips n smears does it for me guys, any chance of some retro cartoons ?

  • Let’s go for the crown vectors, let’s see what I can do with that :)

    Retro Volkswagen cars would be nice

  • dobleseis

    I’d like ‘Vector Drips & Smears I’
    Idea for the future: Design Elements II :)

  • Nenad

    i really like Vector Design Elements I
    would be nice to get those :)

  • I would love to get a pack that contains different forms of water, bubbling, swells, ebbs, frozen, steam, rain, and snow ect ect. I like all types especially close ups.
    [rq=13643,0,blog][/rq]Website Headers And Footers – June 14, 2009

  • I really like Vector Design Elements I

    I want to see more of this kind and also something urban related (really like the one they made, just want more)

  • Neeti

    I would like to win Vector Flourishes I set.

    Some music related vectors would be nice.

  • Padwan Leinad

    I’d love using “Vector Flourishes I”.
    For future use I’d ask them to make “Vector Grungy Flourishes Mega Super Pack”.

  • I would like Vector Backgrounds I and think a set of ninja vs pirate vectors would be sweet.

  • I choose Flowers I.

    I’d like to see a packages of household items – bathroom necessities, cooking utensils, garage junk, etc… in their unique style.


  • Saif

    I would go for the Vector Drips & Smears I pack. Grunge is a stable in any poster these days.

    I would like to see more of the element type packs as they let you create so much more by mixing and matching different items.


  • I would like Vector Backgrounds I.
    I would like to see more vector backgrounds to create more things in the basis of them. That is the problem with them: you can use them just once. Maybe a lot of them created keeping in mind they could be reuse.
    Thank you.

  • guillaume

    I’d love to get the Vector Urban I pack.
    Thanks for the contest, I’m tweeting it right away!

  • Jason Owens

    Vector Backgrounds I PLEASE!!!
    I would love to see more 3d shape vectors!
    Thank You!

  • Livia

    It’s a close one between textures & drips but I think i’ll say Vector Textures would be awesome. I can’t get enough of textures >:]

    I’d like to see ‘beasts’ of the animal kingdom vectors. Like nasty looking bears, tigers, lions, killer monkeys… piranha’s aha. Could have some fun with those.


  • I would love the “Vector Drips & Smears” set plz
    – I think more design elements would be great, some ideas would be: [arrows] [speech bubbles] [buttons]

    Regards, Joel

  • What wouldn’t I do with 25 vector packs! I could take over the world one insane design at a time! I would like to see more tiling background packs.

  • Oh and I would like the “super vector bundle” if that’s a pack ;)

  • Vector Flourished I are very cool and could be very useful.

  • Wojtek K

    Nice selection.
    Honestly all of them would do just fine. ;)
    I think the Textures 1 is something I’d like.
    For the future more grunge vectors.

  • nghi1987n

    Vector Design Elements
    I love it

  • I would love me some “Vector Drips & Smears I”. Great work by the way.
    [rq=14521,0,blog][/rq]edpirone: note to self: shave every day so you don’t look like a dirty hippie…

  • Vector shield would like.
    in future will be good animals.

  • bebopdesigner

    Backgrounds is my favourite! Cheers.

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  • Winning the flourish pack would rock my socks off!

  • For me it’s Vector Drips and Smears. For the future it would be nice to see some space vectors, like rockets and spaceships.
    [rq=14816,0,blog][/rq]960 grid system, un framework per CSS

  • Justin Rampage

    I would love to get my hands on the Vector Drips & Smears.
    I’d also like to see some more vector skull variations. Great collection!
    Thanks! :)

  • I can provide a loving and stable home for Drips and Smears.

  • I would like to win “Vector Drips & Smears I”. That’s awesome.
    [rq=14855,0,blog][/rq]Free Icons: Artistica

  • Vector Urban I
    Love the contests!
    I’d like to see some vector pattern packs
    [rq=14941,0,blog][/rq]The 404 Logo Contest

  • Banners and Ribbons I – I’d love to own the set. Awesome vectors.

  • I’d like the Vector Design Elements I, please.
    Would be nice to have some hard rock grunge ‘Music Vectors’!

    thanks for the great work.

  • Trieu

    The Texture I pack is really cool. So of course I would like to see Texture II too =)

  • Thanks for the contest! I’d love to use the “Drips & Smears I” pack. Great stuff…
    [rq=15102,0,blog][/rq]Weekend One Thing

  • I am digging this collection a lot…! Thanks for the contest. I would like to see grunge type picture frame vectors.

    Again thanks.

  • I would love to have the Vector Flourishes pack!

  • Martin Cox

    I’d love Vector Backgrounds 1 … really, I could make use of any of them! Ta!

  • I would like to win “Vector Backgrounds I.”
    Some vectors I’d like to see in the future include athletes performing their specific sports (basketball player shooting, baseball player swinging bat, etc.) and cowboy lassos (don’t ask, I like the look of the rope).

  • Vector Backgrounds I, definitely. Fantastic!
    I think the “water” vector idea would be wonderful! Also, any vectors that can function as textures, grunge, paper, & the like.
    [rq=15370,0,blog][/rq]Kristin v.1

  • Hi, thanks so much for this wonderful offer. I would love to have the Vector Backgrounds, which I thought would be great to use for my tshirt designs.

  • I would love the vector skulls collection
    [rq=15537,0,blog][/rq]Test post

  • Crisitana Zarr

    The Vector Design Elements I is awesome! I would love to win it!!

  • I really loved “Vector Backgrounds I”, I’m currently designing some punk-rock fansites, and those backgrounds are ideal.

    I think that what’s missing is a pack with some good fonts. And maybe a pack that includes the best samples of all the other packages, like an “Ultimate Collection” or something :)

  • Mitchiie

    I would like to have “Vectors Banners and Ribbons” please :)

    It would be nice if you could make vector patterns. They’d make good backgrounds for sites, textures, and all sorts of other stuff.

  • Vector Design Elements I would be my pack of choice. I would like to see some more modern looking packs. With the circles and more modern looking shapes.
    [rq=16103,0,blog][/rq]New Direction

  • would love to win the skulls, cuz you can never have too many skulls
    [rq=16115,0,blog][/rq]Mythic Design – Adventure Art Review

  • Vector Backgrounds 1 rocks. I think its the most versatile pack, thats why I wold like to win it.

  • I would love to win Vector Design Elements I.
    And I’d like to see more simple silhouettes, or more vectors like the current Design Elements you’ve got.

  • Avy

    Would love the flourishes!

  • Ken

    Textures1, followed by Banners, would probably be the most useful to me. Nice work though. More textures packs would be great.
    [rq=17383,0,blog][/rq]kenop: @ryangraves

  • I would love to win the design elements 1 package, and more of this sort of thing would be great – perhaps something banksy inspired.(moved from facebook, first published on June 15th :)

  • I absolutely <3 this:

    Vector Design Elements I

    [rq=17862,0,blog][/rq]10 terrificanti Grunge Fonts

  • I think they all pretty cool, I see myself using them in my art projects.

  • I would like to win the Cross Vector set. And I would love to see more religious type vectors, or shapes.

  • Mare

    100Tweeps is the secret code. sshhhhhhhh
    I would use the backgrounds to hide behind.
    I like to see more dimension in vectors.
    I wish you well in your Twitter world and on your site!
    Good luck! Keep those vectors coming!

  • I would like the Vector Flourishes pack!

    Think some good trees, and birds would be great to see in the future!

  • I would love the Vector Textures I. They look great! Thank you.
    [rq=18761,0,blog][/rq]Hello world!

  • I would like to win the Vector Textures.

  • Brandon

    Vector Backgrounds 1, please! More like these would be cool

  • Vector urban please :)

  • Per

    I would like the “Vector Backgrounds I” pack, Sir. *crossing_fingers*


  • Simon

    Vector Backgrounds I for me please. I’d like to see a frames set in the future (maybe ornate ones with flourishes, not grunge!)

    tweeted! :)

  • Cyrill D.

    “Vector Flourishes I” please. I’d like to see some vector pattern packs in the future. :)

  • I’d like Vector Textures 1 and I’d always love to see more swirlies or flourishes

  • Aaron

    The Vector Drips and Smears looks awesome. Keep up the good work, and I love seeing textured vectors. Most of the simple shapes I would just as soon make on my own.

  • I’d like either Vector Textures I or Vector Drips and smears. I might go and buy them both anyway, if I don’t win them. Hmm…

    Nice vectors!

  • pigeoncircus

    hmmm…. it’s a tough one but if I have to choose then I would pick the Banners and Ribbons 1 ….what I would like to see more of? The frames from old fashioned labels.

  • I’m loving the Vector Design Element pack for doing everything from tshirt designs to posters and web backgrounds!

    Also, I think the Vector Flourishes I pack would ad that extra special touch to any project, whether incorporated into the text or as a graphic design element!

  • Leo

    Vector Drips & Smears I >>i need it, i want it. please,please.

  • Vector Textures 1 looks like the must have for me.

  • I would love the vector drips or vector textures. Too many projects too little time.


    The vector textures 1 pack would be an awsome addition to have.

  • Joe
  • Chris Guimarin

    I would love the Vector Design Elements


  • I would love to win the Vector Backgrounds I pack!

    Fingers Crossed!

  • nice,, i love those vectors!