25 Lucky Readers to Win a Free Vector Set From ArtBox7

We know that you guys love free vectors and today we’re going to feed your need for vectors with another exciting giveaway sponsored by our friends at ArtBox7. If you’re not familiar with ArtBox7, browse over to their website and take a look at the extensive selection of vector sets that they have available. If you like what you see, today is your lucky day. Leave a comment below and tell us which individual set of vectors that you would like best. 25 lucky commenters will receive their favorite vector set for free courtesy of ArtBox7.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Only comment once.
  • Be sure to tell us which individual vector set that you like best.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
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  • This is a 7 day contest. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 EST on Sunday, June 14.
Grant Friedman

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  • I definitely like the Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11 the best! The shapes are so beautiful.

  • I’m a vector freak…isn’t that a good reason?!
    hand drawn pack

  • Rachel Ramsay

    I’m glad you tweeted this. They have some great stuff. I love the grunge splatters, but I could definitely use the flourishes on a project.

  • Splashes/Splatters Vector Pack 1 would be my first pick.

  • Ann

    The kids silhouette package would be something for me!
    A new website I am going to design is for a local residentscommunity, and there shouds also be some kids in afcourse!

  • I like hand drawn pack

  • ill go with Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11. yay! awesome!

  • Rhiannon Burton

    I like Wings!

  • bad

    niice hand drawn pack

  • Let’s do some graffiti, I like the spray paint vector pack 2!

  • Dark Stitch

    The Floral Ornaments Pack would be the most useful to me in any future projects I may have. The Hand Drawn Pack and the Colorful Curves Pack are very interesting too. I will have to go see if there are samples of the packs on ArtBox7’s website.

  • I’d like Splashes/Splatters Vector Pack 2.

  • nello

    yeah there’s really cool vectors on Artbox7.! the one i like the best is Spray Paint Vector Pack 2

  • LOVE the products!

  • Lisa

    Such a great selection. I love Swirls Vector Pack 2…just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for the chance!

  • I love the hand drawn, would be very useful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • formlotse

    Hiho… I would really love to win theCITYSCAPE/SKYSCRAPER VECTOR set

  • Very hard to choose! My #1 favorite is the Hand Drawn Vector Set 3 pack. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • They look great, Seamless Vectors would be an awesome add to my toolbox.

  • I like the Halftone pack.

  • I want the:
    Brush Stroke Vector Pack 3
    Thank you.
    A lot of hugs
    ( I am trying to win, ok?)
    From Chile

    Pablo Lara Henriquez

  • i’m loving that floral ornaments pack. let’s see if it’s loving me…

  • Maria João

    I would like to win the people silhouettes pack.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • What a pleasant way to start summer, Abstract Trees Pack 2 looks sunny to me.
    Thank you

  • Melanie

    I love the ornaments hand drawn vector set. I like them because I get multiple requests for these to be included in design work so this would make it way easier then recreating the wheel every time.

  • Stains Vector Pack 1 seems to be the best value.

  • Pablo Contreras

    I just love vectors! specially when they’re free. Cheers!

  • Crisitana Zarr

    I definitely like the Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11 the best! Awesome giveaway!!!

  • Eva

    I’d love to get the Brush Stroke Vector Pack 3 :D

    Awesome contest ^_^

  • Swirls Vector Pack 9 – so gorgeous! : )

  • the seamless patterns would be a great help when designing for large format output

  • Awesome contest! My favorite of their vector packs is the Abstract Trees Pack 2. What a great pack.

  • The Musical Intruments pack seems like a VERY versatile tool to have for an artist!!

  • Brandon

    Pack 50 – Seamless Patterns Vectors – looks cool!

  • The hand drawn floral/ornemental look good !

  • Oooo… I like! Swirls Vector Pack 9 is my fav. Cool contest!


    Seamless Patterns Vectors is also pretty sweet.

  • Swirls Vector Pack 9 is my favorite.

  • Ali

    I would like to win the Abstract Trees Pack 2.

  • Ali kamran

    I definitely like Brush Stroke Vector Pack 1
    the best!

  • Alavi

    I’ll go with Ornaments Abstract Trees Pack 2.

  • Simon

    tweeted. colorful curves please….

  • I would really like to have the Famous Buildings Vectors pack:)

  • Ed

    I would love to have the Brush Stroke pack. Exactly what I need for the project I am working on.

  • Vector Banners – great stuff. I really would like to get these

  • WOW!! Lots of choices, but I think the one that would be most usefull to me at the moment would be “ORNAMENTS HAND DRAWN VECTOR PACK 11”

  • Niki

    I like the Summer Vector Pack. I hope I win!!!

  • Maxigaes’e

    Decorative Elements – Hand Drawn Vector Pack 8


  • Ricardo Chiappe

    Like this one: SWIRLS VECTOR PACK 6


  • Steve G

    I like the stains one the best. That could be useful!

  • couture

    Hand drawn decorative.

  • Nenad

    Many to chose from but my favorite is Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11.

  • Thank you for the chance! I have many faves, but I’d love to have the Summer Vector set!

  • Thanks,
    Colorful Curve Vectors

  • Sweet, sweet vectors. Love them all.

  • Swirls, Curls Vector Pack 8 are the bomb!

  • Brian


  • colorful curves for me p l e a s e ?

  • definitely would go with the Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11!
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  • Wow, they all are really nice. I think the Spray Paint Vector Pack 1 would benefit me the most at this time. Thanks for the opportunity Grant!
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