25 Winners Announced for Stock Graphic Designs Giveaway!

Last week we hosted yet another exciting giveaway on this website, this time sponsored by our friends at Stock Graphic Designs. Stock Graphic Designs sells premium vector graphics on their website and was nice enough to donate 1 vector pack to a whopping 25 readers of this site. Today, we are happy to announce the winners. Thank you to everyone who entered to win a free vector pack from Stock Graphic Designs and remember, if you didn’t win, remember to keep Stock Graphic Designs in mind the next time you need some stock vector art. Also, this coming May is this site’s first birthday. We have an incredible event planned so keep checking back to make sure that you don’t miss out!

  1. Tim Hunt
    Vector Hand Drawn Skull + Photoshop Brush – Vol.1
  2. David Leininger
    Vector Tree + Photoshop Brush – Vol. 3
  3. Ann
    Flowing Curves-pack
  4. Aetoric Design
  5. kyla
    Halftone pack
  6. Darren
    Vector Tree+ Photoshop brush- Vol 1
  7. Yotua
    Hand Drawn – Decorative Elements – Vol.1 pack
  8. Gaya
    Vector Destroy Elements pack
  9. Steve Robillard
    Hand drawn skulls.
  10. kingcole
    Vector Destroy Elements + Photoshop Brush
  11. Jennifer Roark
    Hand Drawn – Decorative Elements – Vol.1 – Vector + Brush
  12. Jeff Suter
  13. Matt Simpson
    Hand Drawn decorative elements Vol 2
  14. Carlos Y.
    Vector Design Elements – Vector + Brush
  15. Jeremy
  16. David P Crawford
    Destroy Series – Edges
  17. Brandon
    Building Vector + Brush pack
  18. Christa
    Hand Drawn – Decorative Elements – Vol.1
  19. Craig
    Vector tree pack!
  20. Dora B.
    Hand Drawn Elements pack
  21. Sabrina
    Vector Destroy Ink & Spray + Photoshop Brush- Vol.1
  22. Aileen Pasion
    Hand Drawn – Decorative Elements – Vol.1
  23. L. D. Baldwin
    Hand Drawn – Decorative Elements – Vol.1 – Vector + Brush
  24. Toby Cummings
    Hand-drawn and design elements
  25. ChristineBeth
    Decorative elements vol. 2
Grant Friedman

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