3 Readers to Win 500 Free Business Cards From

You guessed it! It’s time for another exciting giveaway, this time sponsored by our friends at who were generous enough to donate 500 free business cards to 3 lucky Colorburned readers.

1800 Postcards has over 30 years of experience and can cater to any and all of your printing and presentation needs. From business cards to photo books to direct mail marketing – 1800 Postcards delivers premium, professional printing services that will let you stand out from the competition. All of their digital printing services, sheetfed offset printing and additional services are performed in-house at their state-of-the art facility in New York City. This includes typesetting, scanning, direct-to-plate digital color printing, sheetfed offset printing, large format printing, shipping, binding and complete direct mail services. To learn more about 1800 Postcards, visit their website.

To win a set of 500 free full color double sided business cards from 1800 Postcards, simply leave a comment and tell us what you would use your set for.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what you would use your set for.
  • Only comment once.
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  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, December 11, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • U.S. residents only.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I would love to use these for my photography and design businesses!
    500 would certainly help out a poor college student :D

    Thanks for the opportunity, good luck everyone.

  • Amy

    Business is slow – these would great for promotions!

  • I would use them for a friend of mine that has a small local business as a lock smith. Already designed the look and feel of the card, he just needs to pull the trigger on actually getting the cards. This would certainly help him out a ton.

  • Rich Hemsley

    These would be awesome since I’m launching a new freelance site.

  • Jimmy Fuentes

    I would deff use this to start my freelance business… i cant wait to be able to hold something that represents me, and be able to use it for my benefit.

  • Sweet,
    I would use them to get business going better than what it has. Things have been hurting this season.
    .-= Ryan haylett´s last blog ..I’m back =-.

  • Brian

    What will I use them for? Put my name on them and hand them out of course :D

  • David

    I’d use them to advertise my youth ministry program. We just moved into a new building so new cards are needed!

  • In theory, I’d use them to promote our new company, make tons of cash and in turn get all the women we want.

    In reality, they’d sit on my desk feeling lonely with no one to receive them, we’d still have no money and we’re all married (close enough at least) so who needs more women. But at least we’d have cool business cards that make us feel important!

  • Oh, pretty please? Last year I rebranded a friend’s nail salon. Due to the economy, though her website is live and contains the new branding, it is the only element she has been able to update. I wanted to give her a new set of business cards for the holidays, but sadly cannot afford to get them printed. Something like this would be amazing = she deserves all the help she can get establishing a sophisticated brand. Please help me help my friend? Thank you!

  • It will be great to have cards with my new freelance brand.
    So, I’m starting to write a letter to Santa for 500 bussiness cards!
    I still belive in Santa. Do you?


  • I will thrown away my old and crappy business cards and make new fresh ones for my freelance business (webdesign)…

  • Will still tweet the contest even if the don’t like us Aussies lol

  • Ruben

    count me in, I’d use it for self-promos, nothing like getting your name out there on some quality prints

  • I have over 900 business cards sitting in a box at home that I can no longer use because someone stole my cell phone. It would be great to be able to get some updated cards with my new phone number on it for marketing.

  • I really could use a new set of business cards to get my name & services out there and new blog coming soon for sure!

  • I would use these to make new business cards!

  • To win this set of business cards would be a huge help, and a great start to a new year- as I lost my job as a graphic designer and then discovered I was pregnant with my first child. I’ve been procrastinating printing the design of my new freelance cards and this is just the opportunity I’ve been looking for! Good luck to all!

  • I would use these business cards to help promote my father’s side business and get his name out there. :)

  • Nate S

    I could really use these for my freelance business

  • Scott F

    I would use them to promote my freelance design business.

  • Ken

    I had 250 business cards printed by My logo design is a dark ruby red, but the business cards printed were a dull grey. Angered, I asked them for a refund, but they said they would resend the cards with the ruby red.

    Finally, after waiting another week, I got 250 of the exact same business cards that I got before, and they said it was the closest they could get to the ruby red. Note – I have 500 dull grey business cards now. Branding win.

  • As a freelance designer and consultant, I’m been looking around for a solid provider of business cards. If I received them, they would get much use among my current and future clients.

  • mrashdi

    will use it for offline promotion

  • I would use this to boost my freelance business.

    Super Giveaway, Thanks.
    .-= Christa Holland´s last blog ..Thanksgiving. : ) =-.

  • Marshall

    In the process of launching my business, this would most definitely come in handy!

  • LaToya

    i would use these cards to get my freelance business up and running

  • Same as a lot above, I would use it for my new freelance and photography business, and would love to use a green printing company!

  • Caleb

    I’ve got the card design all ready to go for my freelance web design business. Free printing of the cards would be great!

  • dragyn

    Since I am always attending functions where I can network with other creatives it would be great to get these free cards.
    thanks for the post
    and fingers are crossed:)

  • sunil

    I’d use these to promote my freelance services.

  • Thanks! Free cards are super cool.

  • My Tokyo-based freelance company pushes globality and foreign-influenced design with deep respect and care for local culture and custom. To promote our concept (and our new identity), we are in the market for foreign-made business cards to show that we want to bring a sense of internationalism to Japan’s design market.

    I could really use the new cards to move that along. Of course with potential to purchase more in the future. Thanks!

  • harris goldman

    I would give them to some nice kid…

  • Steve Robillard

    I would use these to help a friend replace his tired old cards.

  • greeeeat give-away…

    i would use this to promote my new design blog

  • Always great to win something no matter what it is. But my sons business cards have run out and as business is slow, some cards would be so nice to keep circulating info till business picks up

  • rik121

    I would use them to promote myself and put one in all the fishbowls in restaurants that give away free dinners. Eating out is not really an option nowadays…

  • Hello, I would love to get a free set of business card. My friend is currently building a site promoting his Hand Made “Uncommon” Longboards, and I’d love to surprise him. Would mean a lot, cause he is a brother from my church.

    Let’s Hope!

  • melissa

    I recently printed 500 cards for my photography business and the job was done really fast and it is bad…

    I didn’t pay the whole price but it still cut a bit on my student budget. This would help me a lot and would be very appreciated!


  • My fiancee is starting up a handyman service for tv mounting and surround sound setups within homes. I already have a design in the works that would look really sweet on a business card.

  • Kevin W

    These would be perfect for expanding my web development freelance business.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I would use them for my freelance business!

  • As a student and webmaster, I often find that promoting my website can become expensive within my budget. Winning these would help me promote and expand my website (designussion) .

    thank you
    .-= Joseph Victory´s last blog ..14 Of The Best PSD To XHTML/CSS Guides =-.

  • I would use the business cards to promote my etsy shop, where I sell cards and prints featuring my artwork. Double sided, full color business cards would be perfect. I would have a little piece of art on one side and my contact info and web address on the other.

  • I’ve got a portfolio site going up soon, this would be a great addition to get the word out.

  • It would be great to have some cards from a company that prides themselves on being green and for branching out my business.

  • I’ll offer this to my father. He just ran out of business cards. His birthday is December 22, can be a good present new cards with new design.
    .-= Ricardo Nunez´s last blog ..joinRed! =-.

  • seriously needs printed cards

  • Anne H.

    I’m new to graphic design and need all the help I can get to drum up business. These cards would be a wonderful addition to promote my website, products, and design.

    Many thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • I’m helping my boyfriend, who just graduated from university with a degree in art, start his own ceramics business. I’d love to get these cards for him so that he can start getting the word out!

  • Domingo Lugo

    Pretty Please with Sugar on top! This would really help a brotha out!

  • My dad is starting up a new GeoTechnical firm integrating the Internet and it would be my Xmas gift to him!
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..Photo of the Week: Walking Through a Dream =-.

  • Phil D.

    I’m planning on starting up a design site within the next few months and these cards would be a great resource.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway “1800PostCards” and “Colorburned”!

  • Thanks for the contest/great idea. I’d use the cards for self-promotion [freelance design and home made design].

    “The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces.”
    St. Thomas Aquinas

  • I would use the business card to help my freelance design company expand. Its a tuff economy and I’m printing my cards on my Epson 2200 right now. lol

    God Bless

  • N8i

    Just finishing up school and I am going to be going freelance again would love to get some free cards.
    .-= N8i´s last blog ..Concert Review // The Cranberries Reunion // Club Nokia =-.

  • I would love to increase awareness of my freelance writing and web design business through presenting myself in a professional manner with business cards. Currently, I’m limited to promoting myself via the Internet. While this is certainly a powerful way to market oneself, face-to-face communication occurs for me on a daily basis. It would be nice to be able to hand these potential clients a business card instead of writing my email/website address/twitter username on a napkin. Very unprofessional.


  • Marketing, marketing, marketing, ya’ll!

  • Mario


  • I would use them for my small pastry company. I had another company mess up my first set up of business cards, so it hasn’t been great using them. I am dying for some new ones… and I would gladly send the some delicious pastries to say thank you — gratis!

    Thanks guys!

  • Web designer in a print company. Hate our company business cards. Would show them what’s what.

  • I would use the business cards to generate other printing orders!