3 Sets of 500 Die Cut Business Cards from UPrinting Up for Grabs

Hello everyone! It’s time for yet another awesome Colorburned giveaway; this time, sponsored by our friends at UPrinting who were generous enough to donate 3 sets of 500 Die Cut Business Cards to the readers of this website.

Most of you probably recognize UPrinting as a frequent sponsor of several design blogs. In fact, UPrinting has been sponsoring design blogs (including this one) for quite some time. I’ve used their services before and they really do a great job. If you’re looking to get some business cards printed up quickly and cheaply, definitely head over to their website and check them out.

To win 500 Die Cut Business Cards of your own, leave a comment below and tell us why you need some free cards.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us why you need some free cards.
  • Only comment once.
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  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, November 13, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Shipping is free to U.S. residents only.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • As of January 2010 I begin my official freelance career doin web/marketing/print & consultanting for independant musicians & small biz. Some nice biz cards to follow the opening of my new business would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey i’d love to rock some of these!

    Die cut would be fun, and i could use them for some of my photography work.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Starting up a new store selling hand-crafted goods! Business cards are a must for any new venture, and die cut business cards would send an even stronger message! Holla!
    .-= Greg´s last blog ..Welcome to =-.

  • Hey! I’d love to win some free business cards!


  • I need all the help I can get to start up my own freelance company! This would be a great way to really get things moving :)

  • I would love 500 die-cut business cards! I recently ordered 500 cards from a shall-remain-nameless website and they are awful but I’ve kept them because they were pretty pricey! Getting a new set would be a blessing since I just started my own paper goods company and need to promote, promote, promote for the holidays!
    .-= Caitlin´s last blog ..Modern Wine Bottle Gift Tags – Set of 12 =-.

  • Annukka

    Don’t have a business card at the moment, and no money to print them.

  • I need business cards for my freelance career.
    .-= Tomas´s last blog ..20 Amazing Black and White Photos with Creative Commons Licenses =-.

  • I need business cards and would be so grateful to get them free – I have three organizations I need to print cards for – 1: for my graphic design and photography 2: for an artist community I started in my area 3: for my band
    if I win the free set I’d get the artist community cards so I could spread the word around downtown

  • I going to start my freelance & blogging career from December the new cards would help for sure.
    .-= Nikunj Tamboli´s last blog ..Why you should look beyond Search Engine? =-.

  • I desperately need business cards because I am flat broke, and a recent college graduate who is new to the graphic design field and I’m looking for my first job and some new contacts!

    Besides, die-cut sounds great and far too expensive for me to do on my own :)

  • i could use some above-the-norm business cards to get my ideas out there!

  • These would be great! I’ve just started a web consulting firm and I speak to potential clients all the time — die-cut business cards would be fantastically useful!

    I’d love to have the opportunity to make a creative design for them as well.
    .-= Stephen Saucier´s last blog ..The Musical Bridge. =-.

  • I would love to get some cards for building a social network here in Canada, where i just arrived =)
    So i can make some good connections with people up to my goal to build up my videogamemusic-career.

    thank you,

    .-= Chris Manthey´s last blog ..Walking through Woods =-.

  • Some die cut cards would rock, was just getting ready to order new cards

  • Die-cut cards are great. Really popular amongst designers and I d love to use them myself.

    Hope I get the chance to use them!

  • I’d die to have a die cut business card from Uprinting!!! Please, please, pleeeease…

  • Brett Danielsen

    I am a freelance photographer/designer looking to promote myself with some sweet new die cut business cards!

  • Mica Knibbs

    I am a new freelance designer. My first big job is actually a pro-bono for a local charity, and I have yet to make enough money to print my own cards. Would love some help and I will be a huge fan forever! Honestly… I mean it.

  • Jon Acedo

    I wouldn’t die to have them.. but almost

  • Mel

    Would love to win!! come oooon lady luuck!

  • I recently had a nightmare with some printers, who totally messed up my business cards. They look cheap and do not do my work justice.

    I have been saving to get a really good set a business cards printed and would love to win this to ensure I don’t have to pay out all over again for the cards I wanted originally

  • Awesome! I’m looking to kick start a career in freelance design and some fancy new business cards would be perfect for getting the name out there!

  • zaheed

    i want die-cut cards…. blah blah blah…. damn everyone here wants it for almost the same reason!

    I just want to WIN something for once in my life. LOL

  • ShampooWarrior

    I’m also in the process of starting a business, I need to save money where I can. Money is so scarce!!! This will really help if I get to win. My fingers are crossed. THANKS for the opportunity!!!

  • They would be awesome to promote the design blog I’m planning to start

  • Hi

    I need some new cards for 2 reasons:
    I just moved so my old cards are useless (phone+address changed)
    I’m redesigning my online presence and got this cool logo I’d love to see in print.

    please choo choose me

  • Griffin Lacek

    Some new business cards would help me out tremendously in my new startup. I need to be able to present myself and share my info physically to investors and partners. Some high quality cards would be an awesome way for me to do that. That and I love to design business cards ;)!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Griffin Lacek

    I’d love some high quality business cards for my new startup! Being able to share my information physically would be a great way to impress investors and partners. That and I love designing business cards. All I did when I learned Photoshop! Really hope I win as I don’t have it in the budget for such quality cards.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • carolyn

    Starting up a freelance business again after nine years of homeschooling. Really could use the free product as I have no cards yet. I would accept any help with this new startup that I could get.

  • It has been my past experience that having a business card that has been designed well and captures the essence of the designer is the best way to win free lunches.
    .-= Joseph Augustine´s last blog ..Glossy 3D Type In Photoshop =-.

  • nick

    I’d really love to get a new set of business cards. I have been starting the shift to freelancing, and need some new cards to promote myself. Any help would be great!

  • micah

    i just discussed this same issue with someone that will print business card for me last friday,but this is an opportunity for me to get one with high quality that will promote my freelancing job.It will really help my newly developed business.

  • Marshall

    I would love nothing more than to have a great set of cards to dazzle potentials with.

  • Richard Williams

    Awesome prize! New business needs new business cards. Die cuts make the possibilities even more exciting. Nice!

  • I decided to write a limerick for this great giveaway:

    Colorburned and UPrinting are giving away,
    500 business cards designed your way.
    BurningChef could put them to good use,
    While trying to seduce,
    New web design clients everyday.

  • We just started a new church that has a passion for design. Die-cut cards would be a great way for us to showcase how much we value brilliant design! Also, we would donate one of the sets to our designer who has given so much time and energy towards creating our brand.


  • Matthew Christy

    I would love these cards. I am in the process of starting up a freelance business for web design/development and getting these would really help out. Thanks

  • I am a single mother of one (due in february) and I just started a new business. I pretty much started it with 50 dollars and a dream. I am loving it but it is hard because with no other job but the business I do not have the money to get cards and when people ask me what I do for a living I have to explain and than write on strips of paper my web address etc… These would be a life saver and hopefully a major business promoter for myself.

    Not to mention I would greatly appreciate it :)

  • Tye

    Die cuts would definitely add that memorable touch! I would use these cards to promote my freelance work.

  • I was actually thinking of using Uprinting for some revamped cards lately as it was.

    This would be awesome for my horrible budget right now haha.

  • I just started a new job–I could use some new business cards! :)

  • I’m in need of business cards to elevate my freelance work. Diecut is one of my favorite treatments and would love to have this in my arsenal of the branding of my freelance work.

  • Nate S

    These cards would be great for my freelance business

  • I’d love to win these because I had to rush my first cards a year ago and have had many better ideas since, but no excuse to toss the old ones and justify the expense of printing new ones.

  • I’d like to receive the business cards as I move cross-country from CA to the Midwest and starting up my new business venture.

    This would leave a lasting impression and quite possibly open up new business for me.

    Thank you.

  • I could use some free business cards, because once I finish redesigning my website I need new cards that match the style of my site.

  • I need them to expose myself to new potential clients and leave a W0W factor thanks to my super quality bcards
    .-= hertzel´s last blog ..Nintendo decepciona en el E3 =-.

  • Duane

    I’m evolving, and I need new cards to promote that fact. :-)

  • Malcolm

    I’ve recently started to push my marketing skills to the limit. Bcards are probably one of the best/easiest ways to get your name out there. I’ve also heard good things about Uprinting, this would be a great way to try them out. Thanks!

  • Mike C

    I’m redesigning my cards and this would be perfect timing to get some printed out to dazzle the potential clients.

  • I need them to put in fishbowls and win free meals at local bars and restaurants. Seriously, how else is a designer supposed to eat?

  • Wow! What could be better than 500 die-cut business cards?? 500 FREE die-cut business cards (duh) ;) I just ran out, and would love to give UPrinting a go.

  • Am trying really hard to establish myself since going freelance and the cheapo cards I had done a couple of months ago are really letting me down !

  • I am starting a new design business, these cards would really help!

  • Chuck Robertson

    Trying to get a freelance design business off the ground and a set of cards would go a long way in helping out me and my budget!

  • Ruben

    Why do I need 500 free die cut cards? Who wouldn’t? This would definitely enhance anyone’s rep points with existing customers or soon-to-be customers. Good luck everyone! :)

  • I would love to have a new set of actual business cards. I love the options at Uprinting.

  • I’m working on starting a design side-business (in addition to my photography) because I think I’m just a smidge addicted to designing & miss that work from my old job!

    Die-Cut cards would be fantastic! I’ve always secretly wanted some. : )
    .-= Christa Holland´s last blog ..Model: HSU Campus =-.

  • i’m a fine artist and designer and i just haven’t gotten around to getting my business cards produced – would love to win! :)
    .-= emily eakes´s last blog ..older work portfolio =-.

  • I’ve used UPrinting. They put out some quality prints.

  • I just moved and need some new cards but wont be able to fit them into the budget until after the new year. This would help me a lot. I’ve already lost 2 jobs because I have my old number on the old card. Thanks!

  • I just launched my new site (like, TODAY!) and I definitely need business cards. I’d love to be able to get something other than the regular cheapo cards. I will also personally bow down to Uprinting and Colorburned for their generosity if I win :D

  • Like everyone else I’m a broke freelancer looking to gain additonal clients without breaking the bank.

  • I am a freelance designer and desperately need new cards. I am using the same ones I had printed in college.

  • Giggity! I am in serious need of new cards, the old ones are outdated and kinda hard to read! Could also maybe use this prize to help a client save a little cash on cards for their new business.. I pass on teh savings!

  • Only one reason for me to get the cards. I love free shit.

  • I have a design layed out for one of the die-cut business cards offered on UPrinting ready to be sent, then I get a tweet with this offer, great timing. I will re-tweet for sure.. Good Luck all!!

  • Caleb

    I am already working a full-time job in IT (my first one out of college) to support my wife and our 2 month old son. I decided a couple of months ago to begin doing web-site design on the side so that we can pay off the rest of the expense of having our child (and hopefully so that I can pay off my school loans in less than a decade). I’ve already got a complete business card design ready to go for my on-the-side consulting and was ready to get prints made … and then my wife’s car died. $700 later I have nothing left to print business cards. A set of 500 quality business cards would be a great help in getting the web-site design gig up and running. Hope whoever wins this enjoys it!

  • business card fetish.

  • Matt©

    Like a lot of the comments here I am quitting my job to start my own business after the new year

  • Anne H.

    I’ve just started out on my own for graphic design and digital art. Need business cards to get the word out.

  • Being a web designer, I find that attracting new clients can be a difficult task. This may be partly because of the location I live in, but I have yet to purchase business cards to hand to potential clients.

    I realize this could be crippling my chances at obtaining a new client and was actually looking into some of the giveaways that I read about on the internet.

    If I obtained these cards, I’d be very appreciative!

  • I know your mother, really, and she knows I need cards but don’t have it in my design budget.

  • I’m working hard to generate enough income on design side jobs so I can quit my 9 to 5, I’m almost there but always going to need more clients, so it will be great to win 500 bcards to keep promoting my services.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Need business cards to promote my business. Thank you! I hope I win.

  • Not me per say but the Hubby, he is a tiler and his sad excuse for a business card gets me so mad I could spit when I see it lol.

  • dragyn

    These cards would be a great way
    For me to advertise my skills.
    Fingers crossed:~)

  • Lana Owens

    I need new business cards for my new business! I just created my business within the past year, and I’ve been running into people daily that need a business card – hook me up!

  • In all honesty I’m running low and need some new awesome cards to pass out!
    .-= Mathew Ballard´s last blog ..You Need to Get Glued to =-.

  • two words = student loans

  • Just ran out of my last 10 cards, and a set of Die Cut cards would fit the bill.
    Plus 500 would last me a good while as well, so here we go…..

  • I just started up a freelance design firm! We are poor students/recent grads. We could really use these cards to get us moving!!

  • Eberth

    I am starting my own company and I already have the design for the cards so Uprinting is the next step, and if it is free, waaay better!

  • Just started my freelance designing and was really thinking about printing my bussiness card. So this will be helpful if i am selected for this offer

  • Carrie Young

    I have been doing freelance web design and am unemployed and I don’t have the money to invest in professional looking business cards. This is very embarrassing, but I don’t even have $5 to my name. I had to move back in with my parents.

    I could REALLY use these business cards to help me get more clients and in turn, get back on my feet again. I am flat on my face and need the help. It would be so much appreciated!

  • I always need extra cards for networking! :)

  • I need these business cards please !!!
    I’m developing my Web site and I’d like to put my URL on the cards.

  • a snazzy set of die cut business cards would stand out while networking and starting out my freelance career. Once I ended up with die cut cards I probably would never settle for normal ones again, plus free works really well with my budget being a recent grad..

  • I surely could use some die-cut business cards because I’m running out! I’m running out of my plain ole cards and surely could use some sweet, unique cards.

    email: islyblog {at}

  • Would love these for my getting off the ground baking business!
    .-= Rina´s last blog ..GIVEAWAY! 16×20 Canvas Print From UPrinting =-.

  • G7

    Started my own web and graphic design company after quiting an architectural drafting teaching position at a technical college. Management was completely unprofessional and had me work 16 hour days with only 10 hours pay. Pretty much broke not being able to find a job but also trying to make the best out of this economy being that I’m going against giants. Mom is sick and we are selling the house since its becoming difficult to make payments. Much pro-bono work is being done to build the portfolio page which is still not up. Currently trying to make the best out of free advertising online where ever possible. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I’ve always wanted my very own namecards, even designed a few in order to promote my blog and kickstart my freelance career. I hope I could get this in order to implement designs to it! :)

  • I really need the cards to get my business started!
    .-= Sebastian´s last blog ..Logo Design =-.

  • I need new cards to go with the new design of my web site at I have a design done and everything, I just haven’t had the time to get it to the print shop.

    If Uprinting is everything you say it is, I might be using them in future projects, but I need a sample of their work first!

    (That last line equates to “pick me, pick me!”)

  • I could use some new business cards for my Etsy shop. The ones I have are old, and some of the information on them is outdated.

  • Christine

    Why, I could really use a new set of business cards…

    1. Finding me a new job I’ve been laid off for three months, so all I got is freelance, and there isn’t much at the moment. I was denied unemployment, and I didn’t do anything wrong. So I’m in the midst of appealing it.

    2. Networking.. So I can hopefully find a job again..

    3. I need to update my phone number on my business cards, I finally got a google voice number, so I can give that out instead of personal my cell phone number.

    4. My logo, and assorted additional info are all out of date.

    5. I have less than 20 business cards left.

    6. While I was employed I had the funds and started up a new business. Now, I can’t afford new business cards, this would be a huge help for me.

    7. Pretty please?


  • Winnie

    too broke and would definitely appreciate winning some free cards.

  • I could really use some new business cards. My old ones are out of date and no where near as cool as die cut business cards could be.

  • This is an awesome give away and something I could use considering I haven’t made business cards since I created my site almost 6 months ago. Definitely could be fun to experiment with some die-cut ideas :)

  • I could use some to help promote my coding/programming skills! ;-)

  • Sara de Souza

    Multimedia Student. Graduating. No money. Desperate for die-cut business cards that I am actually on the brink. Of. Cutting. Them. Up. Myself.

    Make me stop.


  • So pretty much I am about 0/80 when entering business card giveaways. Lets change that! My design business is suffering :)
    .-= Josh Hemsley´s last blog ..Ready, Set, Design… Stop Trying to Race the Clock =-.

  • I totally need some rockin’ business cards. Die cut would be awesome! I have no cards at the moment & since I’m supporting my family on a single income I’ve got no extra bank to buy them. Please, por favor, S’il vous plaît gift me with free cards!

  • CJ Williams

    I need to get my career going in design. Right now I can’t afford to get anything decent printed up. This would kick ass

  • Why??? I dont have any at the moment and a die cut set would be amazing to hand out to potential clients!

  • i could totally use some cards!
    hook a brotha up!

  • Would love a set of cards cause my 5 yr old decided that my current supply would be more useful as drawing paper, mini airplanes, and playing cards! =)
    .-= Kriselle Laran´s last blog ..Win a free copy of The Smashing Book =-.

  • Wow, I’d love to have some die cut business cards. I’m getting ready to branch out on some side gigs in creative PR and some social media work and it would be great to have some sharp-looking business cards to represent me in a positive light. :) And working in higher education, I’m on what you’d call a limited budget ($0 counts as a limit, right?)

  • jjw

    you can’t swing a dead tech launch without free biz cards being thrown at you. (damn affiliate nonsense…)but die-cut…now that might keep me in biz a week longer…

  • Jessica

    The dog at my homework, erm.. business cards. So, I need new cards. I promise not to let them near the dog this time (although I’m sure yours would be tasty!)

  • pam

    I need business cards to market my business. My website at need to take off. It is a new site and I could use the help during this time of year. I like you site it is motivational. thank you for choosing me.

  • EnriqueG

    The competition is tough and noone knows that better than a graphic designer, and if we put “freelancer” into the equation the toughness becomes HUGE! A set would certainly not make everyone want to hire me, but at least will make them think about it. And for a starting designer, that is like giving giant baby steps!

    Support new talent.

  • danielle Murrieta

    just starting my boutique design bus. need cards!

  • Amy Carrigan

    I am just getting started freelancing part time on top of a full time job. I have not had the extra cash to order business cards, nor the time to research a reputable company.

  • I’d love to win some die cut cards to further my freelance career! I’m a recent college grad & man it’s tough finding work out there! These cards would definitely help out! Pick me!!


  • Alice

    I need cool shaped business card because in December I’ll have my first exihibition :)

  • Travis

    I work in Information Technology, no one thinks we are cool. Everyone thinks we are geeks. If I had some wicked cool die-cut cards to fling at people’s heads, that would make them look. Or cut into their eyes…..maybe I should think this through….. either way good cards would be good-er than not good cards. Yeah. Yes. Thats it.

  • Mare

    I’d love to offer these stylized business cards to a non-profit choir to help jump start their marketing.

  • Being a freelance graphic designer and working with printing brokers, I want to show them that good print resources can be achieved through the internet.

  • So many comments my inbox is crying in deep pain XD
    .-= hertzel´s last blog ..Nintendo decepciona en el E3 =-.

  • Tim durkin

    This contest is relevant to my interests (my interests include an inordinate amount of free stuff).

  • I recently rebranded from to I have to throw out all my penflare stationery and start over now with new stationery. I made the change because I am starting freelance full time now and wanted a new brand identity to go along with my new venture. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Melissa

    I’m a freelance graphic designer, and I’m still using some business cards that I designed during a college class. It would be great to have some new ones, especially some snazzy die-cuts. :)

  • Would love to create a unique die cut design for my new company Red Bilby. It would be an opportunity to produce something that would be the subject of a tutorial and then credit UPrint as the supplier of the cards. It’s a win win! Thanks for the opportunity.
    .-= Mike Chanter´s last blog ..Red Bilby Design Blog =-.

  • Rich Hemsley

    i need some business cards because i’m a broke student who’s trying to drum up some freelance business.

  • I would love to win these to help with promotion of my new freelance studio and photography studio! Three sets would be perfect…two brands with an extra set to spare! :)

  • Well, I live in Western Michigan where the unemployment is one of the highest in the nation. I run a small design business, which lately is just me (girlfriend & partner is teaching design at the area tech center, if program doesn’t get cut at the end of the year). Trying to get any business or anyone else to spend money on websites or any graphics is almost impossible that I had to take a part-time job at the local paper designing web banners and taking care of their site. I could use new cards (and redesigning our site) to show that we are still here, fresh and ready to work on their media packages to help them grow as we want to do. I might add that we have lovely 5 and 1/2 year-old daughter named Cyan:)

  • I’ve been dying for some business cards! I need something attractive and unforgettable to hand to people when I tell them about my design work!!!
    .-= Jeremy Brown´s last blog ..Est. 1981 =-.

  • Kevin

    These would be great for my freelance development and design work.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Hi Dolls! Our company, Groom Sold Separately is finally getting ready to launch! And in order for my partner and I to make a FABULOUS impression at vendor mixers, we’d love to have die cut business cards in the shape of our logo- which is a price tag. Please please please pick us for this free give away and help us start off our business with a BOOM! Also, please check us out on the web! Thanks!

  • Iñigo Sandejas

    i’m a Filipino industrial designer currently setting up my career. to have a stunning business card always does its impact. it would be of great help to jumpstart my profession espescially when i know i’ve got something good to offer…

  • Because I’m launching a new business, and I desperately need a good marketing method. Hello, free business cards. Just what the doctor ordered.

  • Jimmy Fuentes

    I’ve been dying to get some cards done for my design firm (that ive been planning to start on my own for sometime now, i guess it can be consider freelancing, i just like the lable “design firm”) ive had some major set back currently in my life but this would deff put me back on track and motivate me a whole lot. :D

  • I could use these card to get the word out about RTGfxs

  • I need new cards because mine are very outdated and don’t even have the right identity on them. The only thing that is accurate is the contact information.

    I made a new design, but the design didn’t fit my budget, with me not getting a steady flow of freelance work, I’ve had to move back home with mom and new cards seem to have taken a back seat. ..Especially all that has gone down in my life recently with my relationships.

    Thanks for the free contest, you guys are outstanding.
    .-= Alison Foxall´s last blog completed with team Social Forces! =-.

  • Because I just cant afford them on my own… Well that and I am a 9-5 Designer/Developer and 24/7 creative individual… I leave the office and generally end up at home doing the same thing and I love it.

    I am doing a full re-branding/redesign of my personal portfolio and these (die-cut) cards would work perfectly for what I have in mind… :)

  • Andre Fields

    Getting a set of 500 Business cards would do wonders for me right now. I’m trying to get my company up and running and these business cards would help me achieve my goal. I enjoy and use all of the techniques and downloads that come from this site. They help me piece together and enhance my graphical skills.

  • Amy

    Business is slow – I need cards!

  • I would love to win die-cut business cards because they are so unique. They would be great for my business.

  • I would love those buisness cards. January 1st I am launching an Indie record label with a small budget…hence the need for free buisness cards.

  • Aside from liking free stuff (who doesn’t?), I find that most business cards wind up in the variable tensioning device (rubber band) or the circular file. with die cuts you at least have a fighting chance to make them stick around and maybe even get shown around.

  • Count me in!

  • Hi. I desperately need 500 business cards as I am trying to win a free lunch at restaurants all over town.

  • Never needed business cards.. thought i would give it a try… So I can turn down more people for business

  • Great! I hit the button before giving my reason! I haven’t made any personal business cards ever so this would be a great help to hand out to people. Especially some die-cast ones! Those are slick!

  • José Manuel Tomicic

    I need to get start my design company “PORNDESIGNCO”, with realy cool, good printed and well designed business cards.

    Good luck everyone, bye

  • Have a few clients in mind for these great cards…they will be my walking billboard!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jeremey

    I need some new business cards and die cut would just add awesomeness.

  • L.Fer

    I would love to use some die cut business cards for a cultural project I’m working in.

  • maryisbusy

    born and raised in vegas so would be cool to have some biz cards die cut like playing cards

  • I launched my website recently and I’ve have been waiting to buy cards until I have the money. I really can’t afford them… when my boss asked me when I was getting them the other day, he said it was the first time he had heard me whine!

    I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and attend a lot of networking events and its embarrassing to have to cross out old info on my outdated cards.

  • I’m looking to update my current cards. It would be great to have these cards. thank you!

  • I just moved to Los Angeles to find a job. Some brand spanking new cards and a new brand would do wonders! Thanks for the contest!