3 Ways to Satisfy Your Thirst for More Followers on Twitter

by Grant Friedman

on April 22, 2010

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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers on Twitter? In my time on Twitter I have seen a lot of elaborate schemes that claim to produce a lot of followers. While some of these techniques have merit, most are scams. This is because there are no shortcuts. Building a large following is not easy and requires a considerable amount of time, hard work, patience, and sometimes, money to show any real results.

In this article, I will explain 3 ways in which one can attract a lot of followers. While I am sure that there are exceptions, for the most part, the Twitter Elite fall into 1 of 3 categories; only 2 of which are attainable by most. It is my hope that you guys will use this article not as a roadmap to gain more followers but instead use it to develop realistic goals and benchmarks for your account. That way you can stay focused on your message and your audience, not your popularity.

Celebrities, Major Brands, and (Some) Politicians

If you joined Twitter because you want to be the most-popular user, chances are you’re going to be disappointed. For the most part, the most popular users on Twitter are celebrities, major brands, and occasionally politicians. There are several reasons for this but this is mostly a result of their already high name recognition and popularity. Celebrities, major brands, and politicians have the advantage of huge advertising budgets and mainstream media outlets to help push traffic to their profile page. This is an advantage that the average Twitter user will never have.


Journalists and Bloggers

On Twitter, people tend to follow users that have something interesting and unique to say. Journalists and bloggers are really good at finding and distributing information. So naturally, these types of people attract huge amounts of followers. If you’re looking for a way to attract a lot of followers, starting a blog is probably your best bet. A blog will give you credibility and a home base to build a following. Once you start writing articles and posting them to Twitter, you will find yourself being retweeted more and more often. Eventually, you will find that your follower count will begin to increase. While this process takes a lot of time to reach critical mass, it is probably the most effective way to build a large following.



The third type of person with a lot of followers is the Retweeter. Good Retweeters are hard to find, mostly because because it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time to find interesting articles and retweet them all day. If you want to become a great retweeter, find a topic of interest, then find some great people to follow; after that, just start retweeting. Don’t fool yourself however, retweeting is exhausting and you may find this role to be tedious at first; but eventually people will start to notice and your following will start to grow. The toughest hurdle you will have to overcome will be distinguishing yourself from a bot. You can do this by being friendly, helpful, and most of all by engaging with other users. Don’t just retweet people, reply to them as well, try posting your own thoughts every now and then to put your retweets into context. This will show your followers that you actually read what you post.


Another way to increase twitter followers is to include a QR code or
address to your twitter page on all your postcard printing
and brand marketing material. The more consistently you show your link the
more familiar it will become.

In Conclusion

The longer you use Twitter, the more you will realize that it’s not a horse race. Twitter is more than just about how many followers you have. Twitter is about distributing information, engaging others, and most of all, having fun. Most Twitter veterans can spot a person who is just looking for followers a mile away so try not to look desperate in your attempts to build a following. Your first step should be to relax. Then focus on being a responsible member of the community. Once that is done the rest should all fall into place.

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