30 Readers to Win a Free Vector Pack From Stock Graphic Designs – Colorburned
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30 Readers to Win a Free Vector Pack From Stock Graphic Designs

Guess what? It’s time for another exciting vector giveaway, this time sponsored by our friends at Stock Graphic Designs. Back in April, Stock Graphic Designs was kind enough to donate dozens of vectors to the readers of this site but today they are upping the ante by giving away a free vector pack to 30 lucky readers of this site.


If you’re just now hearing about Stock Graphic Designs, head over to their website and check out all of the awesome vector graphics and freebies that they have available.

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us which individual vector pack that you would like to win.


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us which individual vector pack that you would like to win.
  • Tweet This message to your followers! (Optional)
  • Only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, October 30, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck everyone!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Shanna

    definitely the hand drawn pack.. love it!

  • Adriano Silva

    Wing Curves

  • Miguel

    Would be awesome to get the hand drawn floral pack!

  • jerwin

    nice giveaway.
    seamless pattern for me :)

  • sriganesh

    thanks for the giveaway,
    Hand drawn floral set2, and retweeted.:)
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  • Ryan Sakamoto

    Destroy Edges is da winna!

  • Guisella

    Hey thanks!!!

    I would like Vol. 10: Hand Drawn Decorative Elements

  • didit

    i like to have the apparel template

  • guijaboard

    Vol. 5 : Destroy Elements

  • Inspired Marketing

    Would love the hand drawn Floral Decorative Elements.

  • Phil D.

    wow great giveaway!
    I would like the Hand Drawn Floral Set #3
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  • Christian Tandjung

    I want had drawn pack =D

  • Nikola
  • Mohammed Baroda


    I would like Hand Drawn Decorative Elements

  • Aditi

    They are all awesome .
    My fav : Hand drawn floral Set 3.

    Thanks for the giveaway and retweeted :)

  • Santos Samayoa

    Troy Splatter

  • Amanda Mikkelsen

    Hand Drawn :)

  • Mike C

    Vol. 4: Destroy Splatter

  • Virgil

    I’d be interested in the hand drawn package

  • rad

    Hand drawn floral

  • Mustafa Quilon

    Flowing curves if I have to select one!

  • mrashdi

    i would love to have the apparel templates.

  • Stephen Saucier

    Vector tree master pack!
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  • Jasmin Halkic

    I would like to win Building series vector package.

  • Angela

    hand Drawn Floral, there gorgeous thanks for the new comp :)

  • Steve Robillard

    Hand Drawn Skeleton

  • DAI Media

    Building Series.

    I love this!
    [rq=992748,0,blog][/rq]Valencia – Agora

  • topo

    flowing curves please.. :D

  • sunpietro

    Halftone master pack

  • Phil Harrison

    Would love the hand drawn decorative pack. Lovely.

  • Ray

    I like the sketchy heraldry.

    Thank you so much!!

  • silviacalavera

    floral text frame

  • Silver


  • webbografico

    Vol. 1 : Design Elements

    here’s my tweet:

  • http://vukidrock,com anh vu huynh

    i wish I have Hand Draw Floral Pack

  • A.Linnapuomi

    Hand Drawn Floral, set one – Vol: 3

  • gigi

    i like Floral Text Frame – Set : 4

  • Luiz Fernando Maehana

    Destroy Splatter

  • Manuel

    Definitly the Splatters, I love them :)
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  • mcxme

    the destroy serie (set 1)
    great offer ;)

  • Dang Duc Loc

    I’d like to win a Hand drawn floral set 3 vol 1 pack

  • steve van durme

    Skelleton, floral and destroy please (:

  • Bigeyes

    Seamless Pattern-Classic

    I love the skeletons and the floral, but more useful the pattern

    great packs!

  • shannon vogus

    love the hand drawn pack.

  • Robin Cannon

    I’ll go with my gut here, and choose the one that I really like rather than the ones I’d probably use more often!

    Sketchy Heraldry
    [rq=995114,0,blog][/rq]Design To Develop, Develop To Design

  • Lindsay

    The destroy series would be great in designing any medium!

  • Anne

    Thank you for this great opportunity to win some awesome packs. I would love the Hand-Drawn Decorative Elements Vol.1.

  • Nate S

    Hand drawn floral

  • michelle

    any of the florals, i love all ornamental, florals, and swirl designs!

  • Joel Thomas

    I would like to win the banners.

  • jeremy

    The ‘Building Series’ would do great! I could use it to help add a bit more spice to my environment drawings!

  • Ignacio

    Seamless Pattern – Classic Vol 11 !!!!!!!!

  • davidg

    hand drawn looks awesome!
    [rq=996385,0,blog][/rq]Wallpaper: Retrospektrum

  • Maryam Mahmoud

    That is an AWESOME site!!! I would love to get my hands on the sketch plants!!!

  • Nenad

    i would like to get Halftone Circle Pack.

  • Ileen Cuccaro

    floral assortment

  • JP

    Definitely the building series!

  • adone

    Great giveaway. My favorite: Hand Drawn Floral – Set : 3

  • jared thompson

    destroy series

  • Luis Lopez

    Ill go for the hand drawn pack, it looks awesome
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  • Christa Holland

    So many to pick from! It’s awesome. : )

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Would love to win “Hand Drawn Floral Text Frame” Vol. 1
    [rq=996967,0,blog][/rq]Kat: Winter’s Senior Rep

  • SteveTheGreat

    Apparel Templates Pack

  • Eric

    Halftone Circle, s’il vous plaît.
    Merci beaucoup!

  • micah

    the building series set 3 drives me crazy, i need it.

  • Devon

    The Handdrawn Floral Series is pretty sweet… I like the Floral Text Frame set. This would spark alot of inpiration for my designs… I’m just starting out and can use the help.

  • Dino

    Hand drawn decorative!

    Thank you!

  • David Santos

    They all look really good but I would want the tree pack for some landscape designs :D.

  • Mindezigns

    I love them all! But the hand drawn floral pack would be my 1st choice.
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  • kyle

    I’d like to see what I can do with the buildings pack.

  • Aerendyl

    It would be nice to have hand drawn floral pack. Thanks in advance! :)

  • dan

    Trees, sure want trees

  • Kelly

    Hand Drawn Floral!

  • Lee Christopher

    Those skeletons rock! I could use those.

  • Angie Bowen

    I’d love to have the Hand Drawn Skeleton pack!

  • Cameron

    The hand drawn floral pack is awesome. I could this alot.

  • chunkydesign

    There are a lot of good ones, but I would choose Destroy Splatter.

  • Dan

    972 Building Series

  • Freizeitler


  • Ricardo G.

    Seamless Pattern-Classic

    Thank you!

  • Brandon

    Hmmm… just one? Ok, how about Hand Drawn Decorative :)

  • Dustin Helms

    Great giveaways….hand drawn all the way!

  • milos

    I’d like Hand Drawn Floral pack. It’s nice one! Greetings!

  • Mike young

    I really need the hand drawn sword pack volume one. its amazing.

  • Sat Chen

    Cool giveaway. i want the Sketchy heraldy vol.1 Thanks for the chace.

  • [email protected] Always Charming

    Pick me…pick me…pick me…pick me…pick me!

    I’d love to have the floral or the floral text frame…unless you want to give them all to me! ;)

    Thanks for the chance.
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  • twe4ked

    I would love to have a play with the Handrawn Floral set! Thanks for holding this comp and supporting the design community.
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  • Amanda

    Looks like Hand Drawn Floral pack is the trending topic! (and my pick)


  • David

    Oh the destroy edges would do it for me

  • Karen Billings

    Would love Destroy Elements… or Trees… or Patterns… any of them, really! Thanks for the chance.

  • F.T.M.

    I would love the Hand Drawn Floral, thank you!

  • Dana Birdie

    My friends call me Birdie, so it would be only natural for me to want the Tree pack to create a nest in. Thanks for the give away! You all are super!

  • Kristyn

    I like the floral text frame set. Thanks!!

  • Jeffster83

    Buildings are great! I’ve lived or worked in one or another of them all my life.

  • Lori Crouch

    The Hand Drawn Florals are gorgeous, and I’d love to win that set. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    Flowing curves, most definitely. Looks drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Hector Escardo

    Destroy Series

  • Ed Dempsey

    I would love to have the Hand Drawn – Floral pack. Maybe I will have more luck this time?

  • sobi

    Great stock site! thanks grant for this contest. My choice, Floral Text Frame – Vol : 1

  • Zhana

    Flowing curves for me thanks. :)

  • Jay Werra

    Building Series

  • Wolf

    I would pick the Halftone Serie. Awesome!

    thanks for the contest

  • V J Spindler III

    I do design graphics for a local community theater’s posters. The Building Series graphics would be really helpful.

  • Marnix

    I love the Hand drawn Floral pack! Hope for some luck!

  • sandra

    Thanks for your initiative!
    I’m interesting in the building vector shapes.

  • BebopDesigner

    Brilliant! Count me in for Flowing Curves. Cheers!
    Oh, and here’s my tweet;
    [rq=1007517,0,blog][/rq]Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate change: what can a freelancer do to help?

  • Toze Baiao

    I would love to get the Tree Vectors, as I’m into golf course graphics.

  • Ruben

    I would choose the hand drawn wings pack 5…good luck to everyone :D

  • Tomas

    Building Series
    [rq=1009427,0,blog][/rq]20 Excellent Free High Quality Wood Texture Sets

  • Winnie

    gotta love the wings!

  • Cristine Fontanari

    Design Elements….

  • Peach

    Building Series would be my choice. Good luck everyone ^^

  • Dian

    Awesome! :D
    i want the Set 3: Hand Drawn Floral – Vol : 1

  • Glenn Van Bogaert

    I would love the Destroy Series. They are so cool these days.

    And thanks for the giveaway.

  • Steve Saragian

    Vol. 1 :
    Sketchy Frames

  • Teigan

    Defiantly the Hand drawn floral one they are Beautiful~!~~!~!~! thanx color burned for all your freebies!!!!

  • Maryann Purcell

    I would love the destroy edges! Or anything from that collection!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  • memaddog

    Love it. Me want.

  • Cameron

    Destroy Splatter please. :)

  • Aannukka

    I like the handdrawn floral set best. Nice contest!

  • Collin

    Hand drawn decorative – lovely

  • Ann

    the following ones I would use:
    destroy edges
    destroy elements
    building series

  • Brian

    That building pack looks sweet!

  • Virginia Moura

    “Hand Drawn Floral” would be great!!


  • Tyler Merry

    Destroy Splatter and halftones looks awesome

  • Mandi

    I would love anything from your collections, but love the seamless patterns range – so beautiful and unique!
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Geng Gao

    I’d like to win the Hand Drawn Floral Set 3

  • Sotiris

    Hi, I’d like:
    “Vol. 2 : Hand Drawn Decorative Elements” from “Hand Drawn Decorative Master Pack”


  • Michael Johnson

    Hand drawn decorative, please. :)P

  • Iniwoo

    Huge giweaway ;)

    I found this interesting:
    Vol. 1: Tree pack

  • Go Inspire

    Very generous! Thank you for the opportunity! Both hand drawn sets are fantastic. I would love to win either one!

  • Xrhstaras

    hm,i d like one of these,please!

  • Brian

    Thx for the freebie! I don’t know if I won or you just gave it to me, but thx so much! I can’t wait to use the building brushes.