32 Amazing Minimalist Website Layouts

Minimalism is a commonly adjusted technique for web and mobile design. When you strip a layout of everything except key elements you begin to understand minimalist design patterns. Visitors will often find what they need a lot quicker. Plus your website files are much smaller than average.

Web designers and freelancers look towards minimalism to elegantly showcase their portfolio works. I’ve put together a small gallery of minimalist layouts which you can check out below. Additionally if you have your own thoughts on minimalist web design please share with us in the post discussion area.

Berit Somme

Bärnt & Ärnst

Made By Shape

Image Mechanics


Built by Buffalo

Claire Coullon

Louise O’Reilly Visual Arts

Makr Carry Goods

Mario Hugo


Marlon Medau



Black Box Press


Tinkering Monkey



Corporate Risk Watch

Lisi Design

Logartis 2011

Hanzell Vineyards


Klipp og Lim

Soup Agency



Bags of Joy


Alexander Munk

Character Branding

Jake Rocheleau

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  • Amy

    Great collection! The Logartis and Louise O’reilly websites are my favourites.

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  • Really impressive and beautiful designs, thank you.

  • Nice list! Soup Agency design is a very good example of minimalism .

  • Amazing collection, thank you!

  • Very nice post, thanks for sharing these beautiful layouts.

  • The minimalist look will never go out of style! Great examples of clean and beautiful sites.

  • Nice collection, thanks for sharing!

  • minimal art movement really help in designing an effective design

  • Great sites. Less can be more, just don’t strip too much away.