4 Tips to Help Promote Your Website Using Facebook Fan Pages

by Grant Friedman

on February 24, 2010

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When it comes to promoting a website through social media, a lot of people clump Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages into the same category. Most people see them as similar tools to help promote their brand; and while there are some similarities, they can be used in different ways. In this article I would like to point out 4 tips to help you promote your website using Facebook Fan Pages.

Use Facebook for Interaction and Conversation

Facebook’s threaded comments make it a much better tool than Twitter for interacting with your fans. Having all your replies in one place makes conversations much more natural. Try posting general comments or questions on your page; you are likely to see an increased response from your fans.


Don’t Import Notes to Facebook Pages Using RSS

There are a lot of websites that import their site’s RSS feed as a note onto their fan page. This is so Facebook will automatically post new articles as soon as they are published. DO NOT do this! When you import an RSS feed as a note to your Facebook page, it keeps your fans on Facebook rather than sending them to your website. This actually reduces traffic to your site, rather than increase it. The solution is to post links manually into your feed. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to do this that I know of.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Facebook Fans With Content

Your Facebook Fans are likely to follow fewer people on Facebook than they do on Twitter. This means that your fans can easily be overwhelmed with content from your feed. Try to limit your Facebook Fan Page to 3-5 updates per day.

Sync Your Facebook Status to Your Twitter Account

Facebook will allow you to sync your fan page with your Twitter account; and even though the connection only goes one way, it is a great way to save time if you post identical content on both sites. To link your Facebook Fan Page to your Twitter account click here.



There are many ways to use Facebook to promote your page. Feel free to share any ideas, techniques, or strategies in the comments below.

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