5 Free High Resolution Stone Textures

Textures are one of our favorite design resources. While vector patterns, graphics, and brushes are incredibly useful tools, all too often they can make your designs look flat and 2 dimensional. Textures are great because they allow you to easily add dimension and color to your designs without a lot of hassle. Today, we’re happy to release the first set of high resolution textures that we have released in months; courtesy of our friends at High Resolution Textures. Feel free to download this set of 5 high resolution stone textures and use them in your designs for free.

stone texture 1
stone texture 2

stone texture 3

stone texture 4

stone texture 5

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Download these textures

5 Free High Resolution Stone Textures | 24 MB

Alex Hommel

Alex Hommel is a freelance web designer and photographer from Maastricht, Netherlands. Alex runs <a href="">High Resolution Textures</a> a blog that offers free high resolution textures, tutorials, and inspirational articles that show how textures can be applied to designs in various ways.