81 Amazing Argyle Illustrator Brushes

When I released my set of 50 Astonishing Illustrator Swatches last week I was really happy with how they turned out and really excited about the response that I received but as I was doing some shopping last weekend, I realized that there was something missing in that set.

As I was browsing the shop I was in I noticed that many of the argyle sweaters in the shop weren’t completely covered in argyle. In fact, some had just one argyle stripe across the chest. This got me thinking; why not design a set of argyle brushes? That would certainly allow you guys to easily create argyle strips.

To make a long story short, I created this set loosely from the swatch palette that I created last week. I used the basic patterns and the color schemes to set up the brushes but I had to make a considerable amount of modifications in order to get the vectors to repeat horizontally. I hope you guys enjoy this set of brushes. You can use them in any number of ways including fashion design, textiles, package design and of course, graphic and web design.

To use these brushes in Illustrator you will first need to download the zip file, save it to your hard drive and unzip it.  Once unzipped, open up your brush palette in Illustrator and in the fly out menu select Open Brush Library > Other Library > and locate the Illustrator file on your hard drive.  To use these brushes you must be using Illustrator CS and above.  Once you have the brush file open, you can start applying these brushes to your lines and shapes.

Download the brush file
81 Argyle Illustrator Brushes | 363 KB

Grant Friedman

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