ArtBox7 Giveaway Winners Announced!

Well, it’s been a week since we announced the ArtBox7 Giveaway and you know what that means; it’s time to announce the winners! Before we do that however we would first like to thank ArtBox7 for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, please consider purchasing one of ArtBox7’s amazing vector sets. Now for the winners!

  1. Rachel Ramsay
    Grunge Splatters
  2. Mathew Ballard
    Splashes/Splatters Vector Pack 1
  3. Bluejackal
    Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11
  4. Dark Stitch
    Floral Ornaments Pack
  5. Nello
    Spray Paint Vector Pack 2
  6. Formlotse
    Cityscape/Skyscrapper Pack
  7. Buzzregog
    Seamless Vectors
  8. Rhonda Brown
    Halftone pack
  9. Maria João
    People Silhouettes Pack
  10. Melanie
    Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Set
  11. Christa Holland
    Swirls Vector Pack 9
  12. Dietrich
    Musical Instruments Pack
  13. Brandon
    Seamless Patterns Vectors
  14. Christina
    Swirls Vector Pack 9
  15. Ali
    Abstract Trees Pack 2
  16. Simon
    Colorful Curves
  17. Ed
    Brush Stroke Pack
  18. Sporlogoday
    Vector Banners
  19. WhisperT
    Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11
  20. Maxigaes’e
    Decorative Elements: Hand Drawn Vector Pack 8
  21. Ricardo Chiappe
    Swirls Vector Pack 6
  22. Steve G
  23. Nenad
    Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11
  24. Steve Manatt
    Swirls, Curls Vector Pack 8
  25. Nic Brownlee
    Colorful Curves
Grant Friedman

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  • Buzzregog

    Awesome, thanks very much. Looking forward to using them!
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    June 16, 2009 at 9:52 AM
  • Christa Holland

    Awesome! Thanks!

    Can’t wait to use them!
    [rq=18774,0,blog][/rq]Kristin v.1

    June 16, 2009 at 10:58 AM
  • Rhonda Brown

    Wow! Thanks for the Halftone Pack. I can’t wait to use them.

    June 16, 2009 at 11:14 AM
  • Christina

    Yeah! That is so cool! Thanks!

    June 16, 2009 at 3:13 PM
  • sporlogoday

    Thank you very much. I have them on my computer. It was really fast:]
    [rq=22538,0,blog][/rq]Udinese Calcio

    June 16, 2009 at 6:44 PM
  • Simon

    wow! thanks Grant and ArtBox7 for the Colorful Curves Pack. looking forward to using them!

    June 16, 2009 at 9:11 PM
  • bluejackal

    Yehey! Thanks for the Ornaments Hand Drawn Vector Pack 11. Cant wait to use it. More power!
    [rq=26426,0,blog][/rq]‘Writer ka lang pala’

    June 17, 2009 at 4:38 AM
  • WhisperT

    Awesome! Thank you! What a treat to find in my inbox after vacation.

    Keep up the good work Grant. ColorBurned has become one of my major stops mid-day to see whats out there. You guys have led me to many good resources and ArtBox7 is definitely on my list of “go-to” when I’m in need.

    June 19, 2009 at 6:23 PM