Branding your Digital Products with Print Work

Most designers are familiar with the process of branding. You need to create something which is easily recognizable to attach onto your company name. This could be a logo, slogan, cartoon character, icon, or any other graphic symbolism. Branding requires time and patience, but it does pay off in the long run.

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I want to share just a couple of resources which may push designers into the world of print. You can get a lot more attention by offering products or even doing giveaways every few months. It is fun for your readers and all dedicated fans would be sure to check it out.

New Business Cards

The formal way of promoting business to others is by sharing your business cards together. This will often lead to connections with salesmen, possibly CEOs, but it can often lead to only a single connection. A newer exciting method of sharing personal company cards is to create a set of print products for your entire company.

I often think of Uprinting for their quick service and large customer base. You can order any number of set cards, in bulk quantity, and still get your products at a relatively quick speed. And the customized templates are extraordinary! Letterheads, flyers, envelopes, you name it and they can print it.

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Try out a similar branding scheme for your own company. It does not require much work or time. But you will need to determine a solution for getting printed products out into the public. Handing pieces of paper out to strangers on the sidewalk is a surefire way to find most of them in a nearby trash can. Study your audience and find out where they like to go. And when you get down to brass tax, it’s all a numbers game.

Publish a Site Contest

This idea doesn’t come around as much anymore, but publishing a contest on your website will definitely catch some attention. When you have dedicated fans willing to study your content and share around articles it would be an enthralling process to win some cool merchandise.

The website for Quality Logo Products is easy enough to traverse. Their products are fantastic with a very wide range of services. Skipping beyond the normal ideas you can branch into areas for accessories and neat little toys. Think water bottles, mouse pads, and other common things people would need around the house.

Custom T-Shirts

Obviously the idea of selling your branding on items of clothing should come as no surprise. But what about combining ideas together and raffling off a series of t-shirts with your company branding? If you have enough dedicated fans/customers, I would imagine this could attract serious attention. And you can even require e-mail signup to capture possible clients for an e-mail newsletter listing.

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In recommendation I would have to suggest BlueCotton for online retailing. If you know somebody local who can do good work it might save you in money for shipping. But I would say that BlueCotton offers superior products and the prices are extremely reasonable for remote processing. They can make long sleeves, short sleeves, hoodies, beanies, and tons of other stuff. You can get a better idea by just browsing their products to see what I am talking about.


To keep your business forging ahead you should not be afraid of trying new things. This is the process used to scale any major business, whether a new startup or an older company celebrating their 10th anniversary. There is always time for branching into the world of print design and marketing.

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