Maximize Traffic for Your Contest or Giveaway Using Twitter

Not too long ago I held a giveaway on this website sponsored by F-Stop to give away a free courier bag.  I’ve always loved giving things away on this website and I was very excited to be giving away such a great item.  In the past, I’ve found contests or giveaways to be great ways to increase traffic and exposure for my site as well as the item that is being given away.  The problem with contests or giveaways is that it can be hard to spread the word about them.  In the world of social networking, it can be tough to ask others to help spread the word because after all, why would anyone want to hurt their own chances of winning a particular item by telling their friends about it?

This is the major impediment to any “comment-to-win” contests or giveaways that one might find on the web.  Unless your site has a huge following, the traffic and exposure as a result from the contest is likely to be minimal because people simply won’t want to help you promote it.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how to solve this problem.  The solution came to me while thinking about the terms for the F-Stop contest.  Why not allow people to enter the contest by Tweeting about it via Twitter?

Free Textures: Sand & Beach Outtakes

When I take my camera out to grab some shots of textures I usually come home with literally hundreds of images. The really amazing ones, I release in the Colorburned Shop. The good ones get released as freebies and the others get held over just in case. The other day I was looking through some of my old sand images and I realized that some of them, while not technically textures, were good enough to be released as freebies on my site. When I go through my images I try to distinguish between what’s a texture and what’s a photo. In my mind a texture is any kind of image that you can skin a 3D model with. A photo is just about everything else.

Included in this set are 21 high resolution textures of the sand and ocean from a trip I recently took to the beach.


Free Textures: Bark

I’ve been meaning to add some more free textures to the site for quite some time. Lately, I’ve been a little busy with other projects and just haven’t had much time to put a set of textures together. Today, I am releasing 8 high resolution images of bark.


Colorburned Shop Now Open

Today, I’m happy to announce the grand opening of the Colorburned Shop.  The Colorburned Shop is geared towards offering professional quality resources to graphic designers.  Its mission is to help graphic designers quickly build a massive reserve of resources for use in their projects.  Instead of selling photos one at a time, our goal is to offer a huge set of images at a very low cost.  This gives designers the option to choose which photo or texture to use so that each of their designs is unique.  On our site you’ll find a growing number of textures that you will not find anywhere else.

Textures: Waterfalls Part 1

Waterfalls part 1 previewToday, I am releasing the newest addition to my texture sets.  Waterfalls Part 1 includes 17 free high resolution images of waterfalls.  I’ve always been fascinated with water flowing over rocks.  When I saw this waterfall I knew that I had to snap some photos of it.  These images would make a great background for any graphic that you may be working on where you need a thin layer of water flowing over stone.  I hope you enjoy them.