Design a Readable Hierarchy using Web Typography

It’s a no-brainer that websites are crafted by layering information into page sections. The most important content usually falls near the top of the page and gradually cascades down. Capturing attention requires a sense of natural order to your page content. Web typography can relate to the typeface, but it also relates to overall structure and flow while reading.

I want to suggest a few tips for web designers who wish to bring sequential order to their typography. This occurs through a number of changes that require careful attention to detail. A great place to start is by reading popular online magazines to capture the essence of their typographic flow. Otherwise just keep practicing design features by quickly iterating new concepts on-the-fly.

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The Web Design Platform You Need To Know

Did you know WordPress powers 14.7% of the top million websites in the
world? WordPress is now considered a state-of-the-art website platform
– and, best of all, it’s free to use.

It’s so great that 22 out of every 100 new, active domains in the US
are running WordPress.

And, it’s only going to keep growing as web designers learn WordPress
allows you to build sites faster and easier. Plus, now clients are
specifically asking for content management systems, like WordPress.

As the word spreads, so will the demand. That’s why it’s so important
to get started now and be at the front of
this trend.

How to Monitor your Website

As the proud owner of a website, you are probably wondering what you could do to improve its performance and maintain your customers satisfied. Surely, you have taken a lot of measures by now but there is always something else that you can do, meaning website monitoring. You might not know this but there are specialized companies that provide server and website monitoring services and you should definitely consider the opportunities offered by them. Let’s find out more information on how to monitor your website.

Do not think about such things from the perspective of a website owner but rather the one of a person using the Internet. We all had to go through situations when certain websites did not load, or we had to wait too much. Plus, there are tons of websites where the content has problems and other things like that. Considering all of these problems, it kind of makes sense to have a solution for them. The moment you consider website monitoring, you will know that your website is supervised at all times and instant notifications are sent whenever problems arise. In this way, you will be able to solve them as soon as possible, without losing visitors.

Specialized monitoring services such as Monitor Scout provide over fifty different checks to their clients, making sure they handle any problems related to both the hardware and software. They are highly interested in the health of the server, analyzing the down and up time on a regular basis. The expert monitoring service provides instant SMS notification of any existing problems and 24/7 technical support for other website monitoring problems. As for you, you will start to realize how important is to benefit from a professional website monitoring service the moment the first problem arises and they handle it effortlessly.


10 Tips for Effective Political Designs

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time, you may have noticed that I have quite a bit of experience in political design; that is graphic and web design for politicians, political organizations and government agencies. For a time, political design was my niche and I was able to work for quite a few politicians, organizations and government agencies including governors, congressmen, state representatives and city council members. I was also fortunate enough to do work for national and local organizations.

I will be the first person to tell you that political design isn’t the most glamorous sector of the design field. In fact, it can be downright boring sometimes. The upside to it is that it’s fairly consistent work. In the U.S. there can be elections every year with new candidates, new themes, new issues, etc. It’s also a great way to participate in the political process that does not involve stuffing envelopes, getting chased by dogs walking door-to-door and making phone calls.

With so much experience in political design I’ve decided to write a short article describing what works, what doesn’t and what’s just plain ugly so you don’t have to learn these things the hard way, like I did.

Lens Flares That Don’t Suck in Photoshop

knoll-light-factory.jpgEverybody knows that Photoshop‘s lens flare effect sucks! Unfortunately, it seems to be the first effect that people try after installing the software. It doesn’t take long, however, to realize how terrible it actually is. It gives you very little control over the look of the flare, it creates all sorts of little lines and circles that you really don’t want and takes a lot of trial and error to produce an effect that isn’t all that good in the end anyways. The question then becomes, how do you produce flare effects without it?