The Basics of Touchscreen Interfaces and Screendesign

Designers have been faced with some of the most difficult tasks to achieve beauty in aesthetics merged with pragmatism. Interfaces should be designed to work quickly and efficiently – but they should also captivate and charm the people using them. It requires fine balance and a sense of creative ingenuity to craft exceptional interfaces.

featured touch screen display technology

In this post I’d like to express a few components critical to designing for touch-based devices. Screendesign isn’t a new concept but it has been revolutionized through advancing technology. These advances focus on screen size, pixel density, and open source development. Once you can understand the fundamentals of touchscreen design new projects can be viewed from above-the-board without getting bogged down into details.

32 Amazing Minimalist Website Layouts

Minimalism is a commonly adjusted technique for web and mobile design. When you strip a layout of everything except key elements you begin to understand minimalist design patterns. Visitors will often find what they need a lot quicker. Plus your website files are much smaller than average.

Web designers and freelancers look towards minimalism to elegantly showcase their portfolio works. I’ve put together a small gallery of minimalist layouts which you can check out below. Additionally if you have your own thoughts on minimalist web design please share with us in the post discussion area.