Celebrate Our 1st Birthday & Win a Free Copy of Vertus Fluid Mask

Cutting out an image from its background is a fairly common task among graphic designers. It’s one of the first questions we have as students and it’s one of the last techniques that we master. Everyone has a different way of pulling an image off its background but no matter what your technique, odds are this is a very time consuming process. To make matters worse, complex images; such as images with hair or confetti can make this task even more troublesome. The time for worrying is over however, the guys at Vertus have a solution; Fluid Mask, a Photoshop plug-in that enables you to remove an object from its background, quickly, easily, and with high quality results.




The interface for Vertus Fluid Mask is very intuitive, after watching a few short video tutorials from Vertus’ website I was able to figure out the software very quickly. I also found that Fluid Mask is great with complex images. Images that could have taken hours, now only take minutes. In all, I was very impressed with Fluid Mask and would definitely recommend it to my readers. That is why I am very excited that the guys at Vertus has donated 1 copy to give away on this site.

To win a copy of this phenomenal Photoshop plug-in all you have to do is comment below and tell us how you would use Vertus Fluid Mask.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Tell us what you would do with Vertus Fluid Mask if you were selected.
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  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m PST on Tuesday, May 12.
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To learn more about Vertus Fluid Mask, please visit their website. Good luck everyone and please remember, if you are not lucky enough to win please consider purchasing a copy of this software.

Remember, we will be running giveaways on this site every day for the next 2 weeks so please check back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway to celebrate this site’s 1st birthday!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Dersu

    I’m over long hours of using the pen tool and color range to select and extract images. I would use this program to speed up my work flow heaps. then id share with my co-workers and make it software that we would all be able to purchase with our corporate card!

  • I would use Fluid Mask to hopefully save myself oodles of time in extracting images from their backgrounds. I know I’m using an easy answer, but it’s true! Having this kind of program could make not only me happy, but clients as well.

  • I’ve tried a trial of Vertus Fluid Mask and it shaves off so much time in design work using stock images. I would use it in both design and my personal digital art.

  • Ugh…no more marquee tool. If i had this program i would add more brilliant art work to my portfolio which is on my website and flickr. Than tell others how i got the program of course and encourage them to get it. :-)

  • Yeah, would definitely shave off hours of pen tooling = quicker workflow for cutting. Thanks!

  • Saif

    I would use this for my poster compositions. Getting a clean mask of hair is very difficult and this tool will save me lots of time.

  • Trendez

    Being a web designer, 90% of my work involves background removal to fit the image in my design. This plugin would really be helpful to reduce effort for this purpose. Thank you in advance =)


  • JR

    if i had this tool, i would hope that it would cut down the time it takes for me to pull an image (lots of pics of nurses in action [no not dirty] i work for a nursing school). right now it takes about 26mins 37secs to isolate clearly…. but if i went old school (i.e. exacto knife and scissors) who knows.)

  • Alex

    Well, I am just starting off my job as a website developer and have had some clients that have wanted something like this done before. Though at the time I could not do it as it would have just taken too long. This would be a great tool to have and use and would give my freelance business a huge kick-start into making better graphics then what I can do now and that would be relay helpful!

  • Useful handy tool. Thank you very much for aware of it.

  • masking and making transparent backgrounds is always something that makes me loose time that’s why I would love to use such a powerful tool to help me speed up my workflow.

    Hope to win for real :)

  • With this tool, i could NOT cut the hair, since i’m a designer, not a hairstylist!

  • Talk about working more efficiently! I work a lot with importing images of people into posters, brochures, etc. This would save me tons of time, making the project a lot cleaner.

  • James M.

    Doing hair has always been a pain, and pretty much everything that has got a lot of texture, edges and holes. A lot of time is wasted doing delicate selection using the various PS tools.This program is a sure-fire winner, speeding up the work process and consequently increasing productivity. Should I win,I’d definitely use this awesome program for work (Graphic artist/Illustrator) as it’s an invaluable tool for great Images.

  • MArtin Cox

    I know straight away what I’d cut out: HOURS of time removing very hairy dogs from white backgrounds (work for an animal charity) – heaven!

  • The fact that there is a giveaway for this makes me super excited! :D As a current student myself you are right – this was something I had most definitely asked my tutors how to do, and their answers never cutted it and never helped, so I started googling and learned about Vertus Fluid Mask, downloaded the trial and…wow. I used it and in doing so managed to cut out a picture from a white background – which is simple enough, but then there was the hair! A mass of frizzy hair, all over the place! Fluid Mask is an amazing tool for a designer, and I really think it would help in bettering myself as a designer, as it would open up so many doors – I would be able to use it to cut out models or items much more effectively and as such would be able to experiment more, using Fluid Mask to aid me along the way. This really is an amazing giveaway and something that will really help me to grow as a designer, by cutting the workflow time pretty much by about 2/3, compared to doing a similar task elsewhere.

    Thank you for such a brilliant giveaway, I will be sure to RT. :)

  • I would use it to cut cakes. I maintained a cake-decorating website which required clear-cut cakes from a wide variety of sources, with intricate edge details like taffeta and feathers, often against very low-contrast backgrounds.I trialled Fluid mask on some of these and it performed outstandingly, so I decided it would be a must-have…

  • I haven’t tried this, looks really cool !

  • Hi! Looking forward to all the competitions coming up, think it’s a great idea to celebrate the blogs birthday!

    This software would be excellent for me! I’m leaving college in two weeks time, and whilst I’m looking for a full time job (which isn’t going to be easy to do in the recession!), I will be spending a lot of time producing some experimental work for my portfolio. A piece of software like this is sure to save me a lot of time (and frustration)!

  • Iestyn Lloyd

    Would love to have a go at this. Would save me a lot of time in the channels menu. This should be built into Photoshop, oh, it was and they removed it, probably because it was such a poor copy of Fluid Mask.

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  • I would drink it.

  • Sam

    If I have this plug-in, it would eliminate all those hours of me trying to perfectly extract a person/item from its background. It would also help me a lot in making photo manipulations using people with fancy or complex hairstyles.

  • What an amazing tool, sounds like it really works too! Would love a chance to find out for myself.

  • Felipe L.B.

    This really will save me time. I believe it will also be fun playing with the photo with this plugin.

  • Gavin

    I create photoshop screencasts, and having covered how to select and isolate images in a couple of them, it would be nice to speed up the process for myself so that I can get on with the tutorial and have to spend so much time with the pen tool.

  • This would be great for my HS Senior shoots. We like to create collages of the various poses and cutting out the images is my least favorite part.

  • Hi!
    I would love to have that software!
    I once worked at a fur coat shop. I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures of fur coats that I needed to cut the background in photoshop to place on a white website. It was long and harry! My my!

    I am still using photoshop everyday. Cutting some backgrounds are one of the many things I do each week.

  • I would use this plugin to help with all of the client photo shoots that I have coming up over the next few weeks. This would allow me to go home at a decent hour … probably.

  • Mare

    would love to use it to cut out all the wasted time … would love to experience it!!!

  • Amy

    I would use this to extract flower photos from their backgrounds. It always seems to take a ton of time in photoshop.

  • I would use this to crop out the backgrounds when making posters for lost puppies and kittens. Who doesn’t want to help find lost puppies and kittens?

  • Scott Fulk

    I would use it to save me time and my sanity.

  • Ooh, this is nice. I’ve never heard of this program and I can’t believe it’s already been a year for this blog … such progress in a little amount of time, congrats!

    Hmm … I would use this for everything, lol. I would do a lot more manips as this plugin alone would save me *so* much time in trying to get things done right. Sometimes it sucks being a perfectionist.

  • I would probably let me sister use it for her amateur photography hobby!

  • Ann

    Just watched the Fluid Mask tutorials it made me, (is this correct English?) mouth watering!!

  • Allison

    I would take a much-needed around-the-world vacation without ever leaving my computer….(“Here’s Me in Paris! Here’s Me in Morocco! Here’s Me on the Great Wall of China!…”)

  • Hello :-)
    I would use Fluid Mask to help me cut out my reference pictures and to help me going faster when doing integrations of pictures not shot on white background.

  • Nate S

    This is a great contest. I would use this plug-in for photography work.

  • Sue

    I am a content creator on Second Life, which is a free video game with an economy that’s inner game content is created entirely by the users (building, scripting, animations, sound etc…). It’s kinda like the SIMs but you can create more and you don’t have to make your avatar poop.

    This program looks like it would be amazing for creating alpha textures. Second Life uses targa files for transparency in game, so I would use this to create the alpha channel and make better textures to use in game. I just had a brutal weekend trying to make feathers.

    Here is a screen shot of the game:

  • Jeremy

    I’d use it all the time, esp in conjunction with designs and photographs. This’ll open up another door and limit my “complaining” since it takes such a long time to grab an image from photos!

  • WOW! It looks awesome. I haven’t tried it but I know how long it takes to do this stuff by hand. I’d use it daily!

  • I would use it to speed up the process visualisation for clients at concept stage….

  • I would use it not only for myself to streamline and make my work easier but also for those who would need various psd renders that aren’t able to do cutouts with ease.

  • One of my regular clients sells tangle-free shampoo. You can imagine the number of hours it takes me to deep etch high res photos of women’s messy hair. This would easily save me 10-15 hours a week!

  • Kim

    I. hate. hair.

    Doing freelance & dealing with stock photos as well as my own personal artwork & photography I find myself constantly having the need to cut things out/away from backgrounds and then clean up the edges so it meshes seamlessly with whatever it is I’m using behind the cutout. This takes hours and lots of frustration and screaming, with hair or fur-like edges being the most evil.

  • I would love it and never take it for granted, I will make a shrine in its honour and hopefully will never have to use the pen tool again as that would be adultery ;-)

  • Sonikku

    I would ebay it and make a profit.

  • Very cool plug in… will be great for working with sports photos for youth league clients to pull out “their sons/daughters” and put into mosaics and collages!

  • I know I would definitely improve in my design quality with this tool. I would use it everyday.

  • Maxigass’e (maxigas)

    I would like to use Fluid Mask 3 from the Vertu Guys for my daily work with a professional image processing.
    I will be probably not original with this statement, but Boys you will very help me in my work and I will have the great opportunity to test the tool for professional work.

    So far, I used rubber in Photoshop :D

  • Jason Do

    Vertus Fluid Mask = Less time to extract images = More time to focus on other areas = Better creative pieces = Faster creative growth = better human being

    Help me, help you!

  • Brandon

    Sweet, I’m all for saving myself time (and the client money)!

  • Seba


  • Kristin Meyer

    I would use the Vertus Fluid Mask to cut out anything and everything! I use this tool at work, and appreciate it every single day! I would love to have a copy for my home computer to use on my freelance and personal projects! Thanks!

  • If I had the option to use Vertus Fluid Mask 3, I’d go crazy! Right now I literally have a folder called “EXTRACT” that is full of none-other-than pictures needing to be extracted. I would finally be able to have an arsenal full of cut pictures so that I can do composites (an exercise that I find to be great practice). A lot of the time, my clients come to me wanting pictures cut out, and it takes me forever to get it to look great. Vertus would be my silver-lining.

  • Brynjar

    I would use it to greatly improve the speed of my workflow when using cut out pictures.

  • great contest -i’ve just tested the fluid mask demo version and its workin brilliant..
    im designin’ mixtape covers and its just perfect for cuttin’ out some people..

    btw.. great site
    keep it rocking ;d

  • Looks nice! I really want one:)

  • This software would be great to have. I would use it to save lots of time on my personal projects.

  • Jericoag

    Just tried out the trial. Works great. I do photo resotorations and it’s awesome for isolating components into layers.

  • this would save me a great deal of time and frustration!

  • Tim N

    Wow Vertus Fluid Mask rocks… seriously a nice and easy solution’s for masking out unwanted backgrounds or anything else you need to remove without leaving artifacts. What used to take me hours of painstakingly masking small pixels, I can have this done in minutes!

    Pick me!! I am a starving web designer ;-)

  • JP

    I would use it to erase all my obscure background and start fresh! I’ve tryed other solutions but eventualy my not so clear background comes back to haunt me!!
    And I’m talking about my images… of course!

  • This is a great idea for a contest reward. I would love to have this tool for many reasons. I am still relatively new to the design world, but I am looking to make a career in the field. I would use the Vertus Fluid Mask for professional & personal projects for both web & graphic design. I also enjoy amateur photography and would use the mask for that as well.

  • Angie Hinksman

    What would I do? Hey, the world would be mine :D

  • Nice giveaway !!
    I have difficulties with cropping a background in photoshop, that will defenitly help me out. I will use this plugin for my website, to crop away Quebec Celebrites for users to use and also to try to make goodies likes desktop backgrounds and things like that.


  • Because I am developer that sometimes need to delete backgrounds this tool is perfect for me

  • Great giveaway guys. Would love to get my hands on this as it would save hours of pen tooling and really quicken the design process for me.

    Would you like me to beg more?!

  • Gen

    I would love to try this plug-in for cutting out something with hair! That’s got to be one of the hardest things to mask and I’d like to see if the plug-in lives up to it’s name.

  • Daniel

    I’d love a copy, sounds like an amazing tool!

  • vertus is very helpful, thanks..

  • This looks useful! I’d use it to crop out foliage so I could piece together a massive jungle scene I could hunt for tigers in.
    Who wants to go tiger-hunting with me??

  • Getting complex images from their backgrounds is one trick I haven’t mastered yet! Sounds like an awesome tool. Congrats on the 1st birthday too :)

  • exitstencil

    i’d love to be able to use FluidMask to cut out a lot of the crap from the internet, but sadly i’ll be using it for more mundane tasks like cutting out the backgrounds of the endless amount of passport-style corporate headshots which are emailed to me on a daily basis…

    and congrats on your first birthday. i remember writing about one of your earlier posts knowing you were destined for big things!

  • Jessica Cave

    The pen is my enemy. This I believe wholeheartedly. I’d love to win a copy of this because I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT EXISTED! It would make life a thousand times easier, especially as a relative noob who is still learning how to use Photoshop and such.

    Congratulations on one year!!

  • JamesG

    As a student pursuing a BFA in photography, I spend countless hours extracting parts of images from backgrounds. I would use this filter to speed up my work flow dramatically and improve the results of my cuts.

  • Ursa Velkavrh

    I would use it exactly what it is meant for – cutting out images from its backgrounds!

    Please pick me!!!! Pretty please… :D

    And Happy B-Daaay!!!

  • Amy

    Congratulation to the first year! I have been reading the blog for a while and I always find many interesting stuff and benefit from it. Thanks.

    I usually use traditional way to select objects, colour channel. It takes a long while to do it and is only good at certain images. It would be great to get FluidMask. I have had a quick look at how to use it. Seems excellent. It would be a very helpful and useful tool for me to create more attractive and delicate images. Also, save more time.

    Congratulation for the birthday!

  • Shane McCleery

    As a student, building up my portfolio is very important for interning/ and or resume’s, so I’d use such program to enhance my portfolio by taking on projects I’d normally be afraid of or worry about time, and again as a student I don’t have the nessecary funds for such equipment, so It’d also be much appreciated!

  • cadesigner

    Cutouts can be so complicated and time consuming, so I’d love to have a copy of the fluid mask 3 plugin. I’m just begining to construct my website and this plugin would certainly help by saving me ooooodles and ooooooodles of time.
    Happy Birthday and look forward to many, many more!!!

  • I have an image of teddy bears that I have had the damndest time cutting out from the background, this sounds like the perfect tool.

  • I’d use it to cut my ex out of pictures and then use Photoshop to put *insert various female celebrity names here* into the picture in her place.

    I was going to tell you how I take pics of rescued animals at the vet hospital and how having this little gem would eliminate vet’s hands, assistants’ rear ends, IV tubes, and such from being in the picture. But someone already said they’d use it for finding cats and dogs. I guess I’d use it to find cats and dogs a happy home or a donor for their medical care. Since I can’t use that now, I had to be honest and give you the second reason you should pick me! ;-)

    By the way, congrats on the year of service! Maybe we’ll be celebrating my 1st year of service around this time next year??

    Love and Light!

  • Niki

    Oh wow – cool giveaway.. I would used it on my landscape & portrait photos. Thanks!

  • It never hurts to have something like this. I do a lot of photography for the designing I do, and this would be great for hair and the fine areas that suck to mask out by hand. It would really be a great tool for me to have. Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  • I would love to use Fluid in my projects, as being a graphic designer, sometimes i need to extract subject from the messy backgrounds, so I think Fluid would help me performing that job quickly and without any hassle


  • An amazing addition to my toolbox for school and some freelance design.

  • Luke

    I agree with everone else. It would help to save so much time. I would be able to use it everyday. On a wide variety of projects.

  • Ryan Vincent

    THE WISPS!!!!! it’s all about that wisps… that flyaway sexy hair that you spend hours with that just never looks quite right… and then when I am doing with my own hair I will work on the models.. lol, seriously fluid mask is one of the best tools to use to really extract a clean pull from a complex background, would def like to add to my arsenal

  • AlexZander

    This would be a great tool to have, I would use it frequently in the various brochures i do for the ministries i work with… that’s right i work for Jesus… how can you say no to that…

  • Happy Birthday! Masking is one of the most time consuming tasks for my photography and design. I’ve been in search of the perfect photoshop addition to make my workflow more productive! Thanks!

  • Would help save my company time and money by “cutting” out lots of painful pen tool hours for photo work.

  • If I win this mask, it would definitely save me a lot of time when editing images. This would be especially useful for creating wallpapers or designs.

  • congrats on one year!

  • Adam Haynes

    Man this would help out so much with my media projects for the rather poor university i walk for.

  • Anthony

    Ah man – I’m so over deep etching with the pen tool – Fluid Mask would help me cut up everything

  • Eric Johnson

    I would use fulid mask to make fluid masks… ;P

  • rachel

    My eyes are bleeding. I need fluid mask.

  • Rafael

    I would use Fluid Mask to finally make my so dreamed pic of me and Chewbacca sky diving, and it would be so freakin’ realistic!