Custom Vectors for Building Unique Website Designs

Popular vector shapes and background tiles can be used in many different website layouts. Vector graphics themselves are easy to use because they can be scaled larger or smaller without quality reduction. It just takes a bit of work and some time in a graphics editor, but vector shapes may provide some of the highest quality value to your websites.

When you need to find quality vectors I would think there are plenty of resources online. But some designers are looking for specific releases for their logos, icons, or other various interface features. I want to present just a couple online marketplaces for obtaining the most creative and unique vectors online. Check out some of these resources and see if you can use anything on your next web project.

HQ Stock Vectors

There have been numerous occasions where I am building a website and need to fix up the logo design. Often times I am willing to work with other designers and build out the project, or I can mix something together by myself in Photoshop. However premium vector graphics as you’d find on 123RF cannot be overstated. I find that the best quality graphics are hard to come by and you need to have an idea already in mind.

123rf website categories premium vector shapes

The website itself provides a credit system where you can pay-as-you-go and pick up only the graphics that you’ll need. Or you can pay for a subscription model and have access to the full catalog of graphics, with limitations on the number of downloads each month. I have been quite impressed looking through 123RF and seeing what their website has to offer. Aside from the vector icons you will also find backgrounds and patterns for designing anything from banners to footers and block advertisements.

Graphics on the Web

Another handy resource I would recommend is WeGraphics, which is frequently updated to contain their latest releases. WeGraphics caters to a large number of ideas under web design such as brushes, textures, and icons. But their vector graphics are some of the highest quality and provide an ease of mind to the designer.

wegraphics vectors marketplace purchase premium items

I also really like how WeGraphics includes a number of freebies you can download and test out. If you feel the PSD/AI files are not up to code, then you don’t need to spend any money on the paid solutions. This gives each visitor a chance to see what they have to offer. The vector archives go back for 20+ pages and you can find all sorts of amazing goodies in the set!

Handmade Tutorials

If you are creative enough to mess around in graphics editing software then it may be worthwhile to download a copy of some other vectors around the net. Plenty of websites and blogs will publish tutorials for creating your very own vector shapes, and then release their files as a download for readers. One of these blogs Vecteezy has been online for years. The site drives a lot of traffic which includes a tremendous database of vector tutorials and downloads.

vecteezy website vector tutorials freebie downloads

Check out the site when you have some time and do a search for your related interests. You may be surprised at the kind of releases put out on their website. Vecteezy cannot compete with others in the eCommerce sales market which are directly offering premium graphics, but the quantity is outstanding for just a typical weblog.


I hope this article may provide some use to designers around the world. Thankfully with the modern Internet we are able to communicate 10x faster and purchase items instantaneously. If you need a vector to download and install right away I would have to recommend any of these services. But obviously my collection is not an extensive list, so feel free to share any other links or ideas in the post discussion area below.

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