Do You Click on Ads?

Last December I posted an article thanking the generous folks who advertise throughout the design blogging community. I received a lot of praise for writing that article. Most people thought the article became a great resource for other design bloggers because I essentially rounded up links to advertisers’ websites and categorized them by what they did. Other people told me that they thought the idea for the article was creative and unique. While I agree with both of these comments I feel as if the spirit of that article became somewhat lost.  My intention for writing the article was not to create a resource with links to companies who were willing to pay design bloggers money, my intention was to thank them for their support but to also ask that you, the reader, actually click on their ads and even use their products.

As I stated in my December article, advertisers breathe life into the design community, they help to raise the bar; they make the free content that you receive on sites like this one, better and more abundant. So it’s important that we support the advertising community as much as possible, otherwise sites like this one, and ones like it will begin to disappear.

Now I know that times are tough, many designers are struggling and money is tight. We all can’t afford to purchase items from every advertiser who is pushing a product. One thing we can do however is click on their ads. Clicking on ads doesn’t take a lot of time, it’s free, and most importantly, it means the world to design bloggers like myself and the advertisers that support us.

In closing, I just want to reiterate my thanks to all the people who have made the design community such a success. That includes the advertisers but most importantly the readers who we couldn’t do without. Remember, if you find yourself mindlessly searching the Internet one day with a lot of free time on your hands; please consider clicking on an ad. Who knows? You might discover something exciting and new!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Whenever I get a link via twitter and it lands me on a design site, I gladly click on an ad space when I visit. Providing all that content take time, love and ultimately costs some dosh.

    Is it too much to ask to click an ad link here and there so that the content that makes you a better designer along the way can continue to flow?! I sure do.

    So enough thanking people via twitter with RT love, digg love or whatever kind of love that you think benefits. I’ll gladly place my love in the amazing sites that help me along my way, like this one *cue user to click on ad link*

    Don’t be a schmoe! Hit them ad links so mo!


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  • I would click on the ad if I like the content.
    Nice Post. Thanks

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  • Yes, I sometimes click the ads shown on designers/developers websites, generally though, I block ads using adblock, but on a designers site, there tends to be tools advertised that may be useful, for instance, the Premium WordPress Themes link I just clicked on your site.

  • Nice article!

  • I myself do not use an ad blocker, because on design sites, i feel the ads always look good. I’m always willing to check out some of the ads available….great article.

  • I agree with dezintech. If I like the content I click on the ad.

  • I click ads that seem relevant. Since I was recently looking for a good WordPress theme (commercial OR free), I found myself clicking any number of WP ads.

  • D.

    I don’t use adblock, and sometimes I find the ads on design blogs very interesting. If I see anything that I might be interested in, I’ll give it a click. I’ve bookmarked some good commercial resources that way.

  • This is a great article, i click on intresting ads obviusly not all of them, but if it says something atravtive to me, click.

  • In spanish there is a quote that says “De buen nacido es ser agradecido”. (Be a nice person is to be grateful) (Sorry for the translation)

    In other words, clicking on ads it´s the same that saying thank you, a very nice habit…

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  • I agree, on design sites the ads look nice and they are usually relevant to my interests. If I see an ad of a service or co that I am not familiar with, I usually click. If it has value to me for a future project, I bookmark it. //

  • Liz

    I click from time to time, especialyl if the ad is nicely designed itself. Ever seen an ad for a design company that was…horrible? It’s odd.

    In 8th grade, I had a teacher with a husband who owned or something. She told us that with every ad clicked, they would get like 5 cents. So I’m more likely to click ads of sites I just like :)

  • As an advertiser, I don’t want people clicking my ads just for the sake of clicking them. Companies that are spending money advertising their products and services in the design community know what they’re doing (the good ones do). It’s not about the clicks, and an abundance of clicks without the conversions might mislead the advertiser entirely to believe the problem is with their landing page, copy, design, etc. In other words, clicking on an ad just for the sake of clicking the ad can actually cost the advertiser more money refining a page that might otherwise convert very well.

    Advertising is about more than clicks. It is about raising awareness, conversions, and selling something that will help someone.

    When I am advertising something that I want to raise awareness for, I usually do it through banner ads (especially on networks like BuySellAds where I have a high degree of customization and power of the ads). The CTR is usually minimal compared to say, using AdWords, but it get’s the job done in making an audience at least know about a website/product/service.

    So in short, my 2 cents are to not just click ads unless it’s something you’d actually click without the encouragement. For Publishers, don’t undersell yourselves by giving advertisers free endorsements (which is bad because in a way you’re selling out your audience). Smart companies are willing to work with you in ways that will benefit publishers with monetizing their content, users by connecting them with products that will enhance their life, and the advertiser by selling more of whatever it is they sell.

  • David, you make some good points. I agree with you. And while I may be promoting the idea of clicking on ads, I don’t expect my readers to mindlessly click on ads without any intention of using the product being advertised. I just ask that the readership keep their minds open and not rule out a product just because it’s advertised.

  • I gladly help support sites like this by clicking through to ads, not just to click, but because often times design blogs (as a designer myself) have far better targeted information that actually matters to me.

    If its a service or product that interests me, or something I want to learn more about, a well designed ad is more like a link being shared by a friend, than an advertiser selling me drugs to increase my anatomy.

  • Eli

    I don’t click Google ads, but I’ll sometimes click the 125s in sidebars.

  • I think the ads that people click are eye catching and not too gaudy, cheesy, flash too quickly, scary, pixelated, wordy or boring. Something unique and creative would definitely make me want to see what more that website can offer.
    One ad that definitely caught my eye would the TUT Candy. its creative and relevant but positioned in a bad spot!
    ads that i think are useless are those tiny icon ads.