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Let’s be honest, freelancing is tough. While there are certainly many perks that come along with owning your own business and working from home, many freelancers struggle to unlock their true potential and maximize their earnings. If you’re like the majority of us who want to increase their earnings and efficiency then today is your lucky day. Our friends at Freelance Folder have been generous enough to donate 5 electronic copies of their book The Unlimited Freelancer to the readers of this website.


The Unlimited Freelancer will teach you several strategies that will help you to improve your lifestyle and grow your business. You can learn more about The Unlimited Freelancer by visiting their website.

To win a copy, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us why you like being a freelancer. In addition, feel free to tell us how you think this book will help you grow your business.

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  • This is a 5 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, August 28, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • i would love to get a copy as i have already started freelancing now a days and need to learn it more about freelancing … if i get one copy of it i can be a good freelancer ….

  • Miguel Tavares

    I love being a freelancer because I love being the boss of my own butt.
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  • Kat Nagel

    I started freelancing in 1986. Have taken a couple of FT offers from good clients who wanted me in-house, but always come back to freelancing.

    I prefer freelancing for its flexibility. I hate feeling caged, and corporate life makes me feel like a squirrel in a cage.
    For example, I’m a lark — definitely a morning person — waking up sometime between 4:30am and 6:00am. It’s the high-energy point of my day, and I hate wasting it on the petty details of GETTING READY for work. I’d rather spend that highly productive time actually WORKING.

    As a freelancer, I can use those early morning hours to concentrate on the creative aspects of my projects, with no distractions from routine tasks or phone calls or meetings (since nobody else is awake at that hour).

    Kat Nagel
    MasterWork Consulting

  • Vinod Kumar Kashyap

    I love to freelance as it is ur wish and ur time to do ur work

  • Dan

    I’m a graphic/web design student on my way to certification in September of this year. I plan on jumping into the freelancing scene immediately and I feel this book would provide me with the necessary resources needed to be a successful freelancer.

  • I need “The Unlimited Freelancer” to show me how to work smarter instead of just working harder. -Don’t let me burn out.

  • Simon

    it would help my business coz I’ve got a wobbly desk and i think this might be the right thickness to sort it out.

    what? it’s an e-book? dammit!


  • Well .. freelance is goo cause you have your time for everything, have no boss and you are free to manage your business ….

    This book maybe can help me to improve my business.
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  • I like making frelance work because I work whenever I want, and how much I want, but for becoming a succesful freelacer I need to work a lot, so maybe this book will help me
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  • D.

    I like freelancing because I can work hard when I want, so I can take time off when I want. It gives me control of my life.

  • Alexis M

    I like being a freelancer because I choose when to go to work, even if that means working all day. This book would help me by being re-leaving the amount of stress from this job.
    good luck everyone

  • Andrew Kavanagh

    I love the variety of different projects and the freedom with time as a freelancer,
    but need to learn the business of freelancing better.

    This book looks perfect for that!

  • Freelancing?
    1. You don’t have an annoying boss.
    2. You get clients to request your services because of YOUR style and not a corporate firm who just has a name: “Oh I did this design here” aka I payed much more.
    3. You get to progress a lot more and do more in my opinion. You don’t have someone watching over you: HEY don’t surf; don’t check it out. DO it this way…
    But then again a professional work pre-freelancing is a must I suppose.

    PS: HOWEVER, I am from Lebanon, freelancing has a TOTAL different approach here compared to the US or the EU I guess. What we are facing is somewhat a disaster because people think that a freelancer is a “cheaper” – in the sense of money design. SO why I would like to have a copy of this book: I want to see if it answers this question for me; how to show that you can be better than firms (other than the design) and maybe find more things I can offer my clients.



  • Freelancing gives me the ability to stand on my own two feet and be proud to call myself ‘the boss’. It also allows me to meet many other creative people in the same field, which in turn fuels my hunger to grow as a designer every day.
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  • Diane

    Isn’t it reassuring to hear you don’t have to actually make mistakes to learn? I keep hearing good things about this book and am interested in avoiding as many pit traps as I can in my freelance business adventures.

  • I keep hearing good things about the book, and am trying to get to a position of full time freelancing, so this could be the kick up the backside I need.


  • i like freelancing because i love to be my own boss. i can do my work in certain way, move forward at my own accord, have my own way and strategies to further myself.

    Good thing about freelancing is i can be as successful as i want provided i put effort into it.

    I am sure this is where the book will help me.
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  • Rachel

    I’ve been freelancing while I study and I would really love this book because it would help me move on in the freelancing world.

  • I like freelancing because it gives me the chance to see my daughter grow up, for she is my main source of inspiration. Too long I worked 9-5 and got home only for her to in bed, or spending only an hour with her.

    Freelancing gives me the chance to work, rest and play in my own time and to have the freedom to enjoy all aspects of my life, rather than some at one point, and none at others.

  • I love freelancing because every project offers differing good/bad points. It’s a non-stop learning curve. Unfortunately, I’m learning the hard way – which is where The Unlimited Freelancer would help!

  • It’s great to take holidays whenever and to research.
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  • The business world is scary place, trying to make your living as a freelancer isn’t really making the whole thing easier just by itself.

    If you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, if you’re bad at business, even if you got talent, your freelance career is soon to be over.

    Confucius said, “?????????” (en.: “When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.”)

    If you want to succeed in being your own boss, your own master, not even trying is the fault you should abandon.

    Clearly, don’t know if the book will help me to walk this stony road, I can’t know, I haven’t read it yet, but if I do no try. I will never know and might miss a great opportunity
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  • I would love to win an e-copy of the unlimited freelancer.
    I love freelancing because it gives you so much freedom in your personal and work life! I hope that the book can help me to combine these two parts of my life better.

  • I am starting my career as an independent graphic designer and I would be so excited to win this book to help me effectively start my business and learn what I need to do to be succesful in the creative field. And I also Tweeted it. :)
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  • I’m not a Freelancer per se, but I’m in the process of setting up my freelance business after finishing my HNC a few months ago (I’m working on the ever-so tricky self-branding project!), so any help would be welcome.

    However, of the “freelance” jobs I have done, I like the freedom it gives me over my day-job and working more closely with customers to solve their problems

  • As a newbie to the freelancing world it would be great to have a reliable guide to help me through the first tough year. Great prize!

  • I am currently setting up a freelancing business. I am tired of being at the mercy of companies that can fire you for no reason. This book would help me because I am new at freelancing though I have been in the computer business for over 30 years.
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  • I work full-time but also as a freelancer on the side and find it a nice change of pace to the daily grind. In addition, I enjoy being my own boss in terms of deciding the type of work I want to take and decision making along the way. Getting to work with a range of clients is nice as well.
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  • adone

    I’m freelancer because i’m free.

  • LaToya

    Freelancing is good because of the flexible schedule, and I think it gives more freedom in terms of decision making as well. The customer service aspect is great because clients don’t have to worry aborut information being misconstrued from person to person.

  • Tyler Merry

    Freelancing pays the bills, except for heat.

    In order to get heat i plan on burning this book. Just kidding,

  • I love having all the responsabilities of freelancing and I really like working alone and on my house.

    I hope I win
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  • Deb H

    I like being a freelancer because it lets me sell a piece of myself through my work. And that motivates be to be a better me :)

  • I like freelancing because I can go it on my own time. Best of luck to me!

  • micah

    i’ve always loved freelancing.i visit forums and websites that discuss graphics and how to create new things and improve on my current status.This has help me improve on the world of art greatly that is why i see this book as a big addition to helping me improve.i belive a book such as this is written to improve the lives of graphic freelancers and for that reason, i want it.

  • I’d love to own a copy of this – I’m an avid reader and a freelancer – I love to grow and gain tips and insights, and I love to share with others as well.

  • Michael Metzger

    As my college degree can’t get me a permanent job, I’ve been freelancing more and more lately. I’d love this book just for the simple fact that I am just starting out in the freelancing world and any insight and help would be tremendous!

  • Thanks for organizing this contest.
    I love freelancing for all the standard reasons: I choose my work hours, clients, projects; I am my own boss… :)
    This book would surely provide a lot of great advice to improve my freelance career.

  • Norhuda

    I would love to win this book as it helps to broaden my knowledge on freelancing. Not only that, it also gives me the opportunity to stretch my wings on freelance industry and give all the quality time i have doing something that i love!

  • ktycat

    I’m not yet a freelancer but this book could help me to know hotw to set up for this freelancing world.

  • I love freelancing because I get to make the decisions not a boss over me. This book would help me push my business beyond the limits it has now!! Thank you!!

  • I enjoy freelancing because it allows my creativity to be seen by others, it truly becomes an inspiration that for me allows me to see how far i’ve come.
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  • I would love to be a freelancer – getting paid to do what I do for free in my spare time – just full time. Reading this would show me the way and the pitfalls.
    [rq=423764,0,blog][/rq]phillipgibb: RT @santz85: RT @phillipgibb I wish I was a freelancer// me too. // Although I guess it’s not a good time to be one?

  • kate timmons

    i love freelancing! i currently work part time, which is great, because i’m not dependent of freelancing for my main income source and i get to choose to take the projects i’m most passionate about. but i would love to have more steady work and to be able to move into freelancing full time. seriously, i can design on a gondola in venice or on a glacier cruise in alaska. why be limited by a cubicle and the grind of the 9-5?

  • Sarah Emerson

    I don’t currently do any freelancing but I hope to start doing it soon. I’m still going to school right now for Graphic and website design and I feel that this book would be a great way for me to learn more about the business and start freelancing myself.

  • I like to work freelance because I get to do more of the work I like to do.

  • Love being freela because I have passion for creative, for what I do everyday, for who I am. And I am free to create, to do everytime different from last time, to a different client, with different needs and different perspectives. That is my idea of being happy about my job. That’s why I love freelance work.

  • Best part about freelancing? No pants. It’s rather freeing, and it cuts down on laundry. (Well, and the creative freedom bit.)

    I’d love to win a copy of this book because I’m always looking for ways to learn and grow.

  • Freelancing allows me to not only be creative in exactly the way I want, but to also take on a variety of clients that span from everything from politics to book covers to recipe books. How can you not love that variety!

  • I like freelancing because I can work hard when I want, so I can take time off when I want.

  • I’ve just started freelancing, I’m sure the book would be great to help jump-start me on a solid foundation!

  • Be your own boss, get direct briefs, meet decision maker in the companies, know your real net worth, be the rock star designer… All this and more if you choose to be a freelancer.

  • freelancing is the way i make money to buy my taco bell for lunch. that book would help me so i can make the next step to start my own joint freelancing business. that way i can buy more food at taco bell.
    [rq=426009,0,blog][/rq]stukes: @WillAnderson79 he loved it lol. me and my cousin had a kingburger with egg n bacon too. the cashier said u cant have a burger w/o it lol

  • add me to the list who would love to win this!
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  • Yes I would love a copy!! I am in the midst of starting my own freelancing venture and there are so many questions left unanswered for me. I am sure that this book will assist me in pointing me in the right direction.

  • Freelancing allows me to work. I have a chronic medical condition that means I have good days and bad days. By freelancing I can have a lot of flexibility in when I work, and it allows me to avoid having to travel. In addition I can work about 90% from my home allowing me to optimize my environment far more than I could ever do in most employer’s environments.
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  • this is a great contest again…

    i just started my freelance carrier so it would help me a lot to improve my skills – and i’ve read good feddback about the book ;D
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  • Mikie

    I like learning lessons and freelancing offers that with every new client. Most recently I learned that the customer is always right! I often think i know better as the designer and i’ll fight my way through the whole project to prove my point. Recently I just decided to produce the project the way the client wanted it (even though i think it sucked and there’s no way i’d ever put it in my portfolio) the client was happy because it was exactly what they wanted. Definitely the hardest and most valuable lesson i’ve learned to date. I’d love a copy of this book to keep learning more.

  • I love working for myself because 1) it’s still new 2) I can enjoy work doing a job that I love! And #1 informs why this book would be helpful: I’m still new! I’m still in my first official month of freelance work only (I’ve only got a few days left!) and I’d love any tips & suggestions to boost my business & help me start off correctly!

  • I love being a freelance because I can wake up at 10am if I feel like it, and I also am my own boss, which is great.

    This book would help me understand the ins and outs of freelancing. I have recently started in the business (graduated in may) and I have only gotten my feet wet at it, but I would love to jump in head first
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  • I love freelancing because it gives me the opportunity to cultivate pure creativity during the hours spent doing what I like the most. The best idea comes while i’m out of the work; at the beach surfing; or even going to the movies. I work when I feel that my head is ready for the hard-work.

    I need this book do indulge myself react to the fact that I can’t manage my life to make it be profitable.

  • I really enjoy freelancing because it is just me and the client, and getting to know them, their audience etc to craft a site is thrilling.

    I would like this book as I need all the help I can get to make the freelancing gig a full time one, and one that would be profitable enough for me to quit my day job, and live in Italy. What chapter is that in?

  • Niki

    I love being my own boss.

    I hope this book will help me learn how to be more efficent. How to try and keep current clients.

  • Ceci

    I love freelancing because it gives me opportunity of being and feeling a great mother and a great professional all in the same package. I´m really curiuos of what this book can do for my freelancer life. See you!!!

  • I think this is a great book to server as a guide for any freelancer. I’m trying my hand at it and I’m sure there are some great pointers – especially on the legal/business side of things.

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  • I’m just starting with freelancing and would like to learn some new things out of this book.

    I’m reading now allot of articles about it to do it right, but I know you only know it right once you fail onetime. Because you have to learn of your mistakes.

    I hope to read in this book how to avoid some big mistakes and keep it with some small ones
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  • I like freelancing because it’s best work in the world.

  • Me P L E A S E ! ! !

  • As someone who started out as a freelancer and moved back into a company – it’d be great to know exactly where i went wrong! ;)

    Cheers Grant – top giveaway as always.

  • I love freelancing because it gives you the opportunity to REALLY make a difference when it comes to building successful branding/marketing to your client.

  • Travis

    I freelance to blend my skill, passion, and creativity into a package that moves my clients forward. I have all the go, but I need all the know. The Unlimited Freelancer will unlock the castle’s iron gates that lead from begging for bread outside to the banquet room inside.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  • This book would be awesome as I am finishing my university and I want to try the freelance life before shoosing my job.

  • As much as everyone else is right, freelancing has a greater benefit than just choosing your own time to work and choosing how to do the work. It is more than a “job on your own terms.”

    Freelancing is a pleasure. It is gratifying to create a design. It is heartwarming to know that after you brainstorm about something, grab a paper and a pencil, stroke the many lines here and there, erase multiple times, and finally come to a concept, that your client will smile after they see the design because you have put your all into making it look perfect. It is the feeling of “a winner” that we feel at the end of every project that gives us inspiration to keep learning and keep designing.

    As 21 year old designer, I have found out that, in the end, I do this only because I love it. It is incredible to be a creator of beautiful things. And it is even more incredible to do it on your own terms ;]

    Since knowledge is never-ending, this book would only increase my knowledge about this unique world. It would enable me to grow; to become better.

    Hey, who knows. Maybe someday I’ll become as good as you, Mr. Friedman. =]
    Hopefully someday I will.

  • I like to freelance because I really want more time to devote to non-work pursuits–like volunteering my time.
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  • Maryann

    This would be a wonderful gift to me as I am starting freelancing on the side. Sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week is not my idea of the good life!

  • … I need it to show me, how to start my freelance business up succesfully and stop being an ordinary slave working from 9-5.

    I would love to be able to focus on getting better at designing and having the time (as freelance) to implement what i learn through experimenting into designs that can make money for me and end up feeding me.

    Where i these days barely have energy to think about designing or expermenting, since my full-time day job drains me completely.

    Need another life i guess, and just a little bit of help getting there ;-)

  • I like freelancing as it allows me to pick the projects I know I can get excited about… along with picking the ones I know will pay the bills.

    I’m an artist and designer… not so much on the business side of things. Looking for a few tips and/or secrets to ween me off of working for the man. I’ve read so many great reviews about this book and think it would help out a lot!

  • I like freelancing because I can work hard when I want, so I can take time off when I want. It gives me control of my life.

  • Pipo Zoft

    Freelancing is a good way to work,but to be a good freelancer you have to serious,responsible,efficient and respectful,the client have to feel comfortable and see you as the solution of your project.
    I think this book give us the base of knowledge to be a better freelancer and improve our method of work.

    Thank you

  • bagelboy90

    Im fresh out of college and would love some help, tips and tricks to better understand the business world while I am starting up in the interactive business.

    Thanks for the great promotion!

  • I have been waiting and waiting for something to throw me in to the freelance world. I have been doing “side-work” forever. I hope that some of the knowledge in this book will help me make the leap in to the freelance world.

  • I like being able to work my own hours and being able to pick and choose my clients and projects. I think this book will help me streamline my process and give me a better understanding of how most others view freelancing and their practices.

  • I like freelance because this method gives me more freedom to work and the oportunity to choose the best job for me.

    This book will improve my knownledge and help me with my choose.

  • Just discovered this great site. Fantastic Photoshop resources (how I ended up here), but also excited to see you cover Freelance and business topics, as well. I am looking to expand my freelancing endeavors, and this book looks like a fantastic resource!

    Added you to my RSS reader and am excited to read more.

  • Billy Liu

    Je t’aime freelancing! I love to work as a freelancer because it satisfied my creativity needs. This book will definitely help me clearly on how to handle more clients, make more money, and work less!

  • Being a single mom of three boys and full time student – freelance is the only way to go. I would love to learn new tips how to get my business growing, especially when the student loans come due each month.

  • I’m just getting into freelancing and seeing if I can make it work. I would love more ideas on how to balance and schedule my time, etc. I believe this book would be a great help!
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  • After working the same company for 14 years, it’s a welcome change to be working for myself now.

  • I like freelance because of the freedom, meaning time, being your own boss, doing what you love but with it comes hardship. Especially when getting started. I have been doing freelance for just over 6 months now and getting by barely and the major fact is that it is hard to find clients. I hope I can win this book and could get just a bit ahead in freelancing in terms of finding a client so I can actually save some money instead of just giving all my money to bills.

    Thankyou For this opportunity.