Fluffy Clouds: 25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Let’s face it; there are a lot of ways to produce clouds in Photoshop. If you ask Google how to create clouds in Photoshop, you’re likely to discover a list as long as the Internet itself. The main reason for this is that Adobe was nice enough to include a filter that creates clouds with just a few clicks. If you’ve ever tried to create clouds this way however, you’ve probably discovered that it doesn’t always come out the way that you would like. This is because the default cloud filter really isn’t the best way to produce photo-realistic clouds in Photoshop. In fact, the best way to product photo-realistic clouds in Photoshop is to just drop in a photo of some real ones.

Creating clouds using creative photo manipulation is great but it has drawbacks as well. What if you can’t find the right photo? Or what if you want to create your own cloudscape without the use of photos or filters?

That’s why today we’re releasing a set of 25 High Resolution Brushes for Creating Clouds in Photoshop. These brushes are really great at producing stunning horizons, sunsets, and skies. You can really have a lot of fun with this set and because there are no edges on these brushes the possibilities are truly endless.


Brushes in Action

You can see these brushes in action in this short video tutorial.


You can download these brushes below.

File type: .abr
Compatibility: Photoshop
Size: 13.96 MB

Download this file!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • excellent set!
    thanks for sharing.
    Fluffy clouds, reminds me of the Orb (remember?)
    wher do you host the video? It seemed a bit slow

  • You just can not get enough of these…
    .-= Billy´s last blog ..So, what does it take to be a 3D artist? =-.

  • You guys are awesome! Totally awesome. I’m sure I’ll get great use out of these.

  • Great brush set. Thanks for including the tutorial video as well. Very much appreciated!
    .-= Logobird´s last blog ..Beyond the Brief – Undertanding a Logo Design Client =-.

  • kdizzle

    yeah, ill be the first to admit it. I am embarrassed to say I haven’t a CLUE how to download these to CS4. I have never downloaded any brushes. Actions hell yes, brushes – never.

    I hope there are instructions in the video. I hope there are. But, I am thinking not.

    Yeah, I am a newb. with some stuff.

    Go ahead – flame on..

    (or can you direct me to downloading these to my CS4? I run Vista)

    thanks so much!!!

  • these are just the coolest… thanks for sharing!
    .-= just sarah´s last blog ..late late, I’ve got a date (& freebie) =-.

  • kdizzle

    I GOT IT.



    I didn’t have to do all the crap all these websites say you have to do? I don’t get it? All I did was double click and it appeared in my brushes palette. Does that mean they are going to go away and they aren’t ‘really’ there?

    Can someone xplain this to me? Or is this the new and improved way of saving brushes to PS?

    Thanks everyone!!

    woooot wooot. Now, Im off to watch the video to see how it works and works ‘right’.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the brushes…these will come in handy!

  • These brushes are great! Thank you so much. It is very thoughtful of you to leave off any straight lines. I always wondered why they had those on cloud brushes.

    kdizzle, using CS3, myself, I’m not familiar with CS4, but, I would save the brushes to the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes file on your pc. (Your link may be slightly different.) This is where all the other presets that Photoshop loaded into the program ‘live’. I ‘store’ all my brushes elsewhere, then, add the files to this location to work in Photoshop, as needed.

    Hope that helped somewhat.


  • Sweet! They look great, thanks for sharing.
    .-= Andreas´s last blog ..Warum das iPad erfolgreich sein wird =-.

  • Thanks a lot for these! Pretty awesome, very realistic. Try different colors and you can get multiple uses out of these. I had a brown color in my palette and it came out looking kind of like a coffee stain.
    .-= Matt Trostle´s last blog ..Weekly Digest for March 15th =-.

  • JC

    Nice brushes Grant…you can never have too many cloud brushes. THX! Posted them on my site @

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  • Amazing, great brush! Thank you!

  • Wow, thanks so much for this awesome set of brushes ! <3

  • I enjoyed reading !!!
    .-= Mahesh´s last blog ..Custom Brushes and Dynamics in Photoshop =-.

  • Vince Field

    Where’s the file?