Free Textures: Sand & Beach Outtakes

When I take my camera out to grab some shots of textures I usually come home with literally hundreds of images. The really amazing ones, I release in the Colorburned Shop. The good ones get released as freebies and the others get held over just in case. The other day I was looking through some of my old sand images and I realized that some of them, while not technically textures, were good enough to be released as freebies on my site. When I go through my images I try to distinguish between what’s a texture and what’s a photo. In my mind a texture is any kind of image that you can skin a 3D model with. A photo is just about everything else.

Included in this set are 21 high resolution textures of the sand and ocean from a trip I recently took to the beach.


These textures are free and you are permitted to use them in both your personal and professional work.  You may not however resell or redistribute these files in part or whole without the expressed permission of Colorburned Studios.  Thank you very much and enjoy!

Download Sand & Beach Outtakes | 31.1 MB (21 images)

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