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by Grant Friedman

on June 17, 2010

in Reviews

For most freelance graphic designers, finding clients can be just as challenging as the projects that we get paid for. Sure, there are always businesses out there looking for designers, and designers are always looking for work. The problem is connecting the two at just the right time. If you’re like most people who freelance, you probably scour the web for job listings. You are probably aware of most of the job sites out there and many of you have probably had success searching for and landing jobs on them. What you may not know is that there is another fantastic website out there that caters directly to businesses and freelancers.

People Per Hour connects businesses and freelancers and allows both parties to find what they are looking for. Here is how it works. A business posts a job > A freelancer can bid on that job > The business reviews the bids > The bid is awarded > The work is done > and the freelancer gets paid. Let’s be clear, People Per Hour is not a Spec site; it’s not a contest. People Per Hour simply connects two interested parties and let’s them work together.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. People Per Hour requires that all businesses pre-fund an account with a deposit. This is to protect both the business and the freelancer. If the work is done, but the business decides not to pay, then the freelancer can be modestly protected. Conversely, if the work is not done and the business decides to end the relationship, then they get their money back as well. Certainly, each side has to sacrifice a little bit, but that is true in most business relationships.

You might also be wondering how People Per Hour gets paid. They take a cut between 4.5 – 10% on the project and while this may be a bit steep for some. It’s certainly better than not finding the work to begin with.

To learn more about People Per Hour, check out their website. You can find more details regarding the process in the How it Works section.

This was a paid review sponsored by People Per Hour.

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