Giveaway: Win 500 Business Cards From UPrinting (x10)

Hello everyone! Our friends from UPrinting have decided to sponsor yet another fantastic Colorburned giveaway. UPrinting knows how much you guys love and want Premium Business Cards so they have decided to give away 500 Premium Business Cards to 10 (yep, ten) lucky readers of this website.

By now, most of you probably recognize UPrinting. UPrinting is an online printer that supports many popular design sites in the community, including this one. I’ve used UPrinting before and can vouch for the quality of their work. If you’re looking to print some business cards quickly and cheaply, you should definitely look into UPrinting’s services.

To win 500 Premium Business Cards of your own, leave a comment below and tell us what you would do with some free cards.

Up for Grabs

Card Specifications

  • Sizes: 2 x 3.5”, 2 x 2” (square card) or 1.5 x 3.5” (slim card)
  • Paper: 14 pt gloss cardstock, 14 pt matte cardstock or 13 pt recycled uncoated cardstock
  • Specifications: Full Color Both Sides


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what you would do with some free cards.
  • Only comment once.
  • Tweet This message to your followers! (Optional)
  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5-day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, May 21, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Limited to US Residents only, must be 18 and above to enter.
  • Free UPS Ground Shipping.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I’ll make cards for my freelance company ….

  • JJ

    Great giveaway! Would like to add new services to the back side of my business cards – this would be a great way to do so!

  • Brad Kolodzaike

    With 500 new business cards I could start to spread the word about my photography around town.

  • Amy

    This would be perfect timing as I recently began updating my logo! If I win the cards I would begin leaving them around town to help drum up business, of course!

  • These cards would be perfect for my freelance web development business! I would leave these cards around town to help bring in business and show off the awesome cards!
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  • Ian

    Great giveaway. UPrinting must love all the attention. I’ve just recently crafted a portfolio site worthy of presenting online and a matched pair for business cards would be super! Instead of trading phone numbers with new people, I’ll just hand them a business card. It’s certainly more professional, plus, I get to subtly advertise my website to them (and perhaps their friends/colleagues). I’ll also tack them up at local businesses with hopes of driving customers my way as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..York Review – Publication and Website =-.

  • Levi

    I could use these to hand to friends and local businesses to drum up some much needed business.

  • I would promote my Design A Word Day website:

    Love the contests you guys always have!

    – Catharine

  • diana buidoso

    ill use them for inspiration and creative work… will be a great way for me to learn more about professional working in this field


  • Jason Sargent

    I would use these business cards in my plot to take over the world! Haha… No, really I am a graphic design student at an Ai in southern cali and I would use this opportunity to utilize them for self promotion and put a few in my portfolio.

  • I’d do what all people with business cards do. I’d keep some in my suit jacket and everytime I meet a new person, slip one out and say “here’s my details”. Through word of mouth my freelance web-deisgn may kick off. If not I will still have some pretty nifty business cards.

  • Wow… what a great promotion. I’d use the credit to save a new client some money on a run. He’s trying to get his new business off the ground, and what a better way to spread his name than some free biz cards!

  • Ken

    I would love new business cards because my identity is a ruby red but stupid printrunner printed them black. I now have 500 black cards when I paid for colored cards =(

  • As I am trying to build my freelance business, I would start leaving business cards around the city, and passing them out to people I meet to get more business.

  • Nate

    These would be great to show off my new logo

  • These would be great for us. We are currently pushing out a redesign and have changed our contact info since we last printed cards.
    .-= Bill Ludwig | Edward Rayne´s last blog ..To Open Links in New Windows or Not =-.

  • Laura

    I’d like to saturate my area with Pay It Forward cards as I get creative and think of ways I can pay things forward – along with the deed done I’ll give them a card that says you have been the recipient of a Pay It Forward random act of kindness.
    In the next week try to think of anything you could do to Pay it forward to another person. (exact text yet to be decided on lol)

  • Holly

    My company was just bought out and I have no idea what will be happening to my job, but this is a great opportunity for my husband and I to start our own business and the cards would help get us going.

  • Hey I’d love some!

  • I would like to get some cards made where the fronts are all blank and the backs all look like playing card backs. Then my friends and I would play an uber-fancy version of 1000 blank white cards with them. That’s my best idea so far…
    .-= David Millar´s last blog ..The Ninth Avatar Chain Grid Fill =-.

  • I’d love a new set of 500 business cards, I’m soon to finally rebuild my personal portfolio/blog and these would be a great stepping stone in doing so!

  • I would just print some more of my existing cards… I can always use more, I go to so many local networking events, I give out like a hundred a week!
    .-= Topher Welsh´s last blog ..New AEtuts+ Post! 52 Twitter People You Should Be Following =-.

  • Great contest!

    I am about to launch my own start up here in East TN, Inbound marketing and website design. I would love the opportunity to receive 500 cards. It would save me a little in start up costs!


  • I’d love to use these for printing business cards for a friend!

  • starting a new company requires new business cards…thank you for printing my first run…and if you want to try out a dirt bike in southern west virginia, give a call…304.663.9333

  • JD

    I will be leaving my current position, held for the last 8 years, and moving into an entrepreneurial opportunity soon…and the new [free] business cards would definitely be a much needed [free] help!!

  • This would be my first round of Business cards.
    What better to get people to know yourself by handing some cards.
    Although Today is really simple to handle information by internet, is just awesome to have card, I like the old school feeling of business card.
    They totally Rock!!!

  • I’d love to win these cards. I’m just about out of the first run from my freelance marketing company, so this would certainly help with the ‘ol budget!
    .-= Jeremy´s last blog ..Donate to a Great Cause, Win a $5,000 Custom Jason Z. Schroeder Guitar =-.

  • I’m rebranding me freelance company and I could certainly use 500 new business cards :)

  • 500 free biz cards? I’d update my look & make use of the 100% recycled stock. Being in a blue-state, local clients might respond better to enviro-friendly paper.

  • Tisa

    I would use them for my new photography company. ~ :) Thanks!

  • Pankaj

    I am a student, so i will promote myself with these cards.

  • I’m transitioning from full-time employment to full-time freelancing. Some fresh new business cards would help me greatly in drumming up new business.


  • I would use them to replace the stack of budget-induced pink post-it notes I carry around with my information.

  • Always need a new look. BCard my Business!

  • I made my previous round of promotional cards with Moo mini cards and they’re all gone now, and I think it would be fun to try the square 2×2 cards to promote the dinner blog. I think that’s a fun and memorable size that will get people’s attention!

  • I’d definitely use them for my blog. I deal with and work for a ton of PR’s. It would be nice to add my business card to my letters at the end of campaigns.

    thanks for the chance!!!!

    Blogfully yours,
    Barb ;)

  • I could most definitely use this for my freelancing graphic design business! I’ve been looking for a good printing company for a while, and this would really help!!

  • I would use the business cards to help spread the word about my web development services. A number of times people have asked for a business card from me and I am never able to please. These cards would finally allow me to fix that problem!

  • Anthony

    I’ve been wanting to try these guys out.
    The last company I ordered from sent cards that were bent and creased!

  • Josh

    I would get these printed for my freelancing company. I can’t afford to buy them right now, because I’m a physically disabled person who is making next to no money. So if I won these, that would really help me with getting myself (and my company) started.


  • I would love to win some free business cards for several reasons! 1. I haven’t had business cards printed in forever, 2. The business cards I have now for my freelancing is grossly outdated, 3. I have been wanting to see the quality of UPrinting business cards for future projects, and 4. I have been wanting to create some awesome personal cards, and this will push me to it!

    I hope I can win some free business cards for my freelancing!

  • Taylor

    I am graduating Friday, so I would use my cards to try to get a job as an animator!

  • Dave Cross

    I’d use 500 cards to help spread the word about my new photo rental studio

  • Brian G

    I’ll use the cards to spread the word about my a new wesbite i’m developing on fashion and design!

  • I would promote the library fundraising organization I’m a part of (
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..Prep Book Collection =-.

  • I’d get some cards printed to promote my blog.

  • I’d put them on every car windshield in my neighborhood to promote my new website and to finally get some work! I’d much rather get them from you than from Vista Print!
    Thank you-

  • mary

    I went through my last batch fast and need new ones!

  • As the company I work for is going out of business I would but the business cards to use promoting my freelance design/illustration services.

  • MJ

    I would make “homework passes’ for my kinder kids.


  • Ciji

    Free business cards would be great! I would use them for my new pool cleaning business!

  • Ruben

    self promos up the yin yang!

  • I’d makes some vector robot cards to give to my friends or as i call them, free marketing :p
    .-= True_Tech´s last blog ..Refresher course =-.

  • I would use them to re-design my current business cards!

  • Great timing – changing biz name and need new cards. Thanks

  • Ha! Count me in!. I’d use that to print the business cards for my future design studio,

  • Would LOVE this since I just attended an event and had no business cards b/c I changed my biz information and forgot to get new ones! But I need a new printer since my last one has left me unhappy! Would love to give UPrinting a try so I can have a new partner in crime! Thanks so much!

  • Ann Allen

    I would give the gift to my daughter that is graduating on Friday with a BFA in Graphic Design. It would be a great addition to help cover initial expenses and would ensure that she has quality business cards.

  • Mare

    I know of a great choir that would benefit from this gift.

  • I would use them to start my Direct to Garment Printing Business.

  • Triston Robinson

    I’m finishing college in June and I’ll sprinkle them liberally amongst the design community of the south east of England.

  • ToeKnee

    I have been wanting to get business cards for personal non business networking. I meet new people on a daily basis, and it would be nice to have a card with my phone number, facebook url, and twitter url on it.

  • Dave

    I’ve been procrastinating in putting the finishing touches on my logo. These free cards would push me to get ‘er done!

  • I can really use these! I would love to start giving them out and spreading the word about my non-profit organization! Please, oh please!! :-)

  • I would love to win some business cards for my website! It would great to put in with my orders! Thanks for this wonderful chance!


  • Liz

    I’d start networking to get my freelancing off the ground.

  • I’d create a calling card for my new dog portrait business. Sbarkle Studios! (, coming soon)

  • Jason

    I just finished a new business card design and I would love to see how they will look finished by Uprinting. Great giveaway!
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..2010 Wedding Season Services For Photographers =-.

  • Bethany

    I love uPrinting! I could use some business cards for my freelance web design company.

  • Rio

    Cards would really be nifty to start getting my name out.

  • Elizabeth

    I would finally get a chance to get my freelancing gig off the ground, seeing as how the price of business cards has been stopping me from utilizing that form of advertising. It would really, truly help.

  • KP

    make my company famous! :)

  • love these giveaway’s!
    i would use these for my first set of business cards to jump start my “hopefully soon-to-start” FULL TIME freelance design business.

  • Social calling cards!
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen/received any and they’re fun.

  • I would most definitely benefit from the possibility of receiving these business cards, as they would allow me to advertise my music making business more effectively.
    Thank you very much for this unique opportunity, Ron….

  • I use Uprinting all the time when printing business cards. I would donate the cards and my design work to

    It’s a start-up non-profit organization that is currently self-funded by Maureen Montgomery.

    It’s official name is A.S.H.L.E.Y.C.A.N. Foundation, which stands for Angels Spreading Hope & Love Eternally; Your Childhood Cancer Awareness Network.
    .-= Joshua Davis´s last blog ..100 Brands of Interest =-.

  • I’d promote my etsy store!
    .-= Jubilli´s last blog ..DIgital, 2009.  It’s Tuesday again, so perhaps, you would… =-.

  • I have my own website showcasing my graphic design’s. This would help me reach a bigger audience outside of the internet and help me network and get some more business and also meet different people who could help me with my career vise versa.
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..New illustration Pam grier! =-.

  • Karl Herler

    I would use them to create my first ever business cards for myself.

  • As someone just starting out with web design, these cards would help me get the word out about my services.


  • My handmade Alpaca pet sweaters are officially in production and my business is ready to launch in July.
    Funds are deminishing rapidly (yikes!!)Business cards that cost nothing?? Now THAT I can afford.

  • Awesome giveaway with a fantastic printing company!

    I’d use the business cards to spread the word about my upcoming web app exclusive to college students and faculty! :)
    .-= Nick Schwab´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  • We’d use the cards to upgrade our business cards to our new branding! We recently updated our website, switched offices, and have hired more people, and it’d be great to get some free cards passed our way so we can make the “full switch!”

  • I’d print up some new business cards for my freelance design business. Yay.
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..How to Easily Change Thesis Skins =-.


  • I would probably use my business cards to awaken Korthos the goddess of death…I mean, market my brand.
    .-= Philip Davis´s last blog ..Day 101vectors from gomedia =-.

  • I would use them to promote my blog and social networking sites.

  • Robin

    I would give them to my friend, who is graduating from college.

  • Phil

    I just started designing a biz card for my
    wife’s makeup business… So I guess I’d give all 500 to her (:

  • I would promote my freelance web development business!

  • Tina

    Would love to get some business cards to help start me off in the right direction with my freelance business. Bonus, would be the best birthday present ;)

  • Marshall Baltzell

    I just bought a house, so these would be great for plugging up leaks, getting rid of squeaky floorboards, or applying that fresh coat of paint the house so desperately needs.

    Or I could give them to people who need designs.

  • I would promote my business, myself, and (of course) try to win as many free Chipotle lunches as possible!! (and potbelly, too)

  • Cool! I’d probably make some mom cards since my daughter will be starting preschool soon and I’ll be meeting bunch of new moms. Nothing says “put together” like digging through your purse for an old receipt to scribble your contact info on.
    .-= hairyshoefairy´s last blog ..Twenty-Eight =-.

  • I’ve got a new logo and some more services to list on cards… this would help get me started advertising again.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Frontpage Article =-.

  • Brandon

    i would print my business cards that ive had designed for months now, just not the spare cash to get them printed.

  • Susan K

    I need clients to practice on for courses I am taking. These would be perfect to hand out my info so people could contact me once they are interested

  • Erika M

    I’d use them to try and grow my business

  • I love Colorburned and! I check Colorburned each day to get tips and tuts and uprinting has the BEST prices online that I have found. Have used them with clients before and ALWAYS recommend them to new clients. I have been wanting to detool my current cards and want to take advantage of uprinting’s quality product and amazing prices!!

  • I am starting a new business now and would love some new, cool looking business cards.
    I will order more if they look cool ;)

  • Guillaume (william) Beauchamp

    OOps :) I would print some cards for my freelance projects

  • josie

    I’d love to win, why coz winnings fun and I currently have no business cards so I guess i can say need them :)

  • I would use these cards to get some more work (which i need). Thanks!

  • I would give a little bit of happiness to people with my business cards. I would create a design that radiates joy, vibrancy and makes one smile, something they’d like to keep for sure. The whole purpose of designing something is to communicate ideas and I’d like to contribute positive and inspiring ideas.

    Sure I’d like to promote my business but hey, if I can make a difference in people’s lives, why not do so?

  • Boy, I’ve already won several of these contests, but none have actually given the promised prizes. What would I do with the 500 free business cards? Prove that Colorburned giveaways are in fact legit!

    Good luck to the other 9 winners :D