Giveaway: Win 500 Business Cards From UPrinting (x3)

Hello everyone! Our friends from UPrinting have decided to sponsor yet another fantastic Colorburned giveaway. UPrinting knows how much you guys love and want business cards so they have decided to give away 500 die cut business cards to 3 lucky readers of this website.

By now, most of you probably recognize UPrinting. They are a sponsor of this site, as well as many other popular design sites in the community. I’ve used UPrinting before and can vouch for the quality of their work. If you’re looking to print some business cards quickly and cheaply, you should definitely look into UPrinting’s services.

To win 500 Die Cut Business Cards of your own, leave a comment below and tell us what you would do with some free cards.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what you would do with some free cards.
  • Only comment once.
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  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5-day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, February 5, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Shipping is free to U.S. residents. Canadian residents must pay shipping costs.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I would continue the re-branding of my business.

  • Um, yes please. : ) I’d like to get some cards printed for my Design business. I love my photography (which already has cards) but would just love to do some design on the side. I really miss that type of work from my old job.
    .-= Christa Holland´s last blog ..Fairy Tale =-.

  • awesome contest. count me in.

  • We are about to finish a complete design makeover for our branding for our photography business. I would love to launch it with some new Biz cards!!

  • As a baby designer myself, since I’m just starting out I’d use the cards in unique ways to market myself and my art. Rather than have them sit in a pile on a counter, or in a wallet, I’d leave them in unique places. Like on the mirror in a ladies room or in the napkin holder at a restaurant. Places you would not usually find them. Since they are die-cut which to me is unique, why not put them in unique places? I think it would be tons of fun. Thank you!

  • J Jones

    I’m a graduating student, and some new business cards would get me off to a great start in my career search.

  • Hey I’m running out of mine!
    I could use some more and being a poor college student this would help out a lot!

  • I would give them to everyone…my dentist, my doctor, the girl at the bank…I would mail them with my rent check and utility bills. Somebody somewhere would be so delighted to have received a little work of art. I know it would inspire them to remember me and call or email me. And I love getting emails and calls…and work!

  • I would LOVE to have new business cards! I would put them to good use by using them as an aid to help spread the word of my freelancing. As a graduating senior in college, this would help me get some work to help pay off all of my loans :)

  • I could definitely use some new business cards. Just finished a redesign of them and can’t really afford a reprint. This would be a life-saver. <3
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..How to Rock Responsibility Without Being a Grown-Up =-.

  • Have been thinking about new cards for 2 years now.. cant afford a diecut but this would be awesome!!
    ‘free’ cards might just be what pushes me to re-design some!!

  • oh man! yess… I am running out of cards… thats awesome… count me in!
    .-= Topher Welsh´s last blog ..A Little New Endeavor of Mine… =-.

  • Zerimar3

    I would stand atop of a tall building and toss the cards into the air so people below could pick them up and call me for some design work. I need it bad!

  • Is it open for readers in India?
    If yes then I am in because I am looking for gr8 business cards, if you see my current cards you will agree that!
    Nice Giveaway thanks :)
    .-= Nikhil´s last blog ..Free Under Water Wallpaper Pack #2 =-.

  • New cards would be great. I’m designing an entirely new brand and scheme for my web design company.
    .-= Ryan Haylett´s last blog ..Television is dying =-.

  • I would promote my entreprise.

  • well, when something is given away freely… COMMENT!

  • Triston Robinson

    Yes please. I’m a poor student with a wife and three month old baby to support! If you check out my home page, the background image is one side of my business card. Do you think Uprinting will throw in some spot UVing? ;) Oh yes, and I LOVE Colorburned.

  • Lennert

    Start as a freelancer.

  • If I had a high quality business cards like this, I would be happy to give them to my potential business partners like company owners, mechanics, bakers, sportsmen, … bands, singers, bloggers, Gwen and …

  • Mike

    Nice! I’m in :) Can use these cards for promotion )

  • John

    I’m currently in the process of getting everything together for my new business launch. Business cards are, of course, an integral part of that project; therefore, I’d be absolutely ecstatic to receive free business cards from UPrinting and Colorburned.

  • I’d expand my marketing efforts, tying in a clever design with the diecut shape of the card.

  • Caleb

    These would be an excellent first set of business cards for the on-the-side freelance software business I’m starting up this year. Got to pay off those student loans!

  • I would use it to promote the small payroll service I recently started.

  • Anisa

    I’m currently creating an LLC out of my freelance business and will be designing new business cards to reflect my new identity. Thank you for the opportunity to win some for free!

  • Nate Shei

    These would be great for my freelance design business

  • I would share them with the world. Because sharing is caring, and we care a lot.

  • Travis Taggart

    I would take the wicked cool die-cut cards and fling them into the hearts minds of my acquaintances.

    They will forever be taken-aback by the sheer power and persuasiveness of the brilliance that is my business cards.

    Some if not all of the recipients will wake up weeks later in a cold sweat only to be satiated as they pick my card up off their desk and relish the awesomeness therein.

  • Edward

    I do not have business cards of my own and this would be awesome!

  • I wanna bump up my freelancing business with this cards.
    .-= Ritam Das´s last blog ..New Feature Introduce: metalinks =-.

  • oooh,oooh,ooh…pick me! pick me! *raising hand and waving* I’m about to relaunch a division of my business and will have new logo ready for printing to cards either today or tomorrow. And, I could use some for the original business, too. And, I will be ordering postcards with new logo and copy in a few weeks.
    .-= Charlene´s last blog ..Social Media and Animal Shelters? =-.

  • Jaclyn Eichelberger

    As a newbie designer in my senior year of college, I would use my new business cards to get my name out in the design world. As of now I am just starting out and really feel the need to be creative in ways to be noticed. So these business cards would jump start my designing!

  • I’m gonna use them for promoting my recently launched design company.
    .-= Metin´s last blog ..How to create pressed letter effect in Photoshop =-.

  • Rich Hemsley

    I ran out of the last batch I ordered so winning these would be awesome. Plus, they’re die cut and there’s nothing better than die cut cards.

  • I would use these cards to promote my son’s garage band and, therefore, further fund my retirement plan.

  • Starting upp my business. I need some cards. Packaging here I come!

  • Micah

    Just about to graduate from Design school – would love some free cards to get me started!

  • I would use them in my job search. I was cut down to part time back in October at my design job and I’m struggling to get my name out there as a freelance designer. I need to get a great self-branding campaign going and the cards would definitely be an awesome asset.

  • I have decided that 2010 is the year for me… I am turning up the heat on my design business. In order to attract new clients, I need new business cards…

    So in short by winning these business cards I think that it would help my freelancing and networking ability tremendously!

  • I recently just got their paper sample in the mail. Very cool!

  • I’ve been freelance graphic designing for 3 years and STILL haven’t gotten business cards! I recently lost my biggest client, so it’s about that time – gotta go sell myself. Cards SURE would help!!

  • saud

    cool! thanks a lot!

  • Amy

    Business is slow – need more cards to pass around!

  • I would have my personal information imprinted on these cards and then hand them out to strangers hoping that they would call, write or email me at a later date.

  • thanks in… especially in marketing
    .-= yusufguleryuz´s last blog ..THOMAS HOBBES’TA TOPLUM SÖZLE?MES? =-.

  • I wrote my answer in the form of a haiku:

    Oh, the things I’d do.
    With 500 business cards,
    I would rule the world!

    No, seriously,
    I would take over the world,
    One site at a time.

  • I would use the cards to promote my Etsy shop.

    Thanks! :)
    .-= Cindy A.´s last blog ..Vintage 70s Rust Brown Accordion Pleated Skirt S =-.

  • Carolyn Lawson Low

    Business cards would be the kick in the butt real deal here I am world move I’d need to go from wanna-be to doing it.
    You are the best…

  • I would pass them out to parents, teachers and CAD colleagues.
    .-= Marc´s last blog ..marcnelson: It’s the first of February and my summer is already starting to fall into place. It’s going to be way too short already. =-.

  • I have just started an advice website for men. It’s a niche that is not really being explored properly. I need the cards to help me monetize my site. I need the money to kick-start a second career. To get out of my current financial, and personal, situation.

  • I got the card from Moo for myself, wanna try it from Uprinting so this way I can have options.

  • Lisa

    I’d use them to promote my Etsy shop.

  • i love business cards. i would love love love some really nice ones to give to my friends, family, and anyone i come across that might have a use for my services. not in a creepy way. :)

  • Fnkymnky

    What about outside the U.S and Canada? :(

  • I’d make a hat out of them, and wear them to my next trade show. It would be more fulfilling knowing that the cards were actually used instead of thrown away. Trying my best to reduce the carbon footprint as it is. I went to the trashcan at the last trade show i attended and ruffled through just to see how many papers were picked up and thrown away, its kind of a shame. No doubt there is a need for business cards, and having them die-cut is awesome.

  • Hi, Please do count me in. I would like to win free business card because few of my client had dont through UPrinting and they loved it so i also just wanted to give a try as i am a web designer and have to test every designs. :)

    .-= Kevin S´s last blog ..Full Featured Pingdom Account for Free =-.

  • Well it´s like that – my firm Zendal Backup is going to Cebit in Hannover so I really need a lot of business cards. Thanks

  • kate

    I’d get a job!

  • Scott F

    I would use them to start promoting my freelance graphic design business.

  • I would use them to enhance my brand.

  • Chad O’D.

    These would be a great motivator to get my website(s) done and up and running…

  • David C.

    I’m leaving my job on Friday to be closer to home for my pregnant wife. I’ll be doing some freelancing. New cards would certainly give me a head start.

  • i’d use them to get a better business card out there. self-printed cards are never up to snuff.
    .-= gene´s last blog ..Chile + Peru Video =-.

  • caseyjon11

    I would use the business cards to launch a design blog and solicite freelance opportunities to help pay the bills. Thank you for the opportunity and another cool givaway!

  • I would use this to help market my start-up business. Please consider me!

  • I’d use these cards to market myself, or maybe create mobiles, or remember putting baseball cards in your bike spokes for that super ratatatata sound? Oh yeah, bring on the free-ness!

  • I won a set during the last giveaway… :) I actually just finished my design last night and they got me up and going right away, should have them in a week!!! Very excited, nice 14pt cardstock, Matte finish and the 4 corner die-cut!!! Thank you again to both Colorburned and UPrinting.

  • I would love to create a design using Uprinting die cut feature. I would love to see how the die cut comes out. I have never printed a die cut design before. I think that it should be a great opportunity to upgrade my current business card into a die cut.

  • I would make some for my new business. It is brand new, and needs some promotion!
    .-= Connor Crosby´s last blog ..Weekly Giveaway Coming Soon =-.

  • mary

    I would give them out!

  • I’d love some die-cut business cards as I am graduating this summer and I would love some to make a start for my freelance life (eek!)

  • I would use the free cards to promote my website as i am an new starting artist trying to get my work out there.

  • Ohhhh gosh, I forgot to tell what will I do with these cards. I will probably include my facebook fan page and twitter id so it will look more up to date than anything :-)

  • Wow. 500 die-cut business cards. I would definitely drop these cards in every establishment I visit that allows me to do so because they tend to be very visually appealing. Talk about giving my business a boost! :P
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Atlanta Linux Fest 2009 =-.

  • Hi ~ I would love to make these business cards into “literacy cards” where I would list the benefits of literacy on them and leave them at the libraries for the librarians to pass out!

    Thank you!

  • Laura Thompson

    I would start my business!

  • give em here.

  • Kayla

    Dear cool kids at Uprinting and Colorburned.
    I would create cards to pour out to the masses that are so fresh, people would feel cool simply holding them. Not only will they help you getting a date, but also bring warmth that lonely pocket in your wallet and a little extra cushion to your seat.
    Thank you for considering me in the generous giveaway (and all those kids you are helping get dates.)

  • David Frantz

    Every time I make a presentation or visit a client – I hand die cut my cards.
    It would definitely give me more time to be creative as well
    as make me look more professional.

  • Does my chances to win increase if I post more comments? ; ) Huh, I really want that hq prints. I would give my bcards to my sister who will then distribute it to their customers in a restaurant. ; )

  • Obviously I guess, I’d use these for self promotion :-)

  • My wife is just getting started with her Web development business and hopes to make a career out of it. She has been making baby steps and she is coming back from abroad after 4 months this weekend. Her own business cards would be absolutely terrific to get her dream business off the ground!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • N8I

    These would fit nicely in my scheme to take over the world… right after my nap.
    .-= N8I´s last blog ..Newspaper Column // Obama should make decisions proudly, not politically =-.

  • I would use these cards the same way anyone would. Build identity baby!
    .-= Phil D.´s last blog ..Phillysoul11: The ultimate icon set for web designers. =-.

  • Lydia

    As a marketing student, I’d use these business cards to promote myself.

  • I would accept these free cards and then turn around and hand them out for free, albeit at a slower pace, over time. I’d take the opportunity to update my brand design as well as win as many free lunches as possible by putting them in the fishbowls of various eating establishments!

  • BigTorsk

    I’d use the cards to spread word about the Kentucky Seminole club.

  • I would use them to promote, promote, promote ~ myself and my genealogical and family historian services.
    .-= Caroline Pointer´s last blog ..Betsy Wasn’t A Ross =-.

  • D.

    I’d love to see how uprinting works compared to overnight prints. Be happy to try it for free.

  • I would let some design students at Platt College get there foot in the door freelancing, with some shiny new Business Cards.
    You Gotta give back…

  • I haven’t tried Uprinting at all and I like to see the quality of these Business Cards. Plus I can use a hot new design I created on my cards! Thanks!

  • Alysha

    I just designed my first business card and would love to get it professionally printed to give to potential employers.

  • Jenn Tsang

    My sister and I are starting up an amateur (but projected to be awesome) event planning business. With us both being broke college students, and business cards being essential for a word of mouth business, these cards would definitely help us kick start our entrepreneurial business.

  • Crazyhunk

    would be a gr8 help for my new business… ;)

  • Ruben

    I want in. What would I do with them? Hand them out as quickly as humanly possible. Free die-cut business cards … bonus!

  • I would show them off to all of my friends.
    .-= Tony´s last blog ..The Seven Extensions I Use on Google Chrome =-.

  • I’d use the FREE business cards to further promote my skills (at the same time promoting UPrinting)

  • Nice. I’m wanting some free business cards, are they still up for grabs ? They are! Perfect. I would use business cards to seem more professional when dealing with others in business. I image having nice business cards might give me a higher ROI (LOL) when I go for job interviews.

    Swap it! Encrypt it! | Transfer files – Send large files

  • Mary M

    I could use some business cards for myself.

  • Sue Densmore

    I would love some new cards to give out to parents and colleagues at school, and when I am at various meetings with other teachers.

  • Let’s be more selfless. Why not use the cards for advertising Haiti relief charities, such as Save the Children and The Red Cross? Come up with a clever and informative design. Leave the cards everywhere you go – restaurants, fuel stations, banks, coffee shops, bulletin boards, etc.

    Act out and help the cause for supplying help to the tens of thousands of folks without food, water, and a roof over their head. Sure, we all need self-growth and support, but there seems to be others that need it much more.

  • Desi Munda

    I sure could use some business cards, considering I just got started and have nothing yet to offer to potential customers!! Count me in!

  • Tami Qualls

    I’d use the free business cards to put my blog and contact info to include in any mailings I send out.

  • Danielle

    giving it one more try…

  • Jamie Myong

    i would love free business cards! i meet so many people every week but it’s such a hassle having to write down my contact every time i talk to someone… i work for a nonprofit organization and they don’t supply any business cards.. ^^;

  • Free Business cards? That’s something every fresh college grad looking to go build their network could use, right? That’s what I’d do with them- maybe even save a few for the next Front-End Design Conf in Tampa.

  • Jim MacLeod

    Just got laud off so I’m going through a rebrand. New business cards are on the “to-do” list.
    .-= Jim MacLeod´s last blog ..Mad Men Poster =-.

  • I would love to win the business cards. I rebranded in the past year, but I’ve not been able to afford printing costs, so I am business card-less. :)
    .-= Susan Nelson´s last blog ..New Premade Website Template Service =-.

  • Just launched my blog and I need business cards. me please!, thanks by the way.