How the iPad POS Is Changing the Way Small Businesses Make Payments

cbpinkThe need for an effective Point of Sale (POS) system is an issue that many businesses grapple with, especially small businesses. Traditional POS systems can be large, clunky and expensive. In addition, there is often the need for extensive training on how to use these systems. In addition to these issues, the introduction of Internet shopping hasn’t made things any easier, and many small businesses face the challenges associated with a cost effective solution of selling online.

However, many of these issues have been solved with recent developments in payment software and hardware, particularly with a number of companies introducing an iPad POS system. These innovative POS systems allow users to turn their iPad into a POS solution, and also provide a range of other useful features that are particularly suited to small businesses. Here are some of the features that this revolutionary system has to offer:

1. Better Business Synchronization

iPad systems allow users to better sync and collate their sales information into it easy to record. Information made between different POS systems is instantly updated and immediately added to your information database, making record keeping easier than with traditional systems. According to iClarified, some platforms allow for syncing of online and offline sales, making it easier than ever to keep track of sales and inventory.

2. Real Time Inventory

The software that comes with the iPad systems gives users up to the minute information on inventory, allowing you to manage your stock more effectively. For many businesses this is critical, as stocking too much or too little inventory can result in unused costly stock taking up space or missing out on possible sales. With the ability to track both online and offline sales in real time, small businesses no longer have to worry about running out or overstocking inventory.

3. Portability

iPad based POS systems are geared toward the mobile business owner or manager. The debit and credit card readers that come standard with most iPad systems are small and portable meaning that payment no longer has to be made over a desk. This comes in handy for businesses who have no physical storefront or when making deliveries, and also negates the need for customers to carry bulky cash to make payments, making the entire purchasing process more convenient for both your business and your client.

4. Real Time Analytics

The need to have up to date information is important in effectively managing your business. According to Forbes, iPad POS systems provide users with powerful business intelligence. With the ability of many of these POS systems to provide comprehensive reports and analytical information on important data such as sales, customers and visitors, business owners have a powerful tool through which they can analyse shopping patterns and better tailor their business to meet their customer’s needs.

5. Available Hardware

For some businesses, simply having an online and credit card processing system isn’t enough. Thankfully, many of the new POS systems have a number of add on hardware options that integrate right into your iPad. Cash drawers, locking iPad mounts and receipt printers can be purchased in order to satisfy those customers who use cash or who prefer a physical touch to their shopping experience.

6. Easier Administration

According to Tweak Your Biz, iPad systems help to ease the strain that many small businesses face in managing day to day administration responsibilities. With these new systems, there is no longer a need for tedious tasks such as keeping track of employee time records or scheduling employee hours, as the iPad POS comes with employee time card systems, payroll tracking and other useful administrative features.

7. Customization

One of the iPad’s POS strengths is the customization that their platform offers. With traditional POS terminals, there is little leeway to make any changes to the system. With the new iPad POS, you can quickly and easily create custom payment types or custom sales, allowing you the flexibility to offer special pricing or one time offers on the fly without have to go through tedious software changes.

8. Affordability

What makes the new iPad systems so attractive to many small businesses is the fact that they are far more affordable than their traditional POS counterparts. According to Entrepreneur, one company estimated that they saved at least $10,000 by choosing an iPad POS as opposed to a traditional point of sale – saving them vital cash at a time when the economy is still in recovery mode.

The iPad POS system allows business owners to transform the way they do business by providing a range of features that traditional POS systems simply cannot match. Completely portable, efficient, and with a wide range of features to help with all of your business aspects, it’s not hard to see how the new iPad systems will change the way that small businesses operate in a rapidly shifting environment.

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