How to Monitor your Website

As the proud owner of a website, you are probably wondering what you could do to improve its performance and maintain your customers satisfied. Surely, you have taken a lot of measures by now but there is always something else that you can do, meaning website monitoring. You might not know this but there are specialized companies that provide server and website monitoring services and you should definitely consider the opportunities offered by them. Let’s find out more information on how to monitor your website.

Do not think about such things from the perspective of a website owner but rather the one of a person using the Internet. We all had to go through situations when certain websites did not load, or we had to wait too much. Plus, there are tons of websites where the content has problems and other things like that. Considering all of these problems, it kind of makes sense to have a solution for them. The moment you consider website monitoring, you will know that your website is supervised at all times and instant notifications are sent whenever problems arise. In this way, you will be able to solve them as soon as possible, without losing visitors.

Specialized monitoring services such as Monitor Scout provide over fifty different checks to their clients, making sure they handle any problems related to both the hardware and software. They are highly interested in the health of the server, analyzing the down and up time on a regular basis. The expert monitoring service provides instant SMS notification of any existing problems and 24/7 technical support for other website monitoring problems. As for you, you will start to realize how important is to benefit from a professional website monitoring service the moment the first problem arises and they handle it effortlessly.


The answer to the question “How to monitor your website?” is by now obvious but we are going to provide it anyway: through specialized companies. Website monitoring is a serious matter and you need someone that can stay focused on the problem, handling software installations, providing server monitoring services as well, not to mention monitor all important processes (CPU, RAM, HDD and NIC). The thing you should remember about website monitoring services is that each part matters; the monitoring process should be complex and complete at the same time.

Finding a website monitoring service such as Monitor Scout is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to you, mainly because you will soon be part of a global monitoring network. The problems are solved almost instantly, each device receives multiple checks and the uptime is increased. You might not realize this as you are reading this article but solving all your problems related to your server or your website will result in satisfied customers. As for them, you have probably understood by now that satisfied customers bring money, allowing you to maximize your revenue.

Given the fact that hardware resources and processes are expertly monitored, it should come as no surprise that you will be notified of any threshold limit being exceeded. Whenever an application has stopped for no apparent reason or, worse, it has crashed, you will be notified through email or SMS and be able to take the necessary measures. All these things will make you understand that the responsibility of monitoring your website is not yours alone and you can do it successfully, provided you turn to a team of specialists for help. They will make sure that you learn how to monitor your website and take advantage of everything that is being offered to you.

Another great advantage that website monitoring services bring to the table is related to the storing of valuable information. This valuable information is actually represented by the data related to your website and server health; as a matter of fact, this is stored on a long-term basis and analyzed with the help of complex tools, for your own benefit as well. In this way, not only you will learn how to monitor your website, but you will also have access to such kind of information whenever you require it.


In order to make sure that your website is properly monitored, you need to document yourself pretty well on the subject. This means that you will have to take into consideration the Internet protocols that are checked by the website monitoring service and learn a thing or two about them. Among these, you will find any of the following: MySQL, DNS, FTP, DNS and SSH. Each of these Internet protocols is monitored differently and you need to know the purpose they serve, not to mention their own importance for your website.

Perhaps one of the things that you should remember before actually choosing a website monitoring service is related to the check interval. You do not want them to do it at intervals that are too far away but second-by-second checks are not a good thing either. This is why Monitor Scout has been perceived as one of the most useful website monitoring services, as you are allowed to choose the check interval. You decide how often you want the checks to be made and being in control like that, you will definitely feel that the website monitoring services is all paid for. It’s never too late to learn how to monitor your website and you will definitely feel great knowing that your online business is properly protected. As it was already mentioned, there are specialized online resources towards you can turn for such purposes but the important thing is that you are familiar with the kind of services provided there, the terminology and other aspects related to the subject. Being knowledgeable in the area, you will be able to monitor your website as well, solving any problems or various issues that are going to appear on the way. Customers will be satisfied with the way your website is running and you won’t have any problems whereas such matters are concerned.

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