Giveaway: Get Great Web Icons From! Leave a Comment to Win One of 5 Membership Packs

Hey guys, here’s a great giveaway of beautiful stock icons for you! This week you can win one of 5 Membership Packs from icons provider 2 unlimited packs (each worth $99) and 3 limited packs (each worth $19). IconDemon offers fantastic opportunity to win one of their annual packages for free! Becoming a winner you will have an access to 5300+ brilliant icons from their collection.

A cute web icons kit is a nice assistant while creating an interface for your website or application. Successfully selected web icons help to determine the whole design concept and emphasize the products offered by your company. will help to make your design process quicker and more efficient. It offers 20 popular categories and 10 styles of icons to any taste. Due to this categorization it’s easy to navigate through the website and find the needed icons.

5 gift packages will be given to 5 winners that will be selected randomly. Just comment to become a participant! See more details below.


IconDemon icons and Membership Packages

Every IconDemon icon is well thought and carefully designed by the team of the experienced designers. Each icon has a set to go with. So if you need several icons of the same style you will find the necessary ones easily, using the website navigation by styles and categories.

IconDemon presents  20 popular topics and 10 styles of icons such as business icons, 2d and 3d icons, system icons, glass icons, vintage icons etc. The icons are offered in .png format with the sizes of 64×64 pixels, 80×80 pixels, 100×100 pixels and 128×128 pixels.

You may get 2 types of access on the limited and unlimited packages.

Both packages are valid for 1 year and give you the access to the whole huge collection of 5300+ stock icons to choose from. The difference is the number of downloads you may have and, of course, the price. The unlimited package doesn’t limit the amount of icons you may download. So you may use the whole collection for your projects for the annual fee of $99. The limited package allows to download up to 500 icons for the price of $19 only.

How to Become a Winner

  • The giveaway will last a week only: Starting from today, February, 15th and ending on February 22nd.
  • Hurry up to get the prizes without extra efforts!

All you need is to leave a comment below the post. You are to write what you are going to do with the prize and will automatically become a participant. The winners will be chosen at random. So all of you have equal chances to win one of the icon package.

Just to remind you what we may need web icons for:

  • Beautifying the layouts of your websites and blogs;
  • Enhancing the visual quality of the projects interface;
  • Making your websites and applications better structured and user-friendly;
  • Decorating your OS style and folders;
  • Allowing the beginning designers to learn how to design their own professional icons using IconDemon icons as a reference.

Be inspired to create brilliant interfaces – leave a comment and win great icons!

Update: Winners Selected!

The Congratulations to Denise and Bill Roberson who have both won Unlimited Packs and Jim Lung, Timothy Whalin, and Kyle Hyams who have all won Limited Packs! We have forwarded your information to the people at Icon Demon and they will be in touch soon!


Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

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