Is Facebook Getting Boring?

Remember when Facebook used to be fun? Do you remember how you used to feel before you logged into the site for the day? Do you remember the wonder and excitement of who you might discover? I sure do. I used to love Facebook. Logging in was like going on a treasure hunt. You never knew what you might find. For me, making connections was really what drew me to Facebook. I really enjoyed reuniting with old friends, interacting with them, and seeing what they were up to.

Over the years, however, Facebook went through a number of changes; new features such as the suggestion tool made the process of finding long-lost friends much easier and Facebook’s incredibly fast growth allowed us to make those connections faster than ever. At first, I thought this was great but what I found however, was that the larger my friend list grew, the less accurate that the suggestion tool became and the fewer friends I ended up finding in the future.

This was because the number of people I knew in the real world was limited and friending a new person on Facebook was no different than crossing them off of a list. For me, Facebook was more about making connections than communication and as I started to make fewer connections, Facebook just started to get boring.

Today, Facebook is more of a chore than something fun to do. Instead of feeling like a treasure hunt, checking my Facebook page seems more like checking my email; more like something I have to do than something I want to do. I log in, quickly browse my feed, maybe check out a photo or two and then log off.

So how does Facebook make the site exciting again? Facebook should start by giving us a way to make new and interesting connections with people we don’t already know. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Facebook to be Twitter, with photos, nor do I want Facebook to become a dating site. Facebook needs to think beyond existing relationships and introduce a way to meet new people that helps build meaningful and positive relationships like we might make in real life.

I don’t pretend to know how this might work but what I do know is this; if Facebook doesn’t do something drastic soon, even the newest members will start to tire of the service. Once that happens, Facebook will start down the path of all the other failed websites.

What do you think? Are you getting bored by Facebook? Let us know how you might fix it.

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • doraeminemon

    Just want to agree with this post. I think facebook need more fun things to do, such as tagging fun notes, and hilariously quiz ( not those lame lucky career love things) , and winding up things for people to do

  • I feel the opposite. While it’s interface is still very clunky, its one of the most personable social media applications for the average joe & jane.

  • Yes, for me, facebook is a website increasingly boring, applications such as Farmville gave him some momentum, but most now use Twitter to find out about in my favorite subjects. Fortunately for fun there are millions of blogs and online games on the internet

  • Eric

    Never been a Facebooker for just this reason!

  • ReaderX

    Facebook was boring since day 1. I’m not interested in keeping up with friends from the 6th grade or some flunkie ex-coworker from 3 jobs ago.

    You’re effectively prescribing SIGs as a remedy to the inanity of Facebook. That reminds me of IRC back when people of like-minded persuasion got together to discuss topics. And like a local pub, sometimes you saw your friends and sometimes you met someone new. This same dynamic is what you’re describing for Facebook.

    We’ve been down this road before and there is much to learn from this history.

  • Kurtis

    I think Facebook has really lost focus. It used to be for connecting, now it’s more about groups, invites to games, and it’s pretty well pushing itself as a casual gaming platform. I think it needs to refocus. It needs to remove things like apps, it can keep the games but put them in a place of their own, instead of all over peoples pages and feeds. Also, a bit of control would be good to stop groups like “invite ten friends” or “join group to see x” because really their just spam, like chain letters.

  • for moths my friends have insisted i should be on facebook. i cancelled my account shortly after singing up. i found it a big time-waster. as a freelancer i can’t imagine how i could possibly make a living and keep up with all the facebook activity. and then i realized that my friends who are really into facebook have office jobs with a lot more down time than i can afford.
    .-= shindigdada´s last blog ..Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02 =-.

  • You are right, it is really exciting when you initially sign up with Facebook and connect with old friends, but once the honeymoon period is over it does become boring (for many).

    While some members are tiring of it (like myself) Facebook is continuing to grow at a very fast rate. So while that is happening I don’t see things getting any better. Also, with their most recent changes to the site, I now have serious privacy concerns.

    Perhaps people like us are just collateral damage in their quest to take over the internet.
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  • I do not know what to believe anything. Me agree with your opinion. Lately I’m no longer so enthusiastic about facebook. I am now more often facebook access via mobile phones, rose only a few times a day and not too long, just check my facebook account just like to check incoming email. Once when I was enthusiastic about facebook, I do not forget to open facebook when I’m online using a PC. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, I rarely miss opening facebook.
    I think now I feel bored with facebook. Maybe facebook is now gradually losing its appeal, ultimately facebookers like I was not very enthusiastic about facebook.
    In my country, Facebook is very popular. The popularity of facebook use certain parties to do the crime. I am concerned with the problem. But I can not blame technology development. Which one is the users who do not use developments telnologi well and wisely.
    Sorry my bad english.

  • Shirley

    That is oh so true. I read somewhere that Facebook is no more than a phonebook basically and nowadays it seems exactly that. Something I tap into to contact someone I know.

    One other thing that drives me away from my Facebook feed is the ad. Not Facebook ads but all those people selling things on Facebook and tag my friends, popping up crazy products on my timeline.

  • Biavela

    Facebook has never been for me, when i first opened my account i started recieving drinks, gifts, zombie stuff, i just wasnt there for all that crap, later discovered that i couldnt really delete my account, that pissed me off so its have been years since i dont reconsider the facebook thing.

  • i was sent this URL in an email this morning. what’s intersting is that the commenter VANGUARD claims that reporters started contacting him via Facebook because he has a friend whose name is the same as the NY Times Square bomber.

    To quote:
    Dear XYZABC:
    Is the Faisal Shahzad whom you know the same Faisal Shahzad who was arrested last night? If so, can you help us make any sense of it? Alison Cowan

    Facebook has no respect for our privacy and somehow we feel safe revealing so much of ourselves there.
    .-= shindigdada´s last blog ..Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02 =-.

  • i think you must be psychic, the facebook media chatter is trending to negative since you posted this …read about the recent complaint filed with FTC
    “Recent changes at Facebook “violate user expectations, diminish user privacy, and contradict Facebook’s own representations,” said Marc Rotenberg, who runs the Electronic Privacy Information Center, one of 15 groups that complained about Facebook in a filing with the Federal Trade Commission late yesterday.”
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  • When MySpace was the big deal and everyone connected through it, it was okay. Then, the tide seemed to change to Facebook. Both sites were there for the purpose of connecting. I met a few people on MySpace, even fewer on FB. Then, the games and other applications started taking over. I don’t have time to play games! And, I’m sorry, but, I don’t want to hear from casual acquaintances when all they are doing is asking me to help them ‘buy a body guard’ for their Mafia Wars game. Connecting with old friends? I heard from a old, old friend for the first time in years. A quick “Hi, how ya been?”, followed with a Farm request. Bah!

    I know better, now, but, in a recent message, I was given the opportunity’ to get “Premium” Facebook (is there even such a thing?)for taking a simple IQ test. I tried to do this and wound up with $20.00 in fees through my cell phone. (I never got an IQ score – just told I scored high) I even did the un-join thing by typing in STOP on my cell. Didn’t work. I raised enough hell that they are sending me a refund.

    One thing that seems to work when done right is notifications someone sends out when they offer some new item or an update of information I need. When it works right and with no strings attached this is a good way to keep up to date with favorite websites. Too bad more people don’t use it for this.
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  • Facebook still excites me I find it a great way to stay connected with all my friends without having to make the effort. I find my friends contact me on FB istead of email. Not getting bored of it yet but maybe that is because I do not spend a lot of time there.
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  • Couldn’t agree more with this post Grant. Facebook was a great 5 years ago, and has made some good changes, but overall, it’s another email tool and instant messaging tool wrapped into one login. If there was a way for new connections to be made then Facebook would have a greater appeal, and maybe then I wouldn’t log in b/c “I have to”

  • Cheers to this post! I signed up for Facebook back in the day; so far back you had to sign up using a .edu email account, when it was cool. I feel like Facebook has turned into an obnoxious marketing mechanism filled with never-ending status updates of families posting photos of their kids and endless advertisements. Maybe I’m just friends with boring people but rarely is there anything on Facebook anymore that stimulates my brain the least bit. Facebook is boring and Myspace is creepy.

    So I’ve been wondering…what is the next best thing going to be and how long is it going to be before it hits address bars everywhere? *Yawn*

  • facebook myspace, its the reason twitter and so many others are big now…boring boring.

  • fajrinfathia

    I couldn’t agree more..
    Facebook will be so boring and boring in the future.

  • facebook is really boring but it is good aswell as it gets you in contact with all your old freinds and keeps you up to date what they have been doing it is also very addictive.
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  • Facebook is definately getting boring, they need to upgrade the gaming on it and the chat too.
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  • I also loved the idea of reconnecting with old friends. It is really easy to contact someone and you can be pretty sure that that person will accept you as a friend, because people are curious and they sadly want to boost their number of friends. Do the people who have hundreds or thousands of friends really talk to each one of them? I don’t think so. The purpose of Facebook was to make friends or reconnect with old ones, but today it is more like a competition of who has more friends. It is a shame that facebook is not used for building yourself a useful network of friends, business partners, etc.
    I hate it when people just befriend you to see what you’ve become and to compare if their life is better than yours … how pathetic is that. Use that energy to get something useful out of Facebook, people. If I wanna know what cereal you were eating in the morning or how many times you made it to the loo in one day, I’ll check your Twitter.
    I also agree that Facebook should be doing something real soon. I hardly update, nor check my account and I don’t really care.
    Thanks for this interesting post.