Lens Flares That Don’t Suck in Photoshop

knoll-light-factory.jpgEverybody knows that Photoshop‘s lens flare effect sucks! Unfortunately, it seems to be the first effect that people try after installing the software. It doesn’t take long, however, to realize how terrible it actually is. It gives you very little control over the look of the flare, it creates all sorts of little lines and circles that you really don’t want and takes a lot of trial and error to produce an effect that isn’t all that good in the end anyways. The question then becomes, how do you produce flare effects without it?

Well, there are a number of ways.  You can download a Photoshop brush and use that.  I have found that some brushes work fairly well although if you’re working with a high resolution image, forget about it.  You could also create the flare on your own using soft, round brushes and a little bit of ingenuity.  Abduzeedo has a lot of great lighting effect tutorials on his site.  You can use a combination of his effects to create a similar effect.  This however takes time to do.  So how can you create cool, nice-looking lens flare effects quickly?

A couple months back I came across a program called Knoll Light Factory.  It comes packed with options and effects for creating lens flare effects.  Check out this tutorial from YouTube.

The software costs $149 to buy and $89 to upgrade.  You can download the demo and try it out for yourself!

Grant Friedman

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