Make a Pit Stop at F-Stop

by Grant Friedman

on March 5, 2009

in Reviews

The more involved I become in design, the more gear that I seem to accumulate.  It seems like every time I go on a business trip, I bring more and more gear with me.  For instance, on a typical trip to New York I’m likely to bring a laptop, a mouse, 2 cameras, large noise reduction headphones, an iPod, various chargers and connector cables, and of course a very large bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s.  In the very near future, I’m hoping to upgrade to a 17 inch MacBook Pro and possibly even purchase a new Wacom Tablet.  This means that very soon, the amount of gear that I bring with me will surpass the amount of items that my current bag can handle.  That’s why about a month ago; I decided to start looking for a new courier bag to replace my old one.  This article is a review of my experience looking for a new laptop bag.

I decided that I would need a bag that was not only large but also sturdy.  After a bit of research I came across a website for F-Stop; a company that builds camera bags and accessories for adventure photographers.  It seemed logical to me that a company that designs bags for adventure photographers would also have bags that met all my criteria.  So I decided to do a bit of research on F-Stop.  I looked at the bags on their website, Googled them for reviews and even visited their Flickr page.  As it turns out, all the info I needed was on their website.  They have a host of very informational videos (Maverick, Satori, Bard) on their site that really helped me in deciding which bag was right for me.

After a bit of thought, I chose the Maverick; their largest courier bag.   I went ahead and ordered the bag and about a week later it arrived on my doorstep.  When I first opened it up, I realized how nice the bag actually was.  It had tons of compartments, pockets, and zippers with tons of room for all my gear with room to spare.

f-stop-revw-005a.jpgf-stop-revw-006a.jpgSo far, I’ve been very impressed with the bag.  So impressed that I decided to write a quick review of the bag and share it with you guys.  If you’re looking for a nice bag to haul all your equipment around, take a look at F-Stop’s line of high quality bags and try them out for yourself!

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