My Best Buds on Twitter

by Grant Friedman

on February 3, 2009

in Articles

In life, it’s important to surround yourself with good people.  I’ve always felt that the difference between being successful and unsuccessful in life or in business can often be the quality of the people that you choose to surround yourself with.  On Twitter, surrounding yourself with good people is equally, if not more important if you want to get the most out of your Twitter experience.  So today, I’ve decided to draw up a list of some of the most influential people in my list of followers and why.

@Colorburned |
Before I get started with the list, don’t forget to follow me.  I’m an active Twitterer and would love to get to know you better.

@myinkblog |
Do you remember why you joined Twitter?  I do.  Andrew interviewed me on his website very early on in my blog’s life.  After that interview Andrew and I kept in touch periodically and I decided to join Twitter because of Andrew’s recommendation.  Because of this I have to say that Andrew has been the most influential person in my timeline.

@mayhemstudios |
Without a doubt, Calvin Lee is one of the most helpful design Twitterers out there.  You can always depend on Calvin for a re-tweet when one is needed.  Calvin also has an impeccable memory and will occasionally re-tweet a message of yours from weeks, if not months ago.  In fact, Calvin has helped me to resurrect old posts in the past.

@adellecharles |
Adelle was the first person that I ever interviewed on my website.  I chose to interview Adelle first because I had a great deal of respect for what she did on her blog and I knew that the rest of the community did too.  Adelle is a great asset to the community and is a must follow for any design Twits out there.

@Vectips |
Ryan is not only just an incredible illustrator; he is also a great writer and has a knack for putting together amazing tutorials.  Ryan’s blog is great because he is always pointing out little things about Illustrator that can save you a lot of time and energy.  He also posts a ton of links to great vector resources when he finds them.

@kathrynaustin |

I can’t remember how Kathryn and I first met on Twitter but somehow we figured out that we grew up not too far from each other and since then Kathryn has been a great person to follow.

@mollybermea |
A while back, I was attempting to come up with a cool slogan to go with my new cool logo.  I must have come up with 1,000 different ideas but eventually I got fed up and decided to solicit my followers for help.  Molly must have sent me about 20 replies filled with great ideas.  While, I will admit that I still haven’t come up with a slogan, I did appreciate her help.

@andysowards |

Andy is another one of those guys that you can always depend on for a good re-tweet or two.  Andy is also friendly and helpful.  Every day, Andy rounds up a list of the best links for the day by category on his website.  Frankly, I don’t know how he keeps up with it; but it’s a great resource nonetheless.

@thegraphicmac |
A couple of weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and noticed that my Blackberry was blinking at me like crazy.  When I flicked on the screen, I noticed that I had about a bazillion emails, all from Twitter.  After scratching a hole in my head trying to figure out why I was such a hot commodity, I checked my DMs and found a link to an article in Mac World listing me as a designer to follow on Twitter.  Guess to wrote this article?  James did.  For that, I say thanks!

@bittbox |

Everybody knows Jay from Bittbox.  Jay was one of the first design bloggers and if I were going to make a list of the best design blogs out there, Jay’s site would be on it.  But even though Jay’s site is huge, he still makes the time to be incredibly helpful to his followers and is always willing to help you out with a quick re-tweet if you ask.

@Go_Media |
Go Media practically invented stock imagery; ok, not really but they were certainly one of the first to provide high quality stock vectors to professional designers.  Aside from their vector awesomeness, they are also among the best when it comes to providing high quality content on their blog as well as their Twitter stream.

@r27 |
I’m always a little shocked by how quickly Rajesh re-tweets my posts.  You never have to ask Rajesh, he just does it.  He is also always willing to give you constructive criticism with an emphasis on the constructive part; which is something that is sometimes lacking in our industry.

@mrwhite1967 |
When I was working on my new logo a while back, Leon could see that I was struggling a bit with a good concept for the flame.  Leon actually sketched out an example and sent me a Twitpic of it.  I ended up using a similar flame in my final design and for that, I am thankful to Leon.

@designshard |
I like Max’s blog, Design Shard a lot!  His site is always filled with useful tips and tricks.  I also appreciate how Max finds the time to leave helpful comments on the sites that he visits.

@chrisspooner |
My first encounter with Chris was when I found this really cool tutorial he wrote about how to combine pixel and vector graphics to produce really cool artwork.  After finding that post, I was hooked to his site and have been a regular visitor ever since.  Since connecting with Chris on Twitter, I have found his updates to be both entertaining and helpful.

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