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Custom Vectors for Building Unique Website Designs

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 7, 2013

in Vector Graphics

Popular vector shapes and background tiles can be used in many different website layouts. Vector graphics themselves are easy to use because they can be scaled larger or smaller without quality reduction. It just takes a bit of work and some time in a graphics editor, but vector shapes may provide some of the highest quality value to your websites.

When you need to find quality vectors I would think there are plenty of resources online. But some designers are looking for specific releases for their logos, icons, or other various interface features. I want to present just a couple online marketplaces for obtaining the most creative and unique vectors online. Check out some of these resources and see if you can use anything on your next web project.

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Interior Design for Captivating Spacious Rooms

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 4, 2013

in Photography

Many of us can only dream to purchase a nice house one day. The idea of living in a small mansion can be very exciting! Even the imagery of a nice interior can bring about certain moods in your visitors. Stock photography has come a long way to incorporate all of these various aspects into the mood.

I want to present a small collection of interior design photographs taken by freelance photographers. These are all for sale on which can be used via subscription or by purchasing account credits. Lots of people become attached to an idea of interior design which can greatly sway opinion and even improve conversions.

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25 Best WordPress Themes For Technology Blogs

by brantwilson
on June 30, 2013

in Wordpress

WordPress is increasingly popular in the world. 20% of all visits on the world wide web are hitting sites built around this great open source technology. Probably the most popular use of WordPress themes is in the technology space. Don’t forgot to check out some of our other recent posts on WordPress themes. Like The 10 Best Selling WordPress Themes of All Time and our post on the Top Mobile Themes. Enjoy!

1. AppSquare


Demo & Download

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