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WordPress Bootcamp: Doors Close at Midnight

by brantwilson
on January 3, 2013

in Wordpress

Registration for’s WordPress Bootcamp is ending

The doors close at midnight on January 4, 2013 so they can give each
student live instruction and dedicated 1-on-1 support.

To join this group and learn exactly how to use WordPress to make
feature-rich websites faster than ever before, Grab your seat today.

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Setup your own Custom WordPress Theme Post Formats

by Jake Rocheleau
on December 27, 2012

in Wordpress

Wordpress users are not often familiar with custom post formats. These are different bits of information you may use to customize the content you publish on a blog. The most notorious example of post formats is on the Tumblr dashboard where you may select a number of options including text, photo, quote, video, or audio.

featured picture - wordpress backend admin custom post formats

These same post formats are available in Wordpress and may be used inside your theme files. I want to use this article as a brief introduction into using post formats inside Wordpress. Web developers looking to customize formats should have at least basic knowledge of PHP. But much of the code is already out there online, so it is not difficult to study on your own.

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Introduction to the WordPress WooThemes Framework

by Jake Rocheleau
on December 24, 2012

in Wordpress

There are literally dozens of various Wordpress open source frameworks to build on. You can search through Google and filter hundreds of results based on themes, backend scripts, and plugins. But I feel that WooThemes and specifically the WooFramework have allowed developers access to newer tools and ideas like never before.

WooThemes Woo Framework homepage codex

In this brief article I would like to go over the process of getting started building on WooThemes. The whole system is likely very complicated to non-developers who are not familiar with the language. However WooThemes has put together an excellent documentation page which explains the backend functions in many popular themes.

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