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Methods for Customizing the WordPress Login Form

by Jake Rocheleau
on January 10, 2013

in Wordpress

Developers who have been using Wordpress for a long time are familiar with the login form. It is styled in a very generic manner consistent with the default Wordpress theme. It is also the same design found on the registration form and the Forgot Password form. But there are very few who go out of their way to update the styles and rearrange the design schemes.

Wordpress login form styles default design

In this article I would like to present just a couple of methods for re-designing your Wordpress login form. The techniques may take a couple of hours developing new styles, but it can be finished within a day. You’ll need some knowledge of backend coding to edit inside your theme files. Additionally many of these changes can be theme-specific which means you can quickly turn them off when required.

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How To Publish Multi-Page WordPress Posts

by Jake Rocheleau
on January 7, 2013

in Wordpress

In the Wordpress backend panel you have the option of writing new pages or a new blog post. These options differ because of how Wordpress organizes content, and how the dates are formatted. But what’s interesting about Wordpress posts is that you can quickly split up content into multiple page articles.

new multi page posts comment block codes

This technique will force readers to click a link leading onto the next page. It is very simple to implement into any blog theme, so you won’t need to deal with a whole lot of customizations. In this article I want to introduce multiple page blog posts and how you can set them up for your own website.

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WordPress Bootcamp: Doors Close at Midnight

by brantwilson
on January 3, 2013

in Wordpress

Registration for’s WordPress Bootcamp is ending

The doors close at midnight on January 4, 2013 so they can give each
student live instruction and dedicated 1-on-1 support.

To join this group and learn exactly how to use WordPress to make
feature-rich websites faster than ever before, Grab your seat today.

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