Best Free Font Choices for Web & UI Designers

by Jake Rocheleau
on June 16, 2015

in Fonts

It's not easy selecting which fonts to use for a website. Back even a decade ago most web designers had to stick with system fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Tahoma. Nowadays there are dozens of system fonts and hundreds more online.

In this post I'd like to share a few tips and ideas for selecting appropriate font families. Interface design is predicated on the notion of content, which means the style and location of content on the page has a direct influence on the user. If you keep this in mind at all times you'll stay on course and have a much smoother creative process.

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The Basics of Touchscreen Interfaces and Screendesign

by Jake Rocheleau
on March 30, 2015

in Website Designs

Designers have been faced with some of the most difficult tasks to achieve beauty in aesthetics merged with pragmatism. Interfaces should be designed to work quickly and efficiently - but they should also captivate and charm the people using them. It requires fine balance and a sense of creative ingenuity to craft exceptional interfaces.

featured touch screen display technology

In this post I'd like to express a few components critical to designing for touch-based devices. Screendesign isn't a new concept but it has been revolutionized through advancing technology. These advances focus on screen size, pixel density, and open source development. Once you can understand the fundamentals of touchscreen design new projects can be viewed from above-the-board without getting bogged down into details.

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A Comprehensive Look into the Disciplines of Digital Design

by Jake Rocheleau
on February 5, 2015

in Web Design

Most people who are familiar with the world of digital graphics also recognize that there are dozens of unique disciplines out there. The Adobe suite alone has products for vector art, pixel graphics, motion graphics, animation, the list goes on. It's practically impossible for one designer to practice all of these areas but it's becoming more common for designers to adopt a few different skillsets.

photoshop imac computer design gui

In this post I'd like to cover a swath of various fields related to digital design. Modern designers often have a wide range of various skills dipping into a number of these fields. Someone who starts in graphic design might later move into After Effects or concept art or interface design. Digital art includes both 2D and 3D work that can be used in many different projects. Although the design process is always changing, the larger umbrella of design fields tends to remain somewhat consistent.

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