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Demo Testing the WordPress MP6 Admin Styles Plugin

There was a recent discussion on WordPress about the latest MP6 admin plugin. This is currently released as free open source code for your WordPress site, and it allows webmasters to use a newer updated backend stylesheet. It is still a case study and not recommended for large productions websites as there may still be a lot of bugs not touched upon.

mp6 featured image plugin dashboard theme

However if there are other forward-thinking WP users then you will likely want to try this out. I just recently installed the MP6 plugin on my own website and I’d like to offer some thoughts on my own opinion. You can download the MP6 plugin right off the WordPress repository or simply search for it by name in your WordPress plugins panel.


How To Manage Dual WordPress Themes for Desktop & Mobile

There are a number of great methods for handling user redirects on mobile. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS brands on the market. So it makes sense to work around these problems by putting together a two-way split for website themes. I want to present a list of ideas and plugins you may utilize for automatically switching between multiple themes on desktop and mobile devices.

iphone 3g activation featured image photo

It is understandable that WP webmasters will need a different type of theme switching based on their content. I think it is worth analyzing a couple methods to determine which is the safest, and the easiest to install. Typical users want to avoid as much code as possible. And thankfully it will help if you already have two themes installed which are designed to specifically handle desktop and mobile content.


Plugins & Resources for WordPress Contact Pages

Any developers who are fairly knowledgeable in WordPress must have toyed around building contact forms. These may be created as a new custom function in your themes folder, or possibly installed as a new plugin. The purpose is to give users a chance for sending questions or feedback on your site – which is commonplace by today’s standards.

custom wordpress contact form bubbles website

I want to use this article as a quick guide to building contact forms in WordPress. The contact page itself can be created like any old simple WordPress page. Or alternatively you could even build a new custom post type in your theme. But the best methods will change based on the needs of each project, so keep this in mind at all times.

WordPress Bootcamp: Ending Soon

Just a quick reminder: Registration on’s WordPress Bootcamp is ending this week – May 23, 2013 at midnight.

If you want to learn WordPress – and create your first website in just a few days – this is the bootcamp for you! You’ll learn how to build a fully-functioning website using WordPress faster than ever before. Grab your seat today.


Helpful Tutorials for Building your First WordPress Plugin

Even developers who are familiar with the backend WordPress infrastructure may not have an easy time getting into plugin development. This requires a sincere level of commitment to study the ideologies and best practices. And although this will not take more than a week at most, it definitely requires a strong attitude towards working in PHP.

Wordpress plugins icon designs learn tutorials dribbble

I want to present a small collection of online tutorials geared towards educating new users about plugin development. If you are not familiar programming in PHP then this may be a step too far. Learning how to theme WordPress may be an easier place to get started. But I think anybody with a firm commitment will be able to learn this system quickly and efficiently.

Back By Popular Demand initially planned to wait until Fall 2013 to host another WordPress Bootcamp. But, their students had other intentions.

Due to popular demand, and the growing desire to learn WordPress,, has announced that they’ll host one of their hugely popular WordPress Bootcamps in May.

Check it out today because:


Branding your Digital Products with Print Work

Most designers are familiar with the process of branding. You need to create something which is easily recognizable to attach onto your company name. This could be a logo, slogan, cartoon character, icon, or any other graphic symbolism. Branding requires time and patience, but it does pay off in the long run.

preview image - print work paper products screenshot

I want to share just a couple of resources which may push designers into the world of print. You can get a lot more attention by offering products or even doing giveaways every few months. It is fun for your readers and all dedicated fans would be sure to check it out.


14 WordPress Security Plugins for a Clean Installation

After first installing a new website running WordPress there will be a number of tasks you want to handle. Securing the new installation is definitely a top priority. And thankfully there are tons of free plugins you can download right from the plugins administration page.

In this article I want to present 14 specific WordPress plugins which are helpful when doing a clean install. Any new WordPress-based website can benefit from a majority of these plugins. Additionally they are all free to download and the developers often update with version enhancements. You may not need every plugin but this is certainly an exhaustive list worth a quick peek.


Restoring and Backing Up WordPress Databases

It will require time and patience to work around your own WordPress backups. And when an accident occurs you will be happy that you took the time for properly managing your data. However the process can be stressful, so you want to ensure that everything is properly saved and ready to go.

wordpress database backups website servers

In this article I want to share a few brief points about restoring your WordPress install. But the whole procedure begins with a regular backup of your database and WordPress files. It is definitely a bit more complicated if you are not familiar with working on a server. But if you managed to install WordPress, I would like to think you could also backup and restore these files.


Adding Custom Breadcrumbs into your WordPress Theme

There are only a small handful of CMS libraries which offer support for breadcrumbs. This is a trail of links you’ll notice above the body content which leads back to the various categories and top-tier pages related to your post. Also it displays the hierarchical formatting between parent pages and sub-pages.

featured image - website blog breadcrumbs navigation menu

In this article I want to offer a few different solutions for implementing breadcrumbs in WordPress. The simplest method is to install a custom plugin which will automatically include these bits of HTML in your theme. Breadcrumbs are also easy to customize on your own, so it all depends on your comfort level when working within WordPress. Along with these ideas I’ve included some related links you may skim and other helpful breadcrumb tutorials.


Publishing Tables in WP Admin Editor using TablePress

How many times have you been writing a page or blog post and run into the nuisance of coding out a custom HTML table. It doesn’t happen all too often, but when you don’t have prebuilt styles it feels like a hindrance towards building your content further. This may be corrected by styling your own custom tables ready in advance for your posts.

open source tablepress plugin wp screenshot

But I feel there are other solutions which offer much more versatility. Most notably the WP plugin TablePress has gained a lot of attention over the recent months. In this article I would like to explain how we can go about configuring this plugin and getting code ready for your webpage. The settings are not too complex, although there are many options and advanced features for power users who are always finding themselves stuck working with tables.