In-Depth Look into the WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme

Ever since 2010 WordPress has been releasing new themes to coincide with the new year. Previously the past two versions have been incredible and ultimately become staples in the WordPress themes gallery. And now we have the ability to install WordPress Twenty Twelve which is packaged with every new WP3.5 download.

Wordpress twenty twelve theme preview demo website

In this article I’d like to go over some of the new features within Twenty Twelve. There are plenty of changes in comparison to last year’s theme, and lots of relatable functionality for web developers. This new design may also prove useful as a basic template for creating your own WordPress themes without starting from scratch. I am definitely a big fan of this year’s theme, and I am just as excited to see what the developers at WP will publish next.

Collection of Helpful Videos from

There are so many web developers around the world who have been studying WordPress for years. It is a common CMS which is used for various purposes, usually blogging, but often other niches too. The educational resource has some fantastic tutorials and videos which are worth your attention.

featured image - wordpress tv homepage screen view streaming live educational lectures

I have gone through and rounded up a collection for people who have never visited the site before. Each link below includes a small description of the video and the content which can help you with your website analysis and determine how you can best optimize your wordpress powered blog or website to its finest. I want to point out that not every video will be useful, but many include professional speakers or keynote addresses on detailed topics. I have learned tons of great information by listening to these videos and following along with similar articles online. It’s worth recommending to anybody who is interested in WordPress development should check out this brief showcase.

Methods for Customizing the WordPress Login Form

Developers who have been using WordPress for a long time are familiar with the login form. It is styled in a very generic manner consistent with the default WordPress theme. It is also the same design found on the registration form and the Forgot Password form. But there are very few who go out of their way to update the styles and rearrange the design schemes.

Wordpress login form styles default design

In this article I would like to present just a couple of methods for re-designing your WordPress login form. The techniques may take a couple of hours developing new styles, but it can be finished within a day. You’ll need some knowledge of backend coding to edit inside your theme files. Additionally many of these changes can be theme-specific which means you can quickly turn them off when required.

How To Publish Multi-Page WordPress Posts

In the WordPress backend panel you have the option of writing new pages or a new blog post. These options differ because of how WordPress organizes content, and how the dates are formatted. But what’s interesting about WordPress posts is that you can quickly split up content into multiple page articles.

new multi page posts comment block codes

This technique will force readers to click a link leading onto the next page. It is very simple to implement into any blog theme, so you won’t need to deal with a whole lot of customizations. In this article I want to introduce multiple page blog posts and how you can set them up for your own website.

Introduction to the WordPress WooThemes Framework

There are literally dozens of various WordPress open source frameworks to build on. You can search through Google and filter hundreds of results based on themes, backend scripts, and plugins. But I feel that WooThemes and specifically the WooFramework have allowed developers access to newer tools and ideas like never before.

WooThemes Woo Framework homepage codex

In this brief article I would like to go over the process of getting started building on WooThemes. The whole system is likely very complicated to non-developers who are not familiar with the language. However WooThemes has put together an excellent documentation page which explains the backend functions in many popular themes.

New Features & Updates Released in WordPress 3.5

The WordPress team is constantly busy with bug fixes and template updates. But every so often we notice a brand new release version of WordPress which comes with a few handy features. This is how we have come to accept the modern-day era of WordPress with featured thumbnail images and custom post types.

Wordpress 3.5 release homepage design

I want to look into the new WordPress 3.5 release and pick out just a few updates worthy of discussion. These may not be the most interesting changes, but WP developers have been focused on improving usability for years. The goal is to offer feature-rich publishing to even the least tech-savvy individuals.

5 More Reasons to Try WordPress

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