Win a $100 Apple Gift Card From Pagelime

Have you ever wanted to set up a simple 5 – 6 page website with CMS integration in about 15 minutes? With Pagelime, you can! Pagelime is a sweet, simple CMS system that requires no code knowledge, server configuration, or database setup. Today, our friends at Pagelime would like to spread the word about their CMS product by giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky reader of this website.

Update: Congratulations Sarah Canieso! You have won a $100 Apple Gift Card from Pagelime! Enjoy!

Before we get started with the giveaway, I’m sure you have some questions about how Pagelime works. Integration with Pagelime is easy. All you have to do is add some simple CSS tags that define what on your website is editable. Your website can be hosted on any FTP accessible web host and Pagelime will connect and take care of the rest. When your clients log-in to Pagelime, all the editable areas reveal themselves and they can live-edit, preview, and draft their changes. The presentation is 100% AJAX and pretty slick.


But Pagelime is more than just basic image and text editing. You can use repeating regions, page cloning and templating for creating new pages, document and image libraries, Google analytics, SEO editing, and a full versioning system they call “Content History”. When you reach the Professional level you also get a dynamic navigation editor that allows for drop-in menu publishing. For the power users out there, Pagelime also works with all forms of includes (PHP, SSI, CFM, etc). If you have included content and edit it off of a page, Pagelime just figures everything out and publishes it into the appropriate file. You can also publish your content as XML to feed dynamic image galleries, sliders etc.


Pagelime is free but they also provide a professional, business, and enterprise plan that starts at just $19/month. They also have an iPhone app that will allow you to edit your sites directly from your phone. Pretty cool!

To learn more about Pagelime, visit their website and check out the demo video. Pagelime is very likely the most advanced, client friendly, simply CMS solution out there with a vibrant community of about 17,000 users. Definitely give it a look over and see if it is the right solution for you and your clients.

To help promote their product, our friends at Pagelime are giving away a $100 Apple gift card to 1 lucky Colorburned reader. To win, all you have to do is tell us what you think about Pagelime on Twitter. Feel free to say whatever you like but you must mention @pagelime in the Tweet. Once you’ve sent your tweet, make sure you post a link to the tweet as a comment below. This is important because otherwise your entry will not be counter.


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This giveaway and review is sponsored by Pagelime.

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