Proofing Your Designs Made Even Easier with Proof HQ

Several months ago I introduced many of you to Proof HQ, a web hosted service that simplifies the way you and your clients review and approve changes to your projects. Recently, I was finally able to spend some time working with the software and was extremely impressed with how simple and intuitive the interface was and how easy it was to learn.

One of the main reasons that I rarely use services like this is that I am always worried that I will have to spend a long time learning how it works and then spend an even longer time teaching the system to my clients. I was pleasantly surprised however to see how well everything was laid out when I initially logged into the system. In fact, everything was so well laid out that my fears were almost completely laid to rest. I was further impressed to see that high quality video tutorials were scattered throughout the dashboard just in case I had some questions that I needed answered.


Once I logged in and felt comfortable with the interface, I immediately began by uploading a proof. Everything during this step went well, I was both impressed and excited to find out that Proof HQ was able to accept PSD files and translate them into working proofs. This saved me the time and effort that it would have taken me to save the file as a JPG or PDF, optimize for email, and then send to a client.

Once the file was uploaded, I had to wait a short time while the proofs were being created automatically by the system, once created I got right to work, adding comments, playing with the features, rotating and zooming in on the page. It was actually a lot of fun testing the capabilities of the software. Again, the interface was intuitive and easy to use, everything was exactly where I thought it was, and if I did find myself questioning where a feature was, I could always review one of the informational video tutorials available.

One feature that I really liked was a new feature that allowed me to compare versions. This feature really helps out if your client is unsure about a change that they would like made. The compare versions feature will allow your client to look at 2 versions of the same project side-by-side to decide which one they like best. Proof HQ did a great job with this feature which even allows you to pan around in both versions at the same time.

In all, I am extremely impressed with this software and I would recommend it to any of my readers who are looking for an easy to use online proofing solution. To learn more about Proof HQ visit their website at

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

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