Resources for an Online Business Marketing Plan

When you check around Google you can find a large number of marketing services. Many of these products have been online for a long time. And you can surely count on the trustworthiness of a single product to get your marketing plan where it needs to be. However this can take a lot of time and effort, which not everybody has in spades.

Therefore I want to present some of the best resources for improving your website marketing. This will take a bit of finesse, however I think anybody can achieve positive results over enough time. You will need to be secure in your website’s branding and product design. But if you are confident with the product then other marketing resources will naturally fall into place.

Google Webmaster Tools

Almost everyone is familiar with Google Webmaster Tools. It is an incredible dashboard solution for checking analytics and traffic from your websites. The installation process is fairly straightforward and does not require a whole bunch of custom edits to your site. The benefits are tremendous when crafting your own marketing plan.

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By analyzing the data of search queries and popular backlinks, you can determine which pages on your site garner the most attention. Then it is worthwhile to plan a marketing segment around your most popular topics. You could purchase AdWords advertising, or even use your own internal advertisers to manage offbeat websites.

Physical Print Work

Numerous marketing ploys follow the beat of printing physical paper materials for marketing. These could be flyers, brochures, calendars, day planners, really anything which could promote your brand. Getting these out to your potential users can be tough. However you may cut down on this process by working with a reliable provider of online print material.

I would recommend 24 Hour Print as a reliable handler for marketing. They can ship your products right to your home or company address within 24 hours of placing the order. It is a wonderful system because you can upload graphics right into their online editor, creating the ideas for your products first. Then place these graphical components anywhere on the page to reorganize the default templates.

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Print work is a medium which has still encapsulated plenty of marketers. You can drum up attention by offering free planners and other useful items, which could be sent out almost immediately after the order is placed. Rush printing services with overnight prints are not always very common. And I think 24 Hour Print is a rare service which really does provide great marketing potential for any company.

Cloud-Based Presentations

The number of cloud tools has been growing rapidly over the past couple years. More developers are interested to build out their projects online without delay. I know one of my favorite services in the cloud is SlideShare for online presentations.

You can easily create a PowerPoint-style slideshow with text, images, and other digital media. This is an excellent way to present your branding and also offer some helpful tips to your readers. SlideShare is completely free to join with options to upgrade for a pro account.

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You should read up on their features to see more of what I am talking about. It is a fantastic website service with a beautiful product. Both public and private sharing is available on pro accounts, along with video uploads and more leveraged disk space. For anyone who needs a presentation marketing tool I would definitely recommend SlideShare.


To manage your own marketing plan requires a bit of planning and a lot of good ideas. You will want to have a list of services which you may reference during your planning stage. Then it becomes a whole lot easier as you try out new ideas down the road. I think it is worth mentioning these initial resources to get people started. However you should go out into Google and do your own research to determine ideas which could work best for your website.

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