Retro Style Graphics: A New Book by Grant Friedman

Hello everyone! Today, I’ve got some exciting news! After nearly a year, I’m proud to say that I am now officially an author! Last year, I was approached by Angela Patchell of Angela Patchell Books about writing a book on  retro design. At the time, Colorburned was just starting out and I had honestly never seriously thought about writing a book before. Even though I was a little nervous about the whole process, I enthusiastically agreed and started work.

The task of writing this book was quite daunting. The book was to be about 160 pages and I had to do just about all of it myself. That means that I wrote the text, designed the cover art, created most of the content, and laid out all 160 pages. In all, the book took me about 6-7 months to complete, and another 4-5 months of editing and waiting.

I did have a lot of help along the way. There were several designers, studios, and font foundries who contributed content. Without them, this book would not be possible and I truly owe a debt of thanks to everyone who lent a hand.

Retro Style Graphics is a collection of design elements inspired by the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The purpose of this book is to provide the resources needed to reproduce the look of graphics created during these time periods. Inside this book you will find a free CD that includes retro inspired color palettes, professional quality vector graphics, vector patterns, retro styled Illustrator and Photoshop brushes, and high resolution textures.

This book also includes a reference guide to some of the best retro style fonts and a retro design gallery for inspiration. But because reproducing graphics in the retro style is more than just how you organize shapes, colors, patterns and fonts on a page, this book also includes an amazing list of retro design websites and tutorials to help put these design resources to use.

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Retro Style Graphics is currently available in most major book stores. You can purchase it today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble it is also available on iTunes.

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